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Download Rock Drumming System - Intermediate torrent from music category on Isohunt. Torrent hash: 91c7c7d8fa17d95ae2ec33007bfed7. Learn To Play The Drums In Just 30 Minutes Per Week! Learn To Play The Drums Quickly And Easily Using The Music Coach Learning System. 7 hours74 lecturesIntermediate. Learn your first rock drum pattern.

PSFD 2.0 Cursor Reads Your Solo

One of the additional resources found in PSFD 2.0 are the 'Audio Ezybeats'. These video files have full size drum notation on the screen, a cursor scrolling through the music perfectly in sync with the exact audio from the performance videos. The benefit is that you can see the music being read to you, whilst hearing how it is supposed to sound.

For those drummers who find reading drum notation challenging, this is a great extra resource! Watch the sample video below to get an idea of how this works. Remember there is an Audio Ezybeat that acommpanies each of the 15 solos!

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PSFD 2.0 Instructional Sample

Of one the key differences with Performance Solos For Drumkit 2.0 (and 1.0 for that matter), is that we decided to focus heavily on the teaching of the solos, as well as the performance videos and the PDF's. Many drum solo packages on the market are just books with a short explanation of how to play the solos, but not any real education on how to deliver each idea, both technically and from a stylistic standpoint. In PSFD you get 3 key components for each solo:

* A performance video of the solo with multiple camera angles
* The printable PDF
* Audio Ezybeat videos, (see above)
* A full length explanation video teaching you how to play every pattern in every solo!

Check out the video below for an example of what you can expect from each instructional video. Once again you can download the sheet music here and read along as you watch the video below. (Right click and SAVE TARGET AS if you want to save it to your computer).

Try a free sample of PSFD 2.0

In Performance Solos For Drumkit 2.0, we are bringing you 15 exciting new solos in a wide range of playing styles. Below you can check out a free sample of one of our intermediate solos, entitled 'When Steve Met Tony'. The intermediate solos are great for players who've been playing for a coupe of years and want to step up and play some more sophisticated ideas. Yet the solos are deliberately short enough that they are attainable for many players.

Download the sheet music here and read along as you watch the video below! (Right click and SAVE TARGET AS if you want to save it to your computer).

Performance Solos For Drumkit 2.0


After a fantastic response to our Live Drum Solos videos from last week, we have decided to jump straight in and start planning and filming Performance Solos For Drumkit 2.0 (PSFD 2.0). The original PSFD released back in 2006 was very popular, with 3 of the solos making it onto the VCE syllabus and 6 making it to the ANZCA syllabus. It was also fantastic to see many drummers around the world posting videos of themselves playing the solos on social media.

The idea with the new product is to explore some new themes not present in the first offering. In the teaser below you will see a big variety of different styles, including:

* Double handed 50's/60's Rock'n'roll
* Reggae
* Tom Tom beats
* Solos using tambourines and shakers over foot ostinatos
* Small combo Jazz style
* Linear grooves re-orchestrated around the kit
* Fast open shredding

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What is the purpose of either Performance Solos package?

The reality for most drummers is they are simply more comfortable playing something they have practiced, than completely free improvising. The Performance Solos packages give you concise, digestable solos at differing ability levels that you can perform to anyone in any number of scenarios, including:

* live gigs and concerts
* school concerts
* exam recitals
* church concerts/performances
* youtube and social media videos
* EPK press kit style promotions/demonstrations

What exactly is in the new 2.0 package?

There are essentially 3 parts to Performance Solos For Drumkit 2.0, which you get immediately after purchase:

1) All the 15 performance videos themselves in full HD at 60 fps; 5 beginner, 5 intermediate, 5 advanced
2) Detailed instruction videos on how to play each with myself
3) Printable PDF's of each solo, fully notated
4) Some free bonuses on the launch only!

Performance Solos For Drumkit 2.0 will be releasing shortly - stay tuned!