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If you see a Missing Fonts message upon opening a file in one of your desktop applications, this means that the file uses fonts that you don’t currently have on your computer. If you proceed without resolving the missing fonts, a default font will be substituted in. Since this affects the appearance of the document — sometimes dramatically so — we recommend resolving the missing fonts.

InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator have Adobe Fonts (previously named Typekit) fully integrated with the desktop software. When you open a file that uses fonts which aren't available on your computer, the missing fonts window will show which of those fonts are included with your Creative Cloud subscription.

Use the checkboxes to choose the fonts you want to activate, and then click the Activate button to add them to your computer.


You need to be connected to the internet and logged in to the Creative Cloud desktop application to activate missing fonts through Creative Cloud.

Once the fonts have been added to your computer, they will be applied automatically to the text in your document. You can then continue working with the text as usual.

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If there is any problem activating the new fonts, you’ll see an error message in the Missing Fonts dialog and in the Creative Cloud desktop application.

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If you see any other problem when adding new fonts, consult the troubleshooting guide.

For desktop applications without a font integration

Game of thrones season 1 episode 2. For applications that don’t have a font integration built in, you will see a variety of different messages when fonts are missing from the document. Some applications may not have a missing fonts alert at all, and will simply replace the fonts automatically with defaults.

You can browse or search for the missing fonts from the Adobe Fonts website, and activate them through your Creative Cloud desktop application. Once they are added to your computer, they will be available to use from your desktop software programs.

You may need to restart the application after adding new fonts before they show up in the font menu.

What if the font isn't available through Adobe Fonts?

If you need a font that isn't included in the subscription library, it will be available to purchase from the font foundry website or from a font reseller, such as Fontspring.

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All of the following relate to styles, fonts, and searching for fonts. Please let me know if I should have broken this up into 2-4 separate messages. I just figured they were all linked in some way.
(1) Suddenly, regardless of what document I'm working on, Menu Format Styles and Formatting (or pressing F11) only shows the paragraph styles that are built into the program when you createa new document (e.g., default, all the Headings, Text body). If I click on the far right tab and then click on the paragraph styles tab, I get the list of all built-in paragraph styles. I do not get the list of paragraph styles used in an existing document. This results in several problems, including the fact that I can't create a new paragraph style.
Regarding the items below, the old font is EB Garamond 12; the new one is Adobe Garamond Pro
(2) When I click on some text, right-click to bring up the menu, click 'Edit paragraph style', and change the font, it does not always actually change the style. I've tried changing the font, and if I repeat the above sequence, it shows that the new font is selected. However, the actual text is the old font, verified both by just looking at it, but also in the top menu where it displays the old font. I have to change it manually by selecting the text in question & going to the menu bar.
(3) The following suddenly works normally. I have no idea why it wasn't working and now does working FYI Only. If I select text and manually change it to the new font, on any font size above 11.5, the text suddenly goes to line spacing 2 instead of remaining on line spacing 1. Nothing else changes in the paragraph style for the selected text. On the other hand, in some cases, at a specific font size suddenly a great deal of extra space is inserted above that text. An example is my putting text on a sepaate line (and thus a separate paragraph), different font, same size. Things are fine, and if I increase the size to 13 points, things are still fine. However, if I increase the size to 14 points, suddenly an extra line's worth of space is inserted above that paragraph. No settings have changed other than font size. Another example is in the Table of Contents. If I change Contents 2 to 12 point Adobe Garamond Pro, this happens. It didn't happen with EB Garamond 12.
(4) Searching for the old font only highlights the problem text the first time. Subsequent finds display the page, but I have to manually search for which text actually is wrong. Given this is a 411-page book, you can imagine how much work this entials.
Since all of the above applies to all documents, new & old, I am guessing that somehow the program has been corrupted. I was using v4.1.2, so I upgraded by downloading & installing the full v4.1.3 product, but the same problems exist.
All of these problems started the day I originally wrote this, when I changed my Table of Contents Content 2 paragraph style to the new font. The very first thing that happened was #3 above.
This is a novel that is supposed to be sent to the publisher & thence to the printer in 2 weeks, so I'm rather desparate to fix these three problems. Any help is very appreciated.