Roland Fantom Patch List

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I have a Roland Fantom X6 keyboard, it's old but it's got some good sounds. I would like to be able to have the patch names available in Cubase 9. I downloaded the patch list file from Roland and tried to import it, but it didn't work. It looks like the XML tags may not be correct.

The upgrade is also available for the rackmount Fantom XR, in which case it is more properly known as the FANXRUP1 upgrade, but both versions offer very similar new features for both keyboard and rack Fantoms, including improved Fantom X Patch/Performance editing software, a Fantom Librarian, proper large-scale, on-screen sample editing, a.

I just bought Media Composer 6 - Academic online, after which I received a System ID and a dongle number by email. Sibelius 7.5 full.

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Two questions:
Does anyone have a patch list file that will work with 9?
Does anyone know what has changed since Roland published their initial files?
Ok three:Roland
Does anyone know the correct syntax for the XML files?
I'm pretty good with shell and vim so it would be relatively easy to fix the original files if I have to go that route.
P.S. It looks like might have working scripts but all the links are broken there. Does anyone have a copy of the download?