Splinter Cell Double Agent Save Game File

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Quick guide to make Splinter Cell Double Agent work with your High End config. 10) Save the modifications (Notepad, File - Save). Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Alternate endings. A volte ritornano pdf editor online. Image gallery (1) Add an image. There are three guards in the room. It is recommended to quick save the game before attempting to defuse your first bomb so that you have an idea of how it is done. Go into the directory of Splinter Cell: Double Agent and locate the subdirectory 'Maps'.

This is annoying the hell out of me. Why the hell doesn't DA support widescreen resolutions like 1920x1080?
But Choas Theory did! WTF is up with that bull****!
So fine I will manually change it in some sort of INI file. Well guess what I don't know where the INI file is I looked everywhere. I have the steam version of the game so the file in the steam folder can't be the one being used since that file is protected. It has to be somewhere on the computer.
I have windows 7 and have no idea where this file can be stored. I found the saved games but not this file. WTF. uggghhh!