Sims Digital Voice Recorder Software

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Sims Digital Voice Recorder Software Rating: 7,9/10 3026 reviews

For Very Accurate Results. The SIMS SVR-S200 is a significant step towards voice recognition for users of mobile voice recorders. Handheld digital recorders (dictaphones) which are capable of linking to Dragon's voice recognition software (NaturallySpeaking Preferred or Professional) are usually supplied by Philips, Sony and Olympus.

I’ve been tempted for a long time to invest in a digital voice recorder, but I’m hoping that someday soon we’ll have the ability to record audio, download the file to your computer, and run an app that transcribes the jibber jabber into text. That’s how much I love typing. This recorder from Sims Digital doesn’t quite perform the magical functions that I dream of, but it does give you an FM radio so that you can pretend to be taping lectures at school while you listen to your favorite DJs. Sims’ new Voice Pen SVR-S1545FM holds over 16 hours of voice recording and includes the ability to listen, record, archive, and email live FM programming. With the included Digital Clock and Alarm function, you can pre-set a time to record the FM program automatically and then either listen to it, upload it to your PC, or email your recordings or voice messages. Recipients of the voice mail receive the message as an email, including the message player software, which launches when opened to play the message. Shankar mahadevan ganesh vandana ekdantay vakratunday. Voice Pen SVR-S1545FM can be used by speaking into the built in microphone or via the included plug-in microphone. You can also record a phone conversation with the included phone adapter and email the voice file. Included with the Voice Pen are accessories that include Voice Manager Software, Ear Phones, Phone Adapter, Microphone, Line Out, USB Cable, and Batteries. Voice Pen SVR-S1545FM is now available for $249.00.