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Excuse my English, I'm Spanish and I use the Google translator, you will see, on April 14 attended a TV show called 'The Ant' in Spain, and recorded in a TV Samsumg UE32F5300 and a Thomson 26hs4246c, everything is well recorded, my surprise comes when I connect the usb to the pc Samsumg, I managed to extract the content as it was formatted to FAT32, and I've taken the following files in a folder:
- .PVRPfmChkLog
- 20150413193002.cip
- 20150413193002.inf
- 20150413193002.mdb
- 20150413193002.mta
- 20150413193002.srf
Sure, what I want is to get the video to the PC, as I have read DRM.
As I mentioned, so I recorded in a Thomson 26hs4246c, when I connect the USB does not make me computer problems and let me open the folder, I find the following:
- 0413_213004.pvr
- CH3_20150413_213004_0000.bin
- CH3_20150413_213004_0001.bin
- CH3_20150413_213004_0002.bin
DRM also ..
How I can get these videos ?, I have understood that a single TV code is needed but no TV in those who have managed to get the video.
Thank you very much for the help. I appreciate it

Drm decrypter samsung. When i connect the phone to the pc it will start charging but the it will not recognize the. How to remove drm from pvr files recorded by my. About Digital Rights Management. In times of an all-time high of piracy and phasing out of Microsoft Silverlight, DRM solutions enable.

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