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Are you a true fan of Pokemon? Have you ever tried downloading and playing any Pokemon Hack Game ROMs? If your answer is yes, I am sure you will know the popular hack games such as: Pokemon Flora Sky, Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Snakewood, Pokemon Shinny Gold and so on. The authors remade the original Pokemon ROMs (Ruby, Emerald, Fire Red,…) of GameFreak with their creativities to have the brand new games. I am sure you will love them.

Today, I want to introduce to you another excellent Pokemon Hack ROM: Pokemon Ash Gray. It is a Must Try Game with interesting gamelay and wonderful graphics. On pokemonashgray.com website, we will bring Pokemon Ash Gray ROM Download, Walkthrough, Cheats, Gameshark Codes to you to help you play this game easier.

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Ash Gray is a fun web-based Cartoon Game you can play online on KBH Games. Go on a journey to become a Pokemon master. Use the Save button to download the save code of Ash Gray to your computer.

Pokemon Ash Gray Version is an incredible remake version of Pokemon FireRed which is completed by metapod23. The graphics are same as before but now you will play a very new game because the author changed the storyline and replace with another one. Pokemon Ash Gray is now inspired by Pokemon Anime Series on TV. You will be impressed because now the storyline basically owns all events of the anime – Ash Ketchum’s adventure is your adventure. Before there are some hacks which were also modified like this hack but they were not completed fully or not good enough to play. Now Pokemon Ash Gray is hacked up to episode 50 now and it is still in the process of completing fully based on new episodes. New versions are coming soon with bugs fixed and special updates. I think it is the best Pokemon hack game you should enjoy.

Storyline – Gameplay

You are the main character of the game and your name is Ash Ketchum. You are going to have an amazing adventure around your Pokemon World tomorrow. You have to pass 116 events and 2 movie events to complete this trip. On the way, you will meet a lot of Pokemon, rivals and trainers that will help you so much. You also need to catch Pokemon which Ash catches and make the decisions he makes like in the episodes. Unfortunately, you stayed up all night to watch Pokemon Arena matches on TV and you are so tired and woke up late. It is your mistake and not as planned. You are hurry to Pallet Town gate but all your rivals owned their own Pokemon starters and there is no remaining Pokemon.

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If you don’t have a Pokemon, you have to go home and you decide to choose Pikachu as your friend. Your trip is started from now…

Special Features

  • You are Ash and will play as him
  • Colorful Sprites & Tiles are added
  • New TMs and HMs list in the game
  • Maps are redrawn
  • Stronger Rivals and Leaders
  • The events will happen as same as what you see in the Anime Series

ROM Informations

They are Pokemon Ash Gray ROM Infos:

  • Orginal Version: Pokemon FireRed – Nintendo
  • Platform: GBA
  • The Creator: metapod23
  • Published Year: 2010
  • Available Language: English
  • Progress: 90%
  • The Lastest Version: Beta 4.2

Used Tools: These tools are used to design, code and make Pokemon Ash Gray. If you are making a hack, you can use them.
Advance Map
OverworldEditor Rebirth Edition
Item Editor
Attack Type Editor
Hex Workshop
Fire Red Hacked Engine

Screenshot Images

Trailer Videos

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Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats and Gameshark Codes

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Thank you very much for reading all.

With the useful informations you read on the homepage, I am sure you will like Pokemon Ash Gray and want to try it. If you are looking for Pokemon Ash Gray Download, this page provides the high speed links to you. It can played well with GBA Emulators on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.

The lastest Pokemon Ash Gray ROM version is Beta 4.5.3 which is hacked up to the episode 50 of the Pokemon Anime. The game is still in-progress and will have update versions with more episodes soon.

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Many thanks to colcolstyles, JPAN, TheDarkShark, Jambo51, JPAN, diegoisawesome, HackMew, con-11, mvidmaster, Alistair, OceansLugiaSpirit, ShinyAeon, Surav, JohnnyRoll, Kyledove, spriters-resource.com, zappyspiker, Pyromaniac45, Konekodemon, KurcioDurcio, Denali for helping to complete fully Pokemon Ash Gray.

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The sims 2 bodybuilder muscle. This game is belong to metapod23.
05/2015 – Beta 4.5.3 Version has been released.
07/20/2013 – Beta 4.2 Version has been released with bug fixes.
07/13/2013 – Beta 4.1 Version has been released.
07/10/2013 – Beta 4.0 Version has been released.
09/13/2011 – Beta 3.6 Version has been released including new animations, tiles, scripts.
08/14/2011 – Beta 3.5 Version has been released.
07/26/2011 – BETA 3.0 Version has been released.

If you download this game, you should view our Walkthrough Guide for the best gaming experience.