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Tranceport - Mixed by Paul Oakenfold

MP3 Free Download, search for artist/album. Enter your search terms Submit search form: Paul Oakenfold - Tranceport. Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground 07: New York. Sasha - Global Underground 13 - Ibiza. Mauro Picotto - The Album. Mauro Picotto - The Others.

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____.:: T r a c k L i s t i n g ::._________________________
01. Time (Original Mix) - The Dream Traveler
02. Greece 2000 (Original Mix) - Three Drives On A Vinyl
03. Rendezvous (Quadraphonic Mix) - Tilt v. Paul Van Dyk
04. Purple (Sasha v. The Light) - Gus Gus
05. Someone (Slacker and Original Vocal Mix) - Ascension
06. El Nino (Matt Darey 12' Mix) - Agnelli + Nelson
07. Cafe Del Mar (Three N One Remix) - Energy 52
08. 1998 (Original Mix/PVD Mix) - Binary Finary
09. Words (For Love (Original Mix) - Paul Van Dyk
10. Gamemaster (Original Mix) - Lost Tribe
11. Enervate (Original Mix) - Transa
____.:: S p e c s ::._________________________________
Format: MP3/CUE
Encoder: Lame 3.93.1
Bitrate: 320KB CBR
____.:: I n f o ::.___________________________________
Tranceport is representative of what is debatably the strongest era of trance music - the transition period between it's introspective and acidic past, and the melodic pop phenomenon it has now become, taking on the best aspects of both. Virtually every track on this mix is considered an essential classic nowadays, an amazing feat by any standards - these tracks were underground and mostly unheard of when the album was released.
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ed2k: Tranceport.1.-.(§-.(320KB).rar - 167MB

Couldn't find this old treasure anywhere, was one of my first real introductions to electronic music and I still get chills listening to it over 20 years later .. so decided to upload it so others can enjoy it as well! Released November 3, 1998 Buy CD: Time (Original Mix)- The Dream Traveler2. Greece 2000 (Original Mix)- Three Drives On A Vinyl3. Rendezvous (Quadraphonic Mix)- Tilt v. Paul Van Dyk4. Purple (Sasha v. The Light)- Gus Gus5. Someone (Slacker and Original Vocal Mix)- Ascension6. El Nino (Matt Darey 12' Mix)- Agnelli + Nelson7. Cafe Del Mar (Three N One Remix)- Energy 528. 1998 (Original Mix/PVD Mix)- Binary Finary9. Words (For Love (Original Mix)- Paul Van Dyk10. Gamemaster (Original Mix)- Lost Tribe11. Enervate (Original Mix)- Transa

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Paul Oakenfold

Comment by Deniellie


Comment by SEV

@skinsluva: and Creamfields 98 ;D

Comment by SEV

@bmason-23: trance will never be the same

Comment by bmason-23

The 1st mixed CD in my collection and it went EVERYWHERE with me.

Comment by bmason-23

So many chills --- I am putting on a sweater! This is a massive trip down memory lane. What a great and crazy time period for us and the music we love!

Comment by Heretic666

awesome album and great memories to all these tracks

Comment by John doe

it doesn't get better than this album

Comment by skinsluva

An album ahead of its time! If you know trance you know what i mean ! The real King of Trance! Mr. Paul Oakenfold


Comment by Dennis Parker 7

Get ready for the best trance album of all time... This is the CD you hope gets stuck in the car for 10 years...

Comment by Dennis Parker 7

Thought this album was lost forever.. Found 6 used copies and bought them all just in case a couple years ago. Thank you someone for finally posting it on digital ðŸ‘x8D

Comment by Lou Llanes

this was the best globally distributed underground mix ever. only Sasha GU SF and Ibiza come close.

Comment by @ag562

This album went hard af in 1999.. 20 years later it STILL GOES HARD.

Comment by Cory Pattison

Absolutely insane memories to this album. Best ever.

Comment by Joshua Putzer

first time swimming with blue dolphins to this album

Comment by user7029748


Comment by Pablo Serra

Best trance mix ever

Comment by Hoà n Nguyen-Xuan

never gets old !!!

Comment by Jorge Ruiz 103

Christ, just .. still stellar

Comment by theresa oconnor

unreal # good memories 98#99

Comment by Edwin Plants


Comment by almarolv

perfect mix!!!

Comment by almarolv


Comment by hellboy73


Comment by hellboy73

WOW!!!! first cd and first extasie !!!! very good memorie🎧🎧🎧🎧

Comment by Ellie Ursula Halton

My go to 'comfort music' to lift me out of the dark places, or after a bad night. Thanks for the upload

Comment by Mary Nikita

@hbarbosa-1: Ditto ! Install vnc viewer linux mint.

Comment by Mary Nikita

Thank you for uploading! I've missed this!

Comment by H. Barbosa®

cured my darkest days. between 98-01 I lost almost all. including fam. wife, sanity, work, the means to work. it all came down due to health.. and this souned off like a priceless lifesaving jewel in hell.

Comment by Harisgatecrasher

That’s how all started for me.. a timeless album, my first album in my personal collection.. love it..

Comment by mcanergun

@sneaky_beatz Complication :)