Smartcode Vnc Manager Enterprise Edition 6.9 Serial

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Smartcode Vnc Manager Enterprise Edition 6.9 Serial Rating: 9,9/10 6011 reviews

Reliable and complete remote administration, network management and monitoring software that offers support for a large variety of tools
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SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise Edition
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SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise Edition
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SmartCode VNC Manager x64 is a powerful remote administration and monitoring software application for both the business and home network environments. It is typically used for remote network management, remote system administration and in helpdesk environments. The application allows you to take remote control of any computer running VNC, Windows Terminal Services, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, SSH, or Telnet servers.
In today’s large corporate computer networks, with hundreds of computers located across the globe, the ability to effectively manage all of these computers is the key to the efficient use of staff time and can be a major cost saving factor. That’s why we created SmartCode VNC Manager: To give you an easy to use yet powerful tool to manage, monitor, and remotely control your computers. SmartCode VNC Manager software is used by thousands of small, midsized and large businesses worldwide.
SmartCode VNC Manager x64 is easy to learn. Its intuitive interface and smart defaults means there’s no steep learning curve, so you can start using it immediately. The customizable interface can be tailored to your exact needs and preferences.
· Built-in VNC, RDP, SSH, Telnet, and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
· UltraVNC MSRC4 DSM plug-in support
· Supports HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies, SSH tunneling, and UltraVNC
· Repeater
· VNC Deployment Wizard allows you to install VNC on a remote
· computer
· Reset Remote VNC Server Password Wizard
· Computers Registration Wizard allows mass register Active
· Directory and Workgroup computers
· SSH Key Generation and Upload Wizard
· VNC Thumbnail View allows multiple computers to be monitored
· on-screen at the same time
· Capture and save screenshots lets you capture remote VNC server
· screens. Also, in the Thumbnails View, a user can take screenshots at user
· specified time intervals
· With Dynamic Search Folders you can scan for online VNC, RDP
· servers or for any computer responding to a Ping request.
· Server Status scan. Checks for VNC, RDP, or SSH server status. Can
· be started manually or set to update server status via time interval
· Task, Service, Device, Share, Printer, and Installed software
· managers
· Registry editor
· Rename remote computer
· Remote program and script execution support
· Shutdown / Reboot remote computer
· Show logged on users
· Send Wake-on-LAN 'magic packet'
· Send 'consoles' messages
· External tools allow you to easily launch other applications while
· working within the VNC Manager
· Action Scripts allow you to perform some action before a
· connection to VNC or RDP is established or when you disconnect from the
· server
· Capture and save screenshot of remote VNC server screen
· Active Directory integration

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