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A walkthrough of 'Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo,' one of the popular HE games. This was the first Putt-Putt game to use hand-drawn graphics (just like 'Freddi Fish 1: The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds'). Home. More Magic. Rudolph's Favourite Activities Rudolph’s Favourite Activities. For me, the most exciting day, is the Adventure Day, when you have the chance of coming on a magical Reindeer Sleigh Ride. I can’t promise we will fly up in the air as Santa does, as all of the Reindeer (including me) have to save some of our energy.

Hey, guys! Calmoose here! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of my favorite Christmas specials ever! I have a lot of nostalgia for it and I watch almost every year at Christmas. And so, this is my late gift to all of you. A retelling of the Rankin Bass classic! My idea was to sort of retell the events of the special, but with a little more detail. Hope you all like it and Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: I do not own Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or anything else in this story

Chapter 1: The Birth of a Legend

If I had lived to be one-hundred, I'd never be able to forget the big snowstorm a couple of years ago. The weather closed in and well, you might not believe it, but the world almost missed Christmas that year. Almost.

Oh, excuse me. Where are my manners? Call me Sam. Sam the Snowman to precise. What's the matter? You've never seen a snowman talk, let alone write a story before?

Anyways, back to what I was talking about. I live in a wonderful place called Christmas Town, or as others would call it, the North Pole. The snow fall there was relaxing and beautiful, and you could explore the wide, nice-looking Christmas Tree forest. The Christmas Tree forest always looked so majestic in the winter. It was a magical place in the North Pole, and is said to be the only place in the entire North Pole where Christmas Trees can grow. A nice place to live, you know.

Christmas Town is always brimming with life, from the Christmas seals to the snow owls and polar bears. Of course, the number one citizens in Christmas Town are the Clauses, Santa and the Missus. They live in this large castle in the center of the North Pole. First castle on the left. Matter of fact, the only castle on the left, hehe.

If you somehow managed to get to one of the top windows of the castle, you could even see Mrs. Claus trying to fatten her now skinny husband up for the holidays with lots of food while also saying, 'Papa! You haven't touched a morsel! I'll have to take the suit in. Eat!'

And if you listened and watched closely, you could see Santa pick up his fork and knife while replying with, 'I'm busy, Mama. It's almost Christmas.'

'Whoever heard of a skinny Santa?' You would hear Mrs. Claus question. 'Eat! Eat!'

Now don't any of you worry your heads about old Saint Nick. Mrs. Claus would always have him plenty fattened up by Christmas Eve. It's always the same story. Ah, I always love the Christmasey time of the year. Especially when everything is moving happy and smooth like it is for this season. Nothing like that year of the big snowstorms.

I honestly don't know what we would've done without Rudolph to pull us through. Who's Rudolph you may ask? Could it be that some of you are not acquainted with the story of Rudolph? Well, pull up an ice block and lend an ear.

Now, you know how Santa uses these flying reindeer to pull his sleigh, right? You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

But do you recall the most famous reindeer of all?

Well, now, let me tell you about about Rudolph. It all started a couple years ago before the big snow. It was springtime at the North Pole, and Santa's lead reindeer, Donner, had just become a proud papa.

Donner lived in a small, cozy cave with his wife, Mrs. Donner. Donner was, of course, a tall fully grown reindeer with large antlers and brown fur. Mrs. Donner was slightly shorter than her husband, no antlers and light brown fur.

Donner smiled proudly down at his wife as she lay down in a small bed of moss next to their newborn fawn. This was such a wonderful day for the both of them. Having a happy newborn to call their own filled their hearts with great joy.

'How about.. Rudolph.' Donner suggested.

Mrs. Donner smiled. 'I think it's a fine name.' She replied as she nuzzled her chestnut colored son. The newly christened Rudolph raised his head almost in response, revealing his adorable face and sparkling eyes.

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'Hey! Hey!' Donner laughed. 'He knows his name already.'

Rudolph smiled and giggled happily as he tried to stand, revealing his nose. His parents almost didn't notice that something was off about his nose. Instead of being a usual black, Rudolph's nose was strangely red. His noise then briefly glowed bright red, followed by a harsh whistling sound, surprising his parents.

'Pa. pa.' Rudolph spoke up, speaking his first words. 'Ma. ma.'

'He's-he's got a shiny nose!' Mrs. Donner exclaimed in surprise.

'Sh-sh-shiny?' Donner asked in equal surprise. 'I'd even say it glowed!'

Rudolph didn't seem to notice anything wrong as he giggled while his nose began to flicker and glow once more.

'Well, we'll simply have to overlook it.' Mrs. Donner stated, regaining her composure. 'It's not that big of a deal. It's only his nose.'

'Only his nose?' Donner questioned. 'How can you overlook that? His beak blinks like a blinkin' beacon!'

Just then, the two parents then heard the immediately recognizable sound of, 'Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!'

They turned around and saw Santa Claus himself entering their cave, looking quite skinny as he wore plaid snow trousers and a red coat and flat cap as he approached the Donners. 'Well, Donner, where's the new member of the family?' Santa asked, his snow white beard moving up and down as he spoke. 'After all, if he's going to be on my team someday, he'd better get to know me.'

'Oh, he's right over there, Santa.' Donner replied, gesturing to the newborn fawn.

'Well, hi there.' Santa greeted kindly as he approached Rudolph, kneeling down to his level. 'Aren't you the sturdy little fellow? Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!' He then gently patted Rudolph's head, much to the little fawn's delight.

'San-ta.' Rudolph spoke up in his squeaky little voice, squinting his eyes as he tried to pronounce the Jolly Fatman's name.

'Ha, ha. And smart too!' Santa chuckled.

Rudolph smiled happily at Santa's praise when his nose suddenly began to glow again, completely surprising Santa. 'Great bouncing icebergs!' Santa exclaimed once Rudolph's red light dimmed down.

'Now, I'm sure it's probably some kind of nonconformity that he'll grow out of, Santa.' Donner quickly said, standing next to Santa. 'We just have to give it time.'

'Well, let's hope so if he wants to make the sleigh team someday.' Santa replied. 'I'd hate for a brilliant young fellow such as him to be excluded from my team because of a simple nonconformity.'

You see, there was a strict law in North Pole stating that reindeer with different features wouldn't be allowed to pull Santa's sleigh. Of course, everyone knew this, but not everyone agreed with it. Ironically, Santa and Mrs. Claus were not to fond of the law itself, but they had to go with it as it was northern regulations.

Santa then shifted his gaze to Rudolph as he once again kneeled to his level. 'You see, little fellow, every year I shine up my jingle bells for eight lucky reindeer. And if you do good enough, you could be one of them one day.'

He then stood up at full height and began to sing.

'Jingle, jingle, jingle,' Santa sang with a jolly voice.

'You will hear my sleigh bells ring

I am old Kris Kringle, I'm the King of Jingling

Jingle, jingle, reindeer. Through the frosty air they'll go.' Santa continued to sing as Donner flew up into the air for demonstration while Rudolph watched in awe. The red nosed buck then stood up and jumped into the air, trying to fly, but only ended up landing on his face. He then raised his head from the ground, a discouraged expression on his face.

'They are not just plain deer, they're the fastest deer I know.' Santa sang as he gently helped Rudolph up, giving him an encouraging pat on the head. Rudolph's smile returned as he tried on his father's harness, despite it being too big for him. But he didn't seem to care as his nose glowed brightly again.

'Ho! Ho! You must believe that on Christmas Eve, I won't pass you by, I'll dash away in my magic sleigh flying through the sky

Jingle, jingle, jingle

You will hear my sleigh bells ring

I am old Kris Kringle, I'm the King of Jingling

I am old Kris Kringle, I'm the King of Jingling! Ho! Ho!' Santa finished.

After finishing his song, Santa kindly waved goodbye as he left the cave. 'Bye-bye.' Rudolph spoke.

'No, Santa's right.' Donner sighed solemnly. 'He'll never make the sleigh team.'

Mrs. Donner gently nuzzled her husband as she tried to comfort him. 'It's such a shame.' She said sadly, gazing lovingly at her son who bounced happily around the cave. 'If only we could make that nose like everyone else's.'

Donner's eyes snapped open as an idea instantly popped in his head. 'Wait a minute! I've got it! We'll hide Rudolph's nose!'

'Hide it?' Mrs. Donner questioned in concern. 'You know I didn't mean that literally, right? Are you sure he'll be alright with this?'

'I know. I don't exactly like it either.' Donner replied. 'But it's the only way he'll be able to fit in.' He then turned to his son. 'Comer here, boy.' He said gently, gesturing for him with his hoof.

Though a bit hesitant, Rudolph waddled over to his parents, gazing up at them with innocent eyes. 'You'll be a normal little buck just like everybody else, is that okay? A chip of the old antlers!' Donner said, scrapping up some dirt with his hoof and putting it on Rudolph's red nose, making it look like a regular nose.

Rudolph looked down at his dirt covered nose as it felt quite strange for him.

'Oh, you'll get used to it eventually.' Donner reassured. 'Put it there, son.'

The young buck smiled cheerfully as he nuzzled his father. 'Aww, gee.' Donner chuckled as he and Mrs. Donner both nuzzled their son.

After releasing from their embrace, Rudolph shook the dirt off his nose, revealing his red one again as it glowed brightly.

Well, for the next few years, the Donners did a pretty fair job of hiding Rudolph's.. uh.. nonconformity.

In that time, Donner taught Rudolph everything he needed to know, all the ins and outs of being a reindeer. Like how to get food, how to fight off enemies, things like that.

But most important of all, Donner specifically taught his son to beware of the Abominable Snow Monster of the North. The Abominable was an ancient creature roaming the land, devouring any morsel he could find. Many legends depict of where he came from. Some say he is from an ancient race of snow monsters that had been living in the North Pole long before Santa settled here. Others say that he was some kind of unevolved creature that had an insatiable hunger for any living thing that roamed the North Pole

But one thing for sure about him is that he's mean, he's nasty, and he hates everything to do with Christmas.

Now aside from the Abominable, business goes on as usual in Christmas Town. And soon, it is right before Christmas. And everybody is getting ready for that big sleigh ride on the night of the 24th, Christmas Eve.

You see, all the toys Santa brings to children all over the world are made by special elves in his workshop. Santa's workshop was always quite a scene to behold, especially near Christmas.

Inside Santa's workshop, you would find hundreds upon hundreds of Elves working hard to make the presents for all the children in the world. See, Elves have that certain knack for toy making.

All except for this one misfit. This misfit Elf with blond hair and wearing a normal Elf outfit of a blue coat and hat with a red ribbon on it and red pants with black boots. His name was Hermey. And as of now, he didn't seem to be fully into his work as he lazily painted a toy caboose while resting his cheek on his hand.


Said Elf jolted and nearly yelped in surprise as he looked to see the Head Elf with his short, ginger goatee and in his usual green coat and hat approach him. The Head Elf looked rather furious as his face looked rather red.

'Aren't you going to finish painting that yet?!' Head Elf questioned, gesturing the toy Hermey was still painting.

Hermey tried to speak, but felt his words catch in his throat. So instead, he simply shook his head fearfully in response.

'Well there's a pileup a mile wide behind you!' Head Elf yelled. 'What's eat'n you, boy?'

Hermey sighed as he slumped down on his stool. 'Not happy with my work, I guess.' He replied glumly, much to his bosses' shock and anger.


'I just don't like to make toys.' Hermey explained as he slumped even further onto his desk. 'It just.. doesn't suit me.'

'Oh, well, if that's all,' Head Elf shrugged, oblivious to what the younger Elf had just said before his eyes popped wide open in shock. 'WHAT?! YOU DON'T LIKE TO MAKE TOYS?!'

'Not really, sir.' Hermey replied.

'HERMEY DOESN'T LIKE TO MAKE TOYS!' Head Elf announced to the entire room.

All of the Elves gasped in shock as they began to whisper and murmur to each other. After what felt like a few minutes of doing this, the Elves then finally stopped talking to each other as they all glared at Hermey.

'SHAME ON YOU!' They all chanted, causing the younger Elf to shrink back into his stool.

'Do you mind telling me what you do want to do?!' Head Elf demanded.

'.. well, someday I'd actually like to be a-' Hermey paused for a moment. 'A dentist, sir.'

'A dentist?!' Head Elf questioned angrily as all of the other Elves burst out laughing.

'Well, we need one up here.' Hermey replied with a bit more confidence. An eager grin then came on his face as he pulled out a book of dentistry from under the table. 'I've actually been studying it a lot and it's really quite fascinating, you've no idea.' He then opened the book and began reading it. 'Molars, and Bicuspids, and Incisors-'

He was interrupted when Head Elf suddenly snatched his book from his hands. 'Now listen, you! Because I'm only gonna explain this once!' Head Elf snapped. 'YOUR an ELF! And Elves make toys!' He then picked up the unfinished toy caboose and shoved it into Hermey's hands. 'Now get to work!'

Just then, there was a loud ringing from a loud bell nearby, getting of the Elves attention.

'Ten minutes' break!' Head Elf announced. All of the Elves quickly put away what they were doing as they headed out of the workshop. Hermey was about to head out as well when the Head Elf shoved him back onto his stool. 'Not for you, though!' He stated, glaring at the younger Elf. 'Finish the job or your fired!'

With that, Head Elf headed out of the workshop, slamming the door behind him and leaving Hermey all alone.

A single small tear ran down Hermey's cheek as he gazed sadly at the unfinished toy. He then bent down and picked up his book of dentistry before setting it on the table.

'Why am I such a misfit?' Hermey sang sadly as he read his book.

'I am not just a nitwit

You can't fire me, I quit

Seems, I don't fit.'

With that, Hermey pushed the unfinished toy aside as he folded his arms and rested his chin on the table.

Meanwhile, Rudolph was having his growing pains too. And not actual growing pains, if you know what I mean. Over the years, he had grown a bit older, becoming a humble and yet timid young buck, his chestnut fur slightly darker as his antlers began to sprout out of his head.

However, his glowing red nose hadn't gone away as the Donners had hoped. And you'd better believe old Donner was determined to keep Rudolph's nose a secret from everyone.

Sleigh ride instrumental

'Alright, son. Try it on.' Donner said, holding up a false black nose in his hoof.

'I don't wanna.' Rudolph complained, his red nose glowing slightly. 'Daddy, I don't like it.'

'I know, son. But it's for your own good.' Donner stated. 'So you'll like it and wear it!'

'Aww, but Daddy..' Rudolph whined, but didn't get to finish as Donner placed the false nose over Rudolph's nose. 'It's not very comfortable.' He said, his voice sounding slightly nasal.

'There are more important things than comfort: self-respect.' Donner stated. 'Santa can't object to you now.'

However, Rudolph looked far from pleased as he lowered his head sadly and walked out of the cave.

Mrs. Donner watched her son go as she walked up to her husband. 'Donner, I really think your being too hard on him.'

Donner was about argue, but then he sighed. 'Your right. But unless we have another way of concealing his nose, this is the only way.'

Mrs. Donner remained silent as she sadly gazed at the cave entrance.

Outside the cave, a light snowfall had begun to come down as Rudolph sat in a small pile of snow. He then removed the false nose from his muzzle and watched as his red nose glowed uncontrollably.

'Why am I such a misfit?' Rudolph sang, his voice cracking as fresh tears sprung in his eyes.

'I am not just a nitwit

Just because my nose glows

Why don't I fit in?'

And with that, his dam finally broke as Rudolph lay down in the snow, tears streaming down his cheeks as he quietly sobbed to himself, the snow continuing to fall.

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WizardWorks Group, Inc. was an American video game developer and publisher based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1980 and, in 1993, WizardWorks openend the CompuWorks and MacSoft divisions. In 1996, WizardWorks was acquired by GT Interactive[1] to become part of their GT Value Products umbrella, which was later abandoned. Through acquisitions, GT Interactive became Infogrames, Inc. and later Atari, Inc. on March 29, 2004, Atari, Inc. closed down all operations of WizardWorks, and folded outstanding projects into their publishing branch in Beverly, Massachusetts.[2]

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