Player Bmd Speed Hack

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Credits to Ziomal

Sep 03, 2013 Player.bmd - MUAWAY 2013 OficialCoeNenen. Speed Hack Mu Magdalena Season 6 Epi. 3 ( Windows 7 ) - Duration: 1:38. Speed Hack for Season 6.3. + 510 attack speed, not use ex702 = ss8 Download from HERE Player.bmd, copy to MU/Data/Player. Mu Online Speed Hack. AGDQ 2018 Super Dram World 2.

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You get auto dced when joining the game because the Player.bmd included in ziomal's version is old. :So copy your Player.bmd from Webzen/Mu/Data/Player/Player.bmd (mine is 2.48mb) to the 'Files' folder in ziomal speedhack folder.
Now follow the steps from the first page.
DownloadHow to use:
1. Open Speed Hack by Ziomal.exe
2. Click 'Szukaj' and search folder MU.
3. Click SpeedHack.bmd ( or ALT+S)
4. Click 'Włącz MU' = Launch Game.
5. Now login to your account but DO NOT select character.
6. Use Hot-Key (ALT+P)
7. Select and login to your character.
8. If you are in town you must get out of town and you must
click 'switch character'
If you see this 'Może wystąpić błąd', you must click 'Usuń błąd lower_03b_m.OZJ'.
If you see this 'Plik jest nieznany!', you must search folder MU.
If you see this 'Speed Hack', you can launch MU.
If you see this 'Player 1.02k', you must click 'SpeedHack.bmd'.
Opcje = Options
Muzyka = Music
Dźwięki = Sounds
Czat = Chat
Rozdzielczość = Resolution
ID = there you can save your login
You can run MU with minimizer. (Webzen/ Mini Lodi No Filter/ Mini Lodi Filter)
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I cannot upload for somereason so i give you the link.

MU Online -=PR0XI=-


Trinity blood sub indi. Mu-Hax *UPDATED*----- Download

This hacking program contains a speedhack, autokill hack, teleport hack, packet editing hack and a lot more. It is currently the best hack available for global Mu which is undetected and works in private servers also. After downloading, extract the files to any directory and read the 'readme.txt' file for step by step instructions on installing. You need to register at the homepage for the hack to work correctly.


Speed Hack (Player.bmd) ----- Download

Here is a working speed hack for Mu. It is very simple to install but it's also very buggy at the moment. It will allow you to attack an enemy 16.777 times in 1 attack but you can't see yourself or other players, some monsters are invisible such as skeletons, skeleton archers and elite skeletons and your inventory will look crap. You also need to be level 6 or higher and it will not work if you spawn in a town, so make sure you spawn outside. Also if you die, you must reconnect to the server for the hack to continue working. I would suggest using Mu-Hax as its a lot less buggy and you can see everything. To install extract the files to any directory and run 'install.exe'. Install to your 'WebzenMu' directory. To uninstall just run the 'uninstall.exe' file.