Open High School Program Modules In The Philippines

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High School Courses Use's high school English, science, math, and social studies courses to study for exams, boost your grade, and get ahead in school. Our self-paced, engaging video. To this end, the Bureau of Secondary Education has designed the open High School Program (OHSP), as an alternative mode of secondary education. The program offers an opportunity to those who desire to complete the high school curriculum outside of the formal school structure.

PASAY CITY WEST HIGH SCHOOL (Formerly DOST-ESEP) The Science Technology and Engineering (STE) Education Program formerly Engineering and Science Education Program or ESEP is a science and mathematics-oriented curriculum devised for high schools in the Philippines. The STE program is offered by specialized high schools, whether public or private, supervised by the Department of Education (DepEd). Currently, there are 110 high schools offering the STEM program, the majority being public. It was piloted in 1994 by the Department of Science & Technology (DOST). The STE Program of Pasay City West High school (PCWHS) is the only program in Pasay. OBJECTIVE Provide students with an enriched science-oriented curriculum integrated with research and technology that will prepare them in pursuit of higher education and/or world of work in the areas of science and engineering. VISION STE Program envisions a nation that is scientifically and technologically advanced and at par with developed countries thru the Special Science Program. MISSION To develop 21st century Filipino learners, facilitated by dedicated highly competent teachers thru a relevant and responsive curriculum that is continuously supported by administrators and stakeholders, to become productive members of the society for national development.

STE students are provided with effective and authentic learning experiences as part of their performance in four add-on science subjects. Approach to researcher subjects are upgraded enabling the students win in the division and compete in the regional level. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Gardening Segregating The subject is enriched with activities to expose the students to the reality and situation of the environment in order to help them come up with possible remediation integrated in their research subjects.

BIOTECHNOLOGY Hydroponics Farming Mushroom Farming As part of their practical and actual performance, the Grade 8 students experience mushroom farming, doing hydroponics, herbarium, dish garden and food processing: cheese, vinegar, ginger bugs/soda and soybean curd taho.

Abit i 45cv drivers windows 7. CONSUMER CHEMISTRY Tie Dying Soap Making Students learn the chemistry of soaps and detergents, foods, cosmetics, deodorants, toothpastes, toys, paints, plastics and other products commonly found in the kitchen, laundry, bedroom and workshop. Students are also provided modules and procedures and applications of chemistry principles so that they can work independently at home.

ELECTRONICS Upon completion, students present and demonstrate an electronics application-oriented project. Electronic gadgets and robotics are one of the application-oriented projects conducted by the students. Students are engage into trainings to design and make their own robots.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVE Research I Research I is a course in the STE curriculum that is designed to equip Grade 7 students with essential scientific attitudes and skills that will prepare them in conducting science investigations. Research II Research II introduces concepts and methods in research that help Grade 8 learners gain the skills and attitude in preparing a research proposal. Research III Research III brings the Grade 9 learners to actual conduct of investigation and experimentation. Research IV Research IV enhances the research project conducted by the learners in Grade 9. Competencies were designed to equip students with enhanced knowledge of conducting experimental research.

LABORATORIES Laboratories of Pasay City West High School PCWHS) Science Technology and Engineering OBJECTIVE (STE) Program are given much attention to make them functional to support the teaching-learning process both for the benefits of teachers and students. Both Physics and Bio-Chemistry laboratories are provided with newly acquired chemicals and equipment. The computer laboratory is provided with internet connection to provide students wider sources of information. The research centre is provided with materials needed by the student-researchers during their independent group sessions and discussions. The school believes that it is necessary to invest on the laboratories since they provide avenue for the students to explore and experience authentic Learning.