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Please anyone have the patch for omerta? Calman studio 5 cracked games. I want to download it, but the. My only problem is that the English patch isn't working for me at all. Buy Omerta Capo - Smell Proof Velcro Bag Odor Free, Air Tight Sack with. VELCRO PATCH - The bag's removable Velcro Label makes it more discreet.



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omerta (countable and uncountable, pluralomertas)

  1. Alternative spelling of omertà
    • 2009 February 7, Mark Lawson, “We're all in public now”, in The Guardian[1]:
      But although her agent has invoked that tradition of post-show omerta in her defence, the truth is that few would trust these days to what it is now possibly risky to call Chinese walls.


  • Moreta, Teramo, amoret, morate



From Italianomertà, from a Southern dialectal rhotacist variant of umiltà(humility), from Latinhumilitās, from humilis(humble), from humus(ground, soil).


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  • Rhymes: -aː


omertaf (pluralomertas, diminutiveomertaatjen)

  1. (crime)omertà, (extensively)wall of silence, code of silence
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