Quake 4 Latest Patch

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Quake 4 Patch v1.3 - v1.4.2. This is the official patch for Quake 4, updating the game by id Software to v1.4.2 from v1.3 fixing many bugs and such listed below in more information.

When I used to be a big FPS guy in the 90s, there was a clear division between Quake people and Unreal people; you were one or the other, and you defended your choice to the bitter death. I was always more of a Unreal guy, despite the fact that most of my gamer friends preferred the glory of Quake 2. Over the years, though, I witnessed a lot of people make the transition from the latter to the former, with claims that Quake was losing its appeal due to a focus on technology over gameplay.

It's been two years since the release of the latest incarnation, Quake 4. Critical response to the PC version was mildly favorable, and the game saw release on a few other platforms including the Xbox 360. id software has continued to support the product, with various patches and fixes, including the latest patch released just last week. To publicize the latest fixes, id also updated the game's multiplayer demo to include the new patch. The new demo, which can be downloaded from id's web site, includes three maps: VERTICON (q4xtourney2), OVER THE EDGE (q4dm7) and SPEED TRAP (q4ctf3).


I'm not sure how popular the Quake series is these days amongst those not looking for a benchmark, but hey, a demo's a demo. Personally, I'd be much more excited to get my hands on the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3; I'm a man who maintains his allegiances.

Game Background
Earth is under siege by the Strogg, a barbaric alien race moving through the universe consuming, recycling and annihilating any civilization in their path. In a desperate attempt to survive, an armada of Earth’s finest warriors is sent to take the battle to the Strogg home planet. You are Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad and Earth´s valiant invasion force. Fight alone, with your squad, or in hover tanks and mechanized walkers as you engage in a heroic mission to the heart of the Strogg war machine. Battle through the beginning of the game as a combat marine, then after your capture, as a marine-turned-Strogg with enhanced abilities and the power to turn the tide of the war. Quake 4 update patch 1.4.2 corrects a range of bugs while adding new features greatly that improves the gameplay in both single and multiplayer modes. It also includes a stack of free bonus maps: Cavernous Cryonics, Central Industrial, Warforged, Stroyent Red, Retrophobopolis, Firewall, Stroggenomenon, Verticon, Outpatient, Skeleton Crew, Mind the Gap, Double Edged. Plus it includes the new Napalm Gun and the multiplayer Game Mode - DeadZone. Important note: players who update to 1.4.2 will only be able to play multiplayer against other 1.4.2 users, and save games and demos created on previous versions of the game will not be compatible with the 1.4.2 update. The patch features the following fixes: Fixed a crash in single player (sound related) Fixed several SMP-related crashes Fixed a crash in autodownload server Copied map files can now be overwritten/deleted without quitting first. The console command 'com_allowconsole' will stay set after leaving the game. Improved Game Browser sorting and filtering: You can sort by up to three criteria, which will be displayed just under the server list, with the more recently clicked criteria sorting first. The Game Browser now displays more than 1000 servers. Fixed a problem with the refresh time on the Game Browser. Added a Game Browser filter for full or empty servers. Players can now connect to a server while the Game Browser is refreshing. Game Browser sorting will display the correct server information without the need to refresh the list. Clicking anywhere on the scrollbar except the button itself will advance a page up or down instead of shifting to that position. Non-full server sorting now disregards full servers. Game Browser hover window updates when sort order is changed. Fixed a Game Browser slowdown issue with high numbers of servers. Added Game Browser server list scrolling with the mousewheel, keyboard arrows up/down, and keyboard Page Up/Page Down. The Game Browser hover window will only appear when mousing over a highlighted server. Sorting by server name will now ignore colored names and brackets.