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Here's how it works

Find My can help you locate and protect your missing Apple Watch. If you already set up Find My iPhone on your paired iPhone, it's automatically enabled on your Apple Watch too. So if your watch is lost or stolen, you can use Find My to help you find it again. And thanks to Activation Lock, your Apple ID and password are required before anyone can erase your Apple Watch and use it with their iPhone.

Mar 16, 2004  Dating a Regina (Omega) Pocket Watch: Will the Omega SN Tables work??? You can us the 'regular' Omega serial number list as the Regina watches are mixed in with the others, but don't expect anything that can be considered accuracy. NAWCC Message Board. When serial number 999,999 came up again, Rolex continued the serial number sequence into seven digits. Confusion on the age of watches produced between the mid 1950’s and early 1960’s can often be cleared up because Rolex also put date codes inside many of the case backs of these watches.

When you use Find My, your Apple Watch with GPS and cellular can use GPS and a trusted Wi-Fi or cellular connection to show you its approximate location. Apple Watch with GPS can use GPS and a trusted Wi-Fi connection. Since Apple Watch Series 1 doesn't have GPS, you'll see the location of your paired iPhone or its Wi-Fi connection.

See your watch on a map

Sign in at or use the Find My app to see your watch on a map. If your watch is nearby, you can play a sound to help you find it.

On your computer:

  1. Go to, then sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Open Find iPhone.
  3. Click All Devices, then click your Apple Watch.

On your iPhone:

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Choose the Devices tab.
  3. Select your Apple Watch to see its location on the map.

If you find your watch on the map and it's nearby, you can tap or click Play Sound. Your watch rings until you tap Dismiss.

If you don't see your watch on the map, then it might not be connected to Wi-Fi, cellular, or your paired iPhone.

Put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode

If your Apple Watch goes missing, you can immediately lock it from or your paired iPhone. Just place your watch in Lost Mode. Then you can send it a custom message with your phone number. So if someone finds your Apple Watch, they know how to contact you.

On an iOS device:

  1. Open Find My and tap or click your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap Activate in the Mark As Lost section.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Enter a phone number where you can be reached, then tap Next.
  5. Enter a message that you want to show on the watch screen.
  6. Tap Activate.

Find My sends you an email message to confirm that you've put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode.

Turn off or cancel Lost Mode

If you find your missing Apple Watch, tap Unlock on your watch, then enter your passcode. Lost Mode will automatically turn off, and you can start using your watch again as normal. You can also turn off Lost Mode from your paired iPhone or

On your computer

  1. Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  2. Open Find iPhone.
  3. Click All Devices, then click your Apple Watch.
  4. Click Lost Mode > Stop Lost Mode, then click Stop Lost Mode again to confirm.

On your iPhone

  1. Open the Find My app and tap your missing Apple Watch.
  2. Tap Activated in the Mark As Lost section.
  3. Tap Turn Off Mark As Lost, then tap Turn Off to confirm.

If you don't see your Apple Watch on the map

If you didn't turn on Find My [device] before your Apple Watch was lost or stolen and your watch isn't connected to Wi-Fi, cellular, or your paired iPhone, you can't use it to locate your device. However, you can use these steps to help protect your information:

  1. Place your Apple Watch in Lost Mode. When your watch is in Lost Mode, your passcode is required before anyone can turn off Find My, erase your watch, or pair it with another iPhone.
  2. Change your Apple ID password. When you change your Apple ID password, you can prevent anyone from accessing your iCloud information or from using other services from your missing device.
  3. Report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement. Law enforcement might request the serial number of your device. Find your device serial number.

Find My is the only way that you can track or locate a lost or missing device. Banjo polje zemlja pdf 2017. If Find My isn't enabled on your watch before it goes missing, there is no other Apple service that can find, track, or otherwise flag your device for you.

Learn more

  • You can get help using Find My if you don't see your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
  • If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen. Or if your Mac is lost or stolen.
  • Turn off Find My Activation Lock on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Find your Apple Watch serial number, even without your watch.

How to Find Info About Your Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch Database has compiled data covering the major American pocket watch manufacturers and created an easy way to find information using the serial number on the watch movement. Here are a few tips to find information about your pocket watch:

  1. Always input the serial number from the pocket watch movement (the 'mechanism' of the watch).
  2. Never use the serial number from the case or any other part.
  3. Always select the correct manufacturer, which is usually stamped on the watch movement or dial.
  4. If the manufacturer is not listed on the site, you may have a 'private label' watch or it may not be American-made.
  5. If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature.
  6. Many pocket watch case backs screw off. Others may require a dull wide blade to pry or pop the cover. Be careful not to scratch or damage the movement.
  7. Consider uploading images of your watch by creating a collection account on the website. This is compeltely free and assists in promoting research in American horology.
  8. Understand that many companies did not keep accurate or complete records. As a result, information displayed on this site may have inaccuracies. This is to be expected, and we have included an option to report inaccurate information on the result pages so the database can be continually improved.