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Feb 04, 2012  PJ Harvey - Which albums are essential and which sound good on a decent stereo? But I loved it from my very first listen. The piano in place of the guitar dominates this album (PJ Harvey herself had to practice it quite a bit before going into the studio in earnest), giving it an almost classical, occasionally folk-tinged, rather than rock.

  1. PJ Harvey - Discography (1991-2011)
  2. Genre: Alternative 40CD MP3 320 kbps 2.16 GB
  3. Albums List:
  4. 1992 - Dry & Demonstration (Limited Edition)
  5. 1993 - Rid of Me
  6. 1995 - To Bring You My Love
  7. 1996 - Dance Hall at Louse Point
  8. 1998 - Is This Desire?
  9. 2000 - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
  10. 2004 - Uh Huh Her
  11. 2007 - White Chalk
  12. 2009 - A Woman A Man Walked By
  13. 2011 - Let England Shake
  14. Singles
  15. 1991 - Dress
  16. 1992 - Sheela-Na-Gig
  17. 1993 - 50 Ft Queenie
  18. 1993 - Man-Size
  19. 1995 - C'mon Billy
  20. 1995 - Down by the Water
  21. 1995 - Send His Love To Me (2 CD)
  22. 1996 - That Was My Veil
  23. 1998 - A Perfect Day Elise (2 CD)
  24. 1999 - The Wind (2 CD)
  25. 2000 - Good Fortune (2 CD)
  26. 2000 - You Said Something
  27. 2001 - A Place Called Home
  28. 2001 - This is Love/You Said Something
  29. 2004 - The Letter (2 CD)
  30. 2004 - You Come Through (2 CD)
  31. 2004 - Shame
  32. 2007 - The Piano
  33. 2008 - The Devil
  34. 2009 - Black Hearted Love
  35. 2011 - The Glorious Land
  36. 2011 - The Words That Maketh Murder
  37. Promos
  38. 2000 - To Date (5-Track)
  39. 2000 - This Wicked Tongue (1-Track)
  40. 2007 - When Under Ether
  41. Compilations
  42. 1993 - 4-Track Demos
  43. 1995 - The B Sides
  44. 1996 - Maniac B-Sides 1991-1995
  45. 2001 - Rarities
  46. 2006 - The Peel Sessions 1991-2004
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PJ Harvey (Polly Jean Harvey) was born in Dorset, England, November 9, 1969. A child of a stonemason and sculpture, she was raised at a farm. Since her early years, the girl revealed a strong interest in music and worked hard to master saxophone, cello, guitar and drums. With a great confidence in her skills, she did not hesitate long to join the local bands Boulogne, and Polekats. Playing someone’s songs, Polly learned at the same time to write her own material. In a while, PJ became a member of the Bristol band Automatic Dlamini also composed by John Parish and Rob Ellis. In the new group, Polly would sing and play guitar and saxophone. The musicians arranged two streaks of concerts in Europe and recorded the album From A Diva To A Diver (1992). But before it hit the stores, the girl relocated to London and formed in 1991 the PJ Harvey trio along with bassist Ian Oliver and drummer Rob Ellis. Thorpe park price. In April of the same year, they gave their first concert and soon replaced Ian with Stephen Vaughan. In October 1991, the British label Too Pure released the single Dress, and in February 1992 the second single Sheela-Na-Gig became also available. The debut releases were warmly welcomed by the audience and highly evaluated by the critics, which boosted them up to the charts.

In March 1992, Harvey’s band issued their first full length work under the title Dry. Press was very happy with the album and named it one of the year’s best efforts. Rolling Stone named Polly the best sing writer and singer of the year. The girl’s personality became even more attractive after she was featured topless on New Musical Express. Feeling the right moment, the trio launched several tours visiting a number of European states and the USA. Among their most prominent gigs of that period was the performance at the 1992 Reading festival. Following that, the band escaped to the studio to work on the new album, Rid Of Me, recruiting producer Steve Albini. In August 1993, the group gave a joint concert with U2. Shortly after that, Rob quit the band due to the differences with Polly. Late in 1993, Island released a compilation of PJ Harvey’s demos and Polly’s songs that did not fit the outfit’s format. As a Brit Awards nominee, she performed The Rolling Stones song Satisfaction together with Bjork at the ceremony early in 1994.

In February 1995, PJ Harvey started a solo career offering the album called To Bring You My Love. Soon, she recorded vocals for Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads. Between the releases of the albums Dance Hall At Louse Point (1996) and Is This Desire (1998), Polly tried herself in cinematography playing in Sarah Miles’ movies Amareu Fallout 1972, and A Bunny Girl's Tale. She also appeared as Maria Magdalena in Hal Hartley’s 1999 film The Book Of Life. 2000 saw her deliver another album, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, featuring several songs recorded together with Thom Yorke from Radiohead. This effort brought her a Mercury Music Awards victory, the first one grabbed by a woman. After a long hiatus, Polly recorded the Uh Huh Her album, all songs penned and all instruments played by her alone. The 2006 effort, White Chalk, celebrated her unexpected turn towards ballad music. In 2009, Harvey released another album that received the title A Woman A Man Walked By, made in cooperation with John Parrish. It was their first collaborated work since 1996.

Studio Albums

Let England Shake
PJ Harvey's new long player, Let England Shake, will surprise even those who seem used to the singer’s ability to surprise. This is not just a record about war; it is a voice you will believe
White Chalk
White Chalk is probably the most radical change of PJ Harvey's image. She set aside the guitar and seated herself in front of piano. The result consists of eleven eerie and cold songs all surrounded by ghostly mysteriousness and gothic mist