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merry christmas guys, i love you! and hey, it's not hopeless yknow? someone can and will love you. you deserve it.samples: otherside by rhcp, outside (feat ellie goulding) by calvin harris, and concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois by sufjan


Comment by FrostDrive

All these chops are so damn catchy. It got me out of an intense flo while drawing, really caught my ear. haha Nice job!! (:

Comment by robllox hater

ugh so smooth

Comment by Oui Lele

oh my god!

Comment by kreh

@user-530124933: same

Comment by annastofu

I love this though <3

Comment by annastofu

at first i thought my computer was glitching

Comment by lefi.


Comment by cucumba


Comment by stonerbugsbunny

@fatherfake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNQ4XVH0xKo thanks!

Comment by fatherfake

@user505024153: go for it! just send me a link when its done

Comment by stonerbugsbunny

heya could i use this for a speedpaint video on youtube?

Comment by ICARE

@fatherfake: Ahh thank you so much! I love eternal sunshine! Thank you again for allowing me to use your track!! (-:

Comment by fatherfake

@icare-248718009: of course!! super neat vid :) glad to see another eternal sunshine fan!

Comment by ICARE

@fatherfake: Hey this is the video if you still want to watch it (-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bunyzkdfb8c Thank you so much for allowing me to use your music, its amazing!!!!

Comment by ICARE

@fatherfake: Thank you so much! I'll make sure to do so when it's done!!

Comment by fatherfake

@icare-248718009: yes yes of course!! sorry it took me a bit to get back to you :) send me a link when its done!

Comment by ICARE

Hey I really love this track!! Can I use this for a youtube video? (-: I'll give you all of the credits you deserve!

Comment by Isiah Redona

This is beautiful my dude. Thank you for this.

Comment by bkjw

@fatherfake: Aw really? Thanks man! :)

Comment by fatherfake

@kirby820: the vids fucking hilarious. thanks for the love m8

Comment by bkjw

@fatherfake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBSVQTQtLYM&feature=youtu.be

Comment by bkjw

@fatherfake: You still want to watch it? IT's really strange but hey, your music is in it!

Comment by bkjw

@fatherfake: Heh alright man! Huawei e3231 drivers for dongle keys. Thanks so much! Love your stuff! <3

Comment by fatherfake

@kirby820: yeah dude of course! shoot me a link when it's out :) Reverb game hacked.

Comment by bkjw

Hey! I really love this! Can I use this for a vlog, I'll give you credit man!

Comment by Memoryspark

This song makes me feel like everything is gonna be alright. Almost nostalgic.

Comment by obsolete0


this is so ethereal and calming

Comment by I'm Moving to Another Account


Comment by Shine *Prods*

Damn so glad i found this, Beautiful.

Comment by cat naps

these chops <3