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Contents 1. Basic concepts of thermodynamics. 2. First law of thermodynamics. 3. Second law of thermodynamics and concept of entropy. 4. Availability and irreversibility. 5. Ideal gases properties and processes. 6. Real gases. 7. Properties of non reactive mixtures of ideal gases. 8. General thermodynamic relations. 9. Steam generators. 10. Boiler mountings and accessories. 11. Properties of steam. 12. Fuels and combustion of fuels. 13. Draught. 14. Performance of boilers. 15. Basic steam power cycles. 16. Reciprocating steam engines. 17. Compound steam engines. 18. Steam nozzles. 19. Steam turbines. 20. Condensers and cooling towers. 21. Air standard cycles. 22. Introduction to I.C. Engines. 23. Testing of I.C. Engines. 24. Combustion in I.C. Engines. 25. Reciprocating air compressors. 26. Rotary compressors. 27. Gas turbines and jet propulsion. 28. Refrigeration. 29. Psychrometry and air conditioning. 30. Heat transfer. 31. Sources and resources for power generation. 32. Introduction to nuclear power. 3212 pp. Bookseller Inventory # 100001630