Samsung Pvr Content Decrypting Tool Final

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RM Content Access Tool

The RM Content Access Tool (CAT) is required to run certain RM software titles like : DiscoverAlive 14-16 English & DiscoverAlive 14-16 Mathematics.The CAT must be installed on every workstation (within and beyond the school) that will run the RM content.

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ChrisTV PVR Standard

ChrisTV PVR Standard is a standard PVR application designed for ergonomic watching, scheduling and recording of your favourite analog TV channels, air-broadcasted or by TV cable. Using this product you can also enjoy listening FM radio (available only on TV cards with hardware FM radio support).

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With built-in Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder, you will get great DVD quality video recording with minimum CPU loading. Advanced TBC technology helps you improve the video quality from old video source. The included DVD authoring software gives you direct-to-disc burning and supports all of DVD formats. You can also use the included video-editing software to edit your home videos and video recordings.

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Scan2Encrypt can scan your documents and images into a secure PDF file.Main features:- Easily control PDF content through permissions.- Authorize PDF access with password protection.- Convert scan to text with optical character recognition (OCR).- Merge multiple pages into one PDF document.

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TuneAid is an iPod content recovery tool.Features:Supports all iPods – Shuffle, Nano, Classic, TouchSupports all iPhones – V1, 3G, 3G S, 4Supports all iPods Touch – V1 , V2, V3Supports iPadOne click Import in iTunesOne click Copy to Folder

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ACDSee Ultimate

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AWinware PDF Security Remover

Adobe pdf security remover software unlocks pdf owner password and enables pdf editing, printing & content copying on clipboard. Tool removes all other associated restrictions from encrypted pdf documents.

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NuGet Package Explorer

NuGet Package Explorer (NPE) makes it easy to create and explore NuGet packages. You can load a .nupkg or .snupkg file from disk, or directly from a feed such as To build packages from the command line, you can use NuGet command-line tools.

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copy attached file to your usb or somwhere in the TV
chmod 777 drmdecrypt
your recorded files should be on /dtv/usb/sdx/CONTENT/
you need to know whitch recoeded file (xxxxxxxxxx.srf) is asiciated with player browser file
1. start smaygo ext app
2. enable drm engine with SamyGO DRM Switcher
3. start playing file you want to decrypt on TV!
execute :
drmdecrypt /dtv/usb/sdx/CONTENT/xxxxxxxxxxx.srf /dtv/usb/sdx/CONTENT/xxxxxxxxxxx.ts, depends of file size and as tty is disabled on D serie , you need wait until mesage come :the tool should also work on c serie.
tested on UE32D6500.
// Edit ON 25.11.2011
Fixed > 2Gig Size bugfix endless loop while decrypting > 2gig streams
T-GAPxxx suport
added drmget tool to extract needed key for non arm platform
added source code and build for x86 linux
for use outside of TV
it is need to extract drm key whitch is need to descramble whole content
by copy drmget into tv, same procedure is need like explained with drmdecrypt tool, start playing(just short time 1-2-3 seconds) your content while DRM is enabled, execute drmget with parameter of file xxxxxxxxxx.key or without any parameter , key file will be created in the dir in case if no parameter given, file will be 'drm.key'
copy .srf file out of tv/usb and execute drmdecrypt_x86 xxxxxxxxx.srf drm.key or rebulid sources to any other platform you wish.
// Edit OFF