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O’Roory Hill Stud
Hot Spot Results
Week 1
29th July 2017
1st. G McKenna - £100 – Eastway – 1955
2nd. P Haughey - £50 – Brittannia – 1938
3rd. D Haughey - £30 – Fortfield – 1935
4th. T Peel - £20 – Carrick Social – 1935
Congratulations to Gary McKenna Eastway on winning 1st Club, 1st Hotspot and £100.
This mealey cock was 2nd Club last week for Gary and was bred from a direct Gustaaf Boeckmans cock and a direct bred Emil Dillen Hen from Belgium.
Paddy Haughey’s bird is bred from a direct Stefaan Lambrechts cock mated to a direct Gustaaf Boeckmans.

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Pigeon speed calculator online

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