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Manchin's daughter, Heather Bresch, is the CEO of Mylan. After hiking the price of the EpiPen, but Mylan also makes a fentanyl patch.

15 Oct 2010 by how long
19 May 2018
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Watson vs. Sandoz vs. Mylan?

Can someone tell me which is the better Patch? I have tried Watson and Sandoz and Watson is the best to me. For some reason I am not getting the same relief from this Sandoz patch as I was the Watson (and my DR. raised me to the 50mcg. patch, but the sandoz does not even come close to the 25mcg watson patch), Not even close! I have not tried the Mylan, so I don't know about that one.

Can someone please elaborate on these patches? Thanks, Brian

Added 15 Oct 2010:

The reason I am asking is because I am having a hard time on the sandoz patch and am feeling withdrawals! How can this be?

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meggieprice6 Nov 2010

Is the Watson patch a gel reservoir? Perhaps that is the difference?

I have had the Sandoz and the Mylan adhesive patches and find they both work about the same for me. I was given a set of the gel reservoir by Activan and did NOT like them- I had withdrawal followed by rapid release of too much medication. I switched back to the Sandoz and am happy with it
I am one who needs to change my patch every 48 hours rather than 72 hours. Could that be your problem?

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Can you specify the brand? Perhaps your doctor can do that for you. You might consider keeping a pain log to show the doctor when you feel pain, withdrawal etc. It is a great tool for helping a doctor find the best relief for you,

lheck712 Nov 2011

I found Mylan didn't do well with my pain, plus the fact they wouldn't stay on. I found the Mylan ones to be not as effective as the Watson or Sandoz. I have had good luck with the Watson, but now none of the insurance carriers will cover me for the Fentanyl patches unless I am prepeared to pay a huge deductible. Unfortunatley I don't have the cash for the deductible, must now come off them after 11+ yrs. Am quite scared to know what I might go through, but am hoping I'll get some help.

hoopgirl24 May 2012

I have tried all brands. I now have doctor write Mylan brand only. I use mail order so I get the brand I want. The Mylan brand stick well and are small. I cover them with Nexcare Tegraderm from Walgreens. I can swim. shower and sweat they protect the patch also from coming off and peeling around the edges.

Inactive25 May 2012

I liked the Watson patch a lot. After the first month, I had to go from every three days to every two days. I believe your problem is that you have become 'acclimated' to the patches. This is easily remedied NY increasing dosage or days. I too was it seemed a constant state of withdrawals for a month, hot sweats, cold and clammy, stomach aches, diarrhea .. but when my dosage increased, all of those nasty symptoms went away. Seems I was under medicated. I have talked to several pain patients with the same problem with the same doc, so we knee it wasn't us.
Just sayin',
Sweet Hippie

lupine24 Jun 2013

my problem is not them working.tried all those brands and i did not notice one working different than the other.
I had serious issues with glue used. I got severe rashes that itched horrible and at night i itch them off by accident. Or rashes became inflamed.
mylan and another M name that is a long German sounding ( i can get it if someone needs it) do not give me bad rashes by end of 2 days( i do leave them on at times now for 3 days to get last of the pain reliever out) i am getting a rash so must be cautious.
has anyone noticed too that there is some special bandage that you should use if they do come loose? If you put tape over them, those that do not breath you can get an overdose, one doctor said and pharmacist also agreed.

laxman8719 Mar 2017

I have had 2 failed back surgeries and 3 brain tumors I have been on a fentanyl patch since they first came out because I had children and did not want oxycontin in the house. It was Sandoz back then and they worked great. Now I have been using Mylan due to the fact the Sandoz went generic and no longer can afford them so I had Mylan. They stick the best but I have noticed in the last few years that some boxes with different batch numbers are better then others. I have been on a 100 mg patch but they were not working so the Dr gave me some 75 mg and I felt the pain relief much better. Has anyone had a problem with Mylan and the difference in batches in regards to pain relief as I have. It is terrible I read on the FDA web-site that a generic medication can vary 34% of the dose of the non generic medication and I do believe they are not putting the right dose into the glue on the patch. Please let me know if anyone has had this problem and how you resolved it.

pafibrogirl12 Aug 2017

I also had serious issues with the glue used on some brands.. severe rashes with itching and inflammation. I have been using Mylan patches for several years. They don't cause the rash and itching that several of the other brands cause. But, I have noticed in the past few months that some batches seem to work better than others. I recently sent an email to Mylan regarding this, but haven't heard anything from them yet.

Langgin05299 Mar 2018

I have been told that the reason yu get the rash is from the alcohol in the patch. A pharmacist told me to remove the patch from the backing and wait a minute or two before putting it on my skin. This will allow the alcohol to dry out. I have done this and ever since.. NO RASH AND NO ITCH! I used to get horrible rashes to where I would scratch my patch off sometimes at night. And.. it hasn't affected affected the stickiness of the patches either! Hope this helps someone.

Langgin05299 Mar 2018

I have been told that the reason yu get the rash is from the alcohol in the patch. A pharmacist told me to remove the patch from the backing and wait a minute or two before putting it on my skin. This will allow the alcohol to dry out. I have done this and ever since.. NO RASH AND NO ITCH! I used to get horrible rashes to where I would scratch my patch off sometimes at night. And.. it hasn't affected affected the stickiness of the patches either! Hope this helps someone.

Natalielestrange13 Sep 2016

I have had success with the Actavis gel 50 mcg. A form of generic. My pharmacy just tried to switch me to Mallinckrodt 50 mcg matrix and it was a HORRIBLE experience. Please do not let your pharmacy try to switch you to Mallinckrodt matrix patches! Gel reservoir have proven themselves to be the absolute way to go for consistent pain relief. Please note that these are the only two brands I have tried, so my experience is limited. I have since switched my patches back to the Actavis after raising hell about getting very sub par pain relief, and I am certain that anyone in serious pain who relies on this medication/uses it as prescribed would be VERY disappointed with the Mallickrodt matrix patches after having success with gel reservoir. Posting this to help save someone else from pain!

shel999200117 Sep 2016

Can you please tell me is the Mallinckrodt brand a gel patch?

Natalielestrange17 Sep 2016

No. Matrix = not gel.

SportUtilityGirl27 Mar 2017

I had the exact opposite experience. I used Mallinckrodt with excellent results. A few days ago i just used one from Actavis for the first time. I had never seen gel reservoir before. It immediately released way too much medication. I will be returning these to pharmacy today.

lamuffin21 Nov 2017

I'm trying a new pharmacy that wants me to switch from the Mylan patches that I've been VERY happy with for many years to their usual one made by Mallinckrodt. What I'm trying to determine is whether they will be flat (like Mylan's) or they will have a pouch of gel (which I HATE and will never go back to). It looks like Mallinckrodt makes two types. One is called Fentanyl MAT and the pictures of it look like it's a flat piece of plastic (like the ones I like). But I can't see the other patch that is generic because it looks like they might be showing the packet they come in instead of the patch itself (or else I can't tell if it has a pouch of gel). Can you explain what the Mallinckrodt 'matrix' ones you're talking about are like? Do they have the pouch or are they flat, and what makes them so horrible for you? Thank you so much.

Vocalizze29 Dec 2017

I had the exact same experience. In fact my pharmacist was giving me both, and I would switch back and forth. I would start to go into withdrawal with the Mallickrodt.

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The MallicKrodt was smaller and stuck better and I WANTED those to work, but just not as well as the Acatavis.

Caroledl18 May 2018

I was on Activis and had no problems with this patch. Then my pharmacy switched to Mallinckrodt and I have nothing but problems with my blood pressure- going from one extreme to another. Spoke to my pharmacist and he said they have no control over the brands ordered!! Called several pharmacies, no luck finding Activis. I am so frustrated! Would appreciate any advice!!

Natalielestrange20 May 2018

And to la muffin, as the above commenters described, matrix are the flat ones. Those types work for many people but for me, I put one on and literally 18 hours later I still had zero pain relief and was in literal full WITHDRAWAL!! They absolutely did nothing.

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