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The Wolves of Steel is a mod for Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic, created by Subsim modding community.

I found a good way to simulate naval battles is to use the Silent Hunter 3 mission editor, place two ships (Rodney Vs. Bismarck), for example, with set course (i.e. Way points) and watch them (automatically) batter the hell put of each other! In SH3 at least if using the right mods, you can receive radio intercepts. For example the sinking of the battleship Bismarck in Silent Hunter 3, or the Battle of.


It's been very hard for to witness everyday frustrations of new SH5 captains and to read the same threads month after month, year after year, over and over again..The hope is that something like this will make 'life' a bit easier for newcomers or for anyone else who doesn't have much free time to spent countless hours improving and searching for stable modlist.

Although the mod it self is intended for average SH player you may find it somewhat 'hardcore'. Real navigation will make your job much harder and you'll find your submarine very vulnerable to enemy fire and annoyingly sluggish and slow underwater. Your 'tonnage' will become much more 'appreciated'.

All credits go to contributing authors of every individual mod!

Mods included in The Wolves of Steel 1.03 - Subsim Community SH5 Megamod:

  1. Das Boot Departure Theme
  2. SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2
  3. SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2.2 Patch
  4. gap - Real Diveplane Gauges v. 1
  5. DynEnv v2.9 - 1. Main Mod
  6. DynEnv v2.9 - 2. Main Mod Low Resolution Patch
  7. DynEnv v2.9 - 4.a Camera Filters - Realistic Colors
  8. DynEnv v2.9 - 5.a Ambient Settings - Darker Nights
  9. DynEnv v2.9 - 12. Sounds
  10. DynEnv v2.9 - Sobers Best Ever Tweaks - Wakes Fix
  11. DynEnv v2.9 - No U-Mark
  12. Water reflections intensity varied by available sunlight by TheDarkWraith
  13. SH5_7A_Conning_Fix
  14. Fix clock rear torpedo room VIIA
  15. Fuel Gauge WoGaDi_SteelViking's Interior
  16. Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_byTheBeast
  17. Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1
  18. #Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1_HotFix
  19. Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1 (available by date) V9 by sober
  20. Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Hinged Snorkel_CTD Fix
  21. EUF_UBoat_FX_v0_0_5_ byTheBeast
  22. FX_Update_0_0_22_ByTheDarkWraith
  23. FX_Update_0_0_22_Torpedoes (modified for torpedoes failure patches)
  24. FXU_0_0_22_Ship zon Files v1
  25. FXU_0_0_22_Shells Explosions_No Debris
  26. NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_ByTheDarkWraith
  27. NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_New_radio_messages_German
  28. NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_gap_Sextant_Mask_No_Eye_Reflection
  29. NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_RadCapTools_0_2_alpha
  30. NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_Das_Boot_Crew_Mod_by_Illyustrator
  31. NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_AltAdvSpeedGraphics_by_naights
  32. Disabled Unrealistic Commands_(ini files)_v1.0
  33. Large Optics for TDW UI for NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0
  34. Large Optics for TDW UI 8 by 5
  35. Large Optics for TDW UI Manos Scopes Glass Effects
  36. Large Optics for TDW UI RAOBF + Nomograph Fix
  37. TDC Graphics by Naights v1.0
  38. TDW Round Fire Button v12 by Torpedo
  39. Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part1_07.06.2013
  40. Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part 2_07.06.2013
  41. Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part 3_24.06.2013
  42. Sjizzle's - Charts for NewUIs part 4_20.07.2013
  43. Sjizzle's - MarineQuadrat Charts for NewUIs v. 0.00.2
  44. IRAI_0_0_41_ByTheDarkWraith
  45. IRAI_0_0_41_Sensors Difficulty Settings (init.aix)_v0.1
  46. NOZAURIO'S SKIN (Standar No Emblem) v-1.0.0
  47. R.E.M_by_Xrundel_TheBeast_1.2
  48. R.E.M_by_Xrundel_TheBeast_1.2 - no hyd on surface - NewUIs-IRAI compatible
  49. Cerberus62 Corrected Depth Charge Projector 1.0
  51. OH II v2.5 Grid Request fix Patch SH5
  52. OH II v2.5 Flag_Wind_Patch
  53. MQK LocationMaps_IO
  54. MQK ShapeTextures_NO
  55. MQK Gradient_IO
  56. IO_StrategicMap_7_5_0_for_TDWv750
  57. IO_StrategicMap_7_5_0_for_TDWv750 Grid Req Fix
  58. Accurate German Flags
  59. SH5 External Cargo 1.0
  60. Church's Compass Dials Mod v2.2 - Option Two
  61. EQuaTool 01.01 by AvM - Large Style
  62. Trevally Tutorial - All v0.2(for OHIIv1.3)
  63. Trevally Automated Scripts v0.6
  64. Trevally Harbour & Kiel Canal Pilot v3.1
  65. Patrolsearch autoscriptsV04
  66. MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 Stock faces
  67. MCCD_1.04_MFCM_1.2.1_compatible
  68. Reworked Morale and Abilities v.1.1
  69. Submarine's .sim&cfg (modified for engine ratio + independent control patches).7z
  70. Real U-Boat Performance - Type VII v1.7
  71. Reworked U-boat Guns (incomplete version)
  72. gap - armaments & equipments patch v 0.2
  73. Shells_zon
  74. R.S.D. - Reworked Submarine Damage v5.7.1 by vdr1981_Main mod
  75. R.S.D. & R.E.M. - GHG Hydrophone add-on (no hyd on surface)
  76. R.S.D. v5.7.1 - German Patch
  77. R.S.D. - Less Accurate AI Gunners
  78. Speech fixes and additions (german version)
  79. WHF-FUC_We Have Flooding-Flooding Under Control_Fix
  80. Shadow Improvement ModLR
  81. Small_trees_SH5_V1
  82. sobers green crew training V4 SH5
  83. sobers no footstep sound mod SH5 V2
  84. sobers smoke screen V1 SH5 (DynEnv compatible)
  85. sobers CrewAI mod SH5
  86. sobers removed Z dat ships
  87. KDB+GHG Upgrade
  88. Pascal-sh5-VIIC-correct periscope in tube
  89. pascal-sh5-VIIB-correct periscope in tube
  90. Less Annoying Stopwatch Ticking - LAST - v. 01.00 by AvM
  91. DBSM_Music_1_0_4
  92. torpedoes_g7a-e(.zon)
  93. My Fog & Underwater v0.1
  94. My Waves_Default
  95. SkyBaron's Bold SFX for SH5 1.0
  96. SH5_Sinking_ship_hydro_fix
  97. SH5_Starshells_patch
  98. Shallow Waters Voice Be Gone
  99. Wasserbomben_SoundFix_Basic_1.1
  100. Ship Capsize & Listing Effects 1.0_by vdr1981
  101. TDW_User Options _7_5_0_v18
  102. Vecko - Compatibility Patches and Tweaks 7_5_0-No Real Nav

For installation instructions consult the documentation.

Report problems with download to [email protected]






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Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic - The Wolves of Steel v.1.05mod1640.2 MB4/30/201647.3K100
Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic - v.1.2 EU Standard Editionpatch77 MB5/13/201016K21
Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic - MightyFine Crew v.1.2.1mod2.4 MB3/15/20158.4K12
Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic - v.1.1 USpatch62.3 MB3/4/201010.9K4
Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic - v.1.2 EU Collector's Editionpatch104 MB5/13/20109K3

i am a big fan of Silent Hunter 3 but before i go for 100% realism I would like to know if in voyage refueling is a feature in the game. Up until now I have set it to unlimited fuel

Man Dave..SH3 and SH4 fans are as hard to find as a goddamn convoy off the Irish Coast. In SH3 there are no refueling stations. You operate like a real sub. Surface at night (for the most part) and stay under during the day (again, for the most part). If you go to and click on downloads and silent hunter III you can get some great mods. One of them puts a 'milch cow' refueling U-Boat into the game so you can fuel up if you're on an Atlantic mission. But usually if you get within 500nm of base you can make it back on empty. Check out the subsim and SH forums on this. Oh..for the mods. I highly recommend the mods that add better detail to flags on vessels, the mod that adds the rust and textures to your U-Boat to give it that sea going look, the detailed smoke/fire mod and the radio mod (not the radio mod but the music mod that is downloaded into the sound/grammaphone files) is great. Adds some great Kriegsmarine songs plus a couple (including the Tipperary song from Das Boot) to your grammaphone. Now..SH4. Any allied base in the Pacific will refuel you. Any Naval Base will refuel and refit with torpedos. Drop me a line sometime if you have any questions,