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Saturnalia temple ep rare

SATURNALIA TEMPLE is black magic metal, a dark spiritual vortex rooted in heavy and hypnotic sounds, a pure voice of the Draconian magical tradition and is now releasing their second full length. Saturnalia Temple has returned with their second full-length album. The first thing I noticed is that it's not as experimental as 'Aion.'

TommieVocals, Guitars (2006-present)
See also:Shadowseeds, Eldhamn, Lapis Niger, The Tower, ex-Nocturnal Rites, ex-Therion, ex-Ligament
PeterBass (2008-present)
See also:Soviet Jazz
KennetDrums (2015-present)
See also:Forgotten Horror (live)
Ignatius of LoyolaBass
PaulDrums (2006-2010)
KonstantinGuitars (2006-2008)
See also:Head of the Demon, ex-A Mind Confused, ex-Gods of Grief, ex-Kaamos, ex-Dead Congregation (live)
MickeDrums (2011-2012)
Current (Live)
Tim CallDrums (2013-present)
See also:Mournful Congregation, Nightfell, Sempiternal Dusk, Terror Oath, The Howling Wind, The Warwolves, Weregoat, Aldebaran, ex-Aghori, ex-Tusks of Blood, ex-Ardour Loom, ex-Ealdath, Dolven, ex-Hail, ex-Shadow of the Torturer, ex-Splatterhouse
Past (Live)
Kennet GranholmDrums (?-2015)
See also:Forgotten Horror (live)
Mika BelfagorDrums (2010)
See also:Nefandus, Ofermod, Leidungr, ex-Serpent Noir, ex-Malign (live), ex-Hellsent
Jens GustafssonDrums (2013)
(R.I.P. 2013) See also:ex-Grifteg책rd, ex-Dear Mutant, ex-House of Aquarius, ex-Human Size Giants, ex-Year of the Goat