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South Central Cartel performing at Petit Bain in Paris in 2014.
Background information
Also known asS.C.C.
OriginSouth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Years active1991–present
  • Pump Records
  • G.W.K. Records
  • Mouth Piece Entertainment
  • Kontacc Records
  • Gangsta Made Records
Associated acts
MembersHavocc tha Mouthpiece
Havikk the Rhime Son
DJ Kaos
DJ Gripp
Young Prodeje (1993-present)

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South Central Cartel is an American West Coast hip hop/gangsta rap group based in Los Angeles, California.

  • 1Discography


Studio albums[edit]

TitleReleasePeak chart
South Central Madness199151
'N Gatz We Truss1994324
All Day Everyday199717835
Concrete Jungle Vol. 11999
Gangsta Conversation2001
We Have the Right to Remain Violent2002
South Central Hella2003
Random Violence2004
Chucc N It Up2009
South Central Gangsta Muzic2010

Collaboration albums[edit]

TitleReleasePeak chart
Murder Squad Nationwide199510612
Tha Hoodz in Uswith Tha Floc Gang2006

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Greatest Hits (2003)
  • The Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (2006)
  • Cartel or Die: SCC's Most Gangsta (2007)
  • SC Cartel Camp Presents Hood Favorites (2010)

Extended plays[edit]

  • 2 Da West (2019)


TitleReleasePeak chart positionsAlbum
'U Gotta Deal Wit Dis (Gangsta Luv)'199230South Central Madness
'Ya Getz Clowned'
'Pops Was a Rolla'199319
'Servin' Em Heat''N Gatz We Truss
'Gang Stories' (featuring 3-2 & Big Mike)19941263
'Seventeen Switches'
'It's a S.C.C. Thang' (featuring The Chi-Lites)1995Murder Squad Nationwide
'All Day Everyday'1997All Day Everyday
'—' denotes a recording that did not chart.

Other related releases[edit]

  • 1993 : Havocc & Prodeje - Livin' in a Crime Wave
  • 1993 : Rhyme Poetic Mafia - Reign of Terror
  • 1994 : Havocc & Prodeje - Kickin' Game
  • 1995 : Mel-Low - It's a B.G. Thang
  • 1996 : Killafornia Organization (SCC, CMW, Bonaphyde, Dazzie Dee, Killa, Tray Dee, Hard Times & Wize Guyz) - Killafornia Organization
  • 1996 : Young Murder Squad - How We Livin'
  • 1996 : Sh'Killa - Gangstrez from da Bay
  • 1996 : L.V. - I Am L.V.
  • 1996 : Havocc & Prodeje, South Central Cartel & L.V. - The Gangstas In South Central
  • 1997 : Havocc & Prodeje - Prelude to the Peace (UK only)
  • 1997 : Young Rome & Evil Skeem - The War is On
  • 1997 : Havocc & Prodeje - Truez Neva Stop
  • 1998 : Young Prodeje - Diablo Flame On - Movie On Wax
  • 1998 : Rhyme Poetic Mafia - The Root of All Evil
  • 2000 : Hava Rochie (aka Havocc) - Self Made Legend: It's My Time to Shine
  • 2000 : L.V. - How Long
  • 2002 : L.V. & Prodeje - The Playground
  • 2002 : Gangsta Reese (YMS) - Full Metal Jacket
  • 2003 : Young Murder Squad - Don't B Scared
  • 2004 : Big Prodeje - Hood Music
  • 2004 : Big Prodeje - Random Violence (released in Japan)
  • 2005 : Big Prodeje - If the Chucc Fits, Wear It!
  • 2007 : Big Prodeje - Hood 2 Da Good
  • 2007 : Hot Dolla (Murder Squad) - Streetz on Lock (EP)
  • 2008 : Havikk the Rhime Son - The Rhime Son
  • 2008 : Havikk the Rhime Son & Hirntot Posse - Worldwide Cartel
  • 2008 : L.V. & Prodeje - Hood Affiliated
  • 2008 : Young Prodeje - Gangsta Life
  • 2010 : L.V. - Hustla 4 Life
  • 2010 : Big Prodeje & DJ AK - What Side U On ?
  • 2012 : Big Willie & Big Prodeje - Everythang Hood (EP)
  • 2013 : Big Prodeje AKA Mr. Hood Good - The Realest Shit Ya Never Heard
  • 2016 : D.CrazE the Destroyer ft. Insane LOC, South Central Cartel - The Reaper Project


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