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OriginPro 9.2.214 is free to download from our software library. This download was checked by our antivirus and was rated as virus free. The program's installer files are commonly found as Origin8.exe, Origin85.exe, Origin81.exe, origin75.exe or Origin70.exe etc. '.ogw', '.opk' and '.opx' are the extensions this PC software can operate with. Origin Pro 2019 Crack V10.5.21 With Serial Key. Origin Pro 2019 Crack is an interactive graphing and data analysis software that provides a data analysis and graphing workspace for scientists and engineers. Origin Pro 2019 Product Key provides a comprehensive set of tools for scientists and engineers at every technical level to analyze, graphs, and publications.

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OriginPro Crack is the key software in the field of data analysis and quality writing, in line with the needs of scientists and engineers. OriginLab has released the software as the industry’s leading software for drawing graphics and analyzing information. OriginPro provides a very simple interface for beginners, as well as the ability to customize data and charts by using themes, templates, custom reports, batch processing and advanced user programming. OriginPro is a professional data analysis application with a wide range of powerful tools for generating charts and graphs to better understand observations.

OriginPro 2020 license key contains more than 100 features and techniques to improve the performance of its predecessors. Major improvements include the addition of easy-to-use widgets such as drop-down menus, easy searching in project file strings, small graphics showing graphics at the corner of the page, and a guide to the display tool or display description window on the project page, from the project content list Select general or detailed information, redraw the theme around the theme, and improve the way the chart is described by supporting the bubble scale chart.

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Other benefits include adding new graphics such as heat maps, 2D kernel design, 3D hand drawing, user-defined charts and analysis to determine data classification, providing suitable distribution tools, repeating measurement variance using unbalanced data for analysis and programming in Python Language. Engineers and scientists can easily analyze data with a simple user interface. Users can easily create custom workbooks, and each worksheet can add up to 60,000 columns and save them as analysis templates and custom reports for future use.

OriginPro Serial Key In addition, this powerful application supports multiple formats including TXT, OGG, ODT, OIF, PDF, CPP, OPX, OXF, XML, CND and INI file formats. Create 2D graphics such as Piper Diagrams, Spider, Stock, Radar, 3D graphics and pie charts, Wire Surface and Frame, Z-axis charts, and more. Change the different technical details of the chart and completely customize it. In addition, you can handle a variety of mathematical details and customize them accordingly. All in all, it is the complete environment of OriginLab Free for data analysis with report generation.

Features of OriginLab OriginPro 2020

Some of the features of OriginLab OriginPro are:

  • Complete data analysis and graph generation tool
  • Generate various diagrams and plotting features
  • Customize the graphs and change the appearance
  • Create highly customizable workbooks
  • Supports up to 60 thousand columns and millions of rows
  • Save the results as analysis templates and custom reports
  • Supports a variety of formats i.e. TXT, ODT, CPP, XML and many more
  • Supports ASCII, Excel, and other document types
  • OriginPro Crack, Generate different types of graphs i.e. both 2D and 3D
  • Powerful vector analysis tools with reports generation
  • Change the mathematical properties and mathematical details
  • Offers data manipulation features and much more

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows Vista SP1/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 4 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • Internet Explorer 9

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Developer(s)OriginLab Corporation
Stable release
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Available inEnglish, German, Chinese and Japanese.
TypeData analysis

Origin is a proprietary computer program for interactive scientific graphing and data analysis. It is produced by OriginLab Corporation, and runs on Microsoft Windows. It has inspired several platform-independentopen-sourceclones like SciDAVis.

Graphing support in Origin includes various 2D/3D plot types.

Data analyses in Origin include statistics, signal processing, curve fitting and peak analysis. Origin's curve fitting is performed by a nonlinear least squares fitter which is based on the Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm.

Origin imports data files in various formats such as ASCII text, Excel, NI TDM, DIADem, NetCDF, SPC, etc. It also exports the graph to various image file formats such as JPEG, GIF, EPS, TIFF, etc. There is also a built-in query tool for accessing database data via ADO.

  • 3History


Origin Workbook with sparklines above data columns, this allows a quick glance of the data without plotting them.

Origin is primarily a GUI software with a spreadsheet front end. Unlike popular spreadsheets like Excel, Origin's worksheet is column oriented. Each column has associated attributes like name, units and other user definable labels. Instead of cell formula, Origin uses column formula for calculations.

Recent versions of Origin have introduced and expanded on batch capabilities, with the goal of eliminating the need to program many routine operations. Instead the user relies on customizable graph templates, analysis dialog box Themes which save a particular suite of operations, auto recalculation on changes to data or analysis parameters, and Analysis Templates™ which save a collection of operations within the workbook.

Origin also has a scripting language (LabTalk) for controlling the software, which can be extended using a built-in C/C++-based compiled language (Origin C). Other programming options include an embedded Python environment, and an R Console plus support for Rserve.

Origin can be also used as a COM server for programs which may be written in Visual Basic .NET, C#, LabVIEW, etc.

Origin project files (.OPJ) can be read by the open-source library liborigin.

There is also a free component (Orglab) maintained by Originlab that can be used to create (or read) OPJ files. A free Viewer application is also available.

Editions and support[edit]

Origin is available in two editions, the regular version Origin and the pricier OriginPro. The latter adds additional data analysis features like surface fitting, short-time Fourier Transform, and more advanced statistics.[1]

Technical support is available to registered users via e-mail, online chat, and telephone.A user forum is also available.

There are a few version types that have been offered from Origin and OriginPro as personal, academic, government and student versions. However, the student version is not available for Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Laos.


Origin was first created for use solely with microcalorimeters manufactured by MicroCal Inc. (acquired by Malvern Instruments in 2014[2]) The software was used to graph the instruments data, and perform nonlinear curve fitting and parameter calculation.

The software was first published for the public in 1992 by Microcal Software, which later was renamed to OriginLab Corporation,[3] located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Release history[edit]

  • 2019/10/25 Origin 2020. Mini toolbar for 2d graphs, 10x faster import of large text file, enhanced database import, 5x faster scatter plot with large data. New graph types such as density dots, color dots, sankey and alluvial diagram, pie and doughnut charts, dendrogram, population pyramid, before-after plot and kite diagram, Copy and Paste plot, Copy and Paste HTML or EMF table, etc. New Apps such as 2D Peak ANalysis, Piper Diagram, Import NMR Data, Marginal Abatement Cost Curve, Video Data Explorer, Neural Network Fitting, Word Connector, Soil and Rock Classification Diagrams, and LeCroy Connector.
  • 2019/04/24 Origin 2019b. HTML and Markdown reports. Web Data Connectors for CSV, JSON, Excel, MATLAB. Rug Plots, Split Heatmap Plot. Validation Reports using NIST data. New Apps for Quantile Regression, 2D Correlation, Isosurface Plot, etc.
  • 2018/10/26 Origin 2019. Data Highlighter for data exploration, Windows-like search from Start menu, Conditional formatting of data cells, Violin plot, New apps like Stats Advisor, Image Object Counter, Design of Experiments, etc.
  • 2018/4/24 Origin 2018b. Matrices embedded in workbook, Worksheet/matrix data preview, Dynamic graph preview in analysis, Distributed batch processing on multi-core CPU (app).
  • 2017/11/9 Origin 2018. Cell formula, Unicode, Bridge chart, changed to a more compact file format (OPJU).
  • 2016/11/10 Origin 2017. Trellis Plot, Geology fill patterns, JavaScript support from Origin C.
  • 2015/10/23 Origin 2016. First version to support Apps in Origin, also added R support.
  • 2014/10 Origin 2015[4] added graph thumbnail previews, project search, heat map, 2D kernel density plot and Python support.
  • 2013/10 Origin 9.1[5] SR0 added support for Piper diagram, Ternary surface plot etc.
  • 2012/10 Origin 9 with high performance OpenGL 3D Graphing, orthogonal regression for implicit/explicit functions
  • 2011/11 Origin 8.6, first version in 64bit
  • 2011/04 Origin 8.5.1
  • 2010/09 Origin 8.5.0
  • 2009/10 Origin 8.1
  • 2009/08 Origin 8 SR6
  • 2007/12 Origin 8 SR1[6]
  • 2007/10 Origin 8[7]
  • 2006/01 Origin 7.5 SR6
  • 2003/10 Origin 7.5
  • 2002/02 Origin 7.0
  • 2000/09 Origin 6.1
  • 1999/06 Origin 6.0
  • 1997/08 Origin 5.0
  • 1995/02 Origin 4.1
  • 1994/07 Origin 3.5
  • 1993/08 Origin 2.9
  • 1993/?? Origin 2[8]

Alternatives and clones[edit]

Similar proprietary software includes:

  • Plotly – Plotting library and styling interface for R, Python, MATLAB, Julia, and Perl.

Open-source projects inspired by Origin:

  • SciDAVis, a fork of QtiPlot
  • LabPlot, project merged with SciDAVis
  • Veusz, Qt based, similar to SciDAVis, well maintained
  • SciGraphica, dormant since 2005

Other open-source graphing and data analysis software: Должностная инструкция повара 5 разряда.

  • gnuplot, script-driven plotting
  • R, statistics
  • Fityk, data vizualisation and fitting
  • Matplotlib, a plotting library for the Python (programming language)
  • QSoas, a command-driven data analysis and fitting program
  • SageMath, an interface for Matplotlib and other plotting software


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