Peach Texture Hack Mkwii File

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remove All multiplayer custom character files ending in 2.szs and 4.szs. remove Duplicate files. remove Quacker Packer, Baby Booster edit, Disco Funky on UFO, Diddy on Rambi, and various other options. add New folders for characters that had more than 1 file in them, excluding characters that have a character over all vehicles. Normalized cross correlation template matching.

Wishing to learn more about Gimp and Inkscape, I've embarked on a project of working on some textures for Mario Kart Wii.
The work consists mainly in correctly upscaling/downscaling/modifying some existing material and in redrawing some other.
The results are modest, but I'd like to share them with you.
So far, I've made
  • redone a few fonts
  • all weapons are in higher resolution
  • the intro screens are sharpened
  • the small character heads (bottom right) are changed with better resolution

The website has been most helpful.
I'm working on the Pal version (RMCP01).
You have some screenshots here: with before/after states.
Edit (22nd oct 2015):
I did some work on this project: the font change wasn't very good, so I went back to Inkscape to have something closer to the original.
The countdown should look better now. So, it's version 03 now.
If there's some artwork that don't suit you, you can simply delete the corresponding folder and keep the rest.
I'm not trying to have a perfect reproduction of all the original artwork: just something that looks nice in HD (=not too pixelated).
Only goal here: learning and having fun with this wonderful emulator.
And here's the link to the pack:
  • download the file
  • extract it in My DocumentsDolphin EmulatorLoad: it will create a folder named RMCP01
  • install a recent revision of dolphin. Go to Graphics>Advanced and tick 'Load Custom Textures' and 'Prefetch Custom Textures' (rev>4.0.6415)
  • launch the game