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We do a lot of things to get relaxed from stress and many other issues. But out of all those, one thing which is very much fun and a lot of excitement are playing video games. There are a lot of games in the present world which we people play and all of them are loved by most of them. Games are one of those things which everyone would love to play and enjoy with their friends or family and sometimes alone too. This has been the same for many years since past. And also there are many games which are passed to us by our ancients and those games are as popular as they were previously. But as technology keeps developing on regular basis, these games are also made available online. This is the easiest way for everyone to play at any time and also from any place. There are many games which have become popular online and one of such a famous game is Super Mario RPG Rom.

Download the Super Mario RPG ROM Files

This is one such game which was loved by everyone and it has become famous in a very short time. Even till the present day, this game is very famous and is given the same preference as before. There are many series developed in this game and all of them have gained the same craze as the first one as people completely fell in love with the design of the game and the way it excites people with its bonuses, surprises and game tactics. One of such a famous series is, Super Mario RPG Rom. This game was developed by Square and published by Nintendo and was released on March 9, 1996. This game was released worldwide and also in the United States in September 2017.

Super mario rpg smc download driver. Hagane screen shot 1 hagane screen shot 2. Screenshot thumbnail media file 1 for super godzilla (usa). Screenshot thumbnail media file 4 for batman forever (usa). Mighty morphin power rangers - the movie (usa) in game screenshot. Description: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a RPG video game published by Nintendo released on May 13, 1996 for the Super Nintendo.

Among all the series released in Mario, this Super Mario RPG is the first role-playing video game which is slightly different from others and this is what made attract people to this game. When compared to the other series of Mario, this game also has some similarities like fundamental gameplay similarities, some inspirations to the other square role-playing video games. These inspirations are very much similar to the final fantasy series, and these series has a particular story and is also an action based gameplay. The fun, action, excellent design gameplay are the main things which attracted people allot to this game and definitely, people loved it in all ways.

Here in this game, the storyline of the game especially focuses on Mario and his party. Here, they seek to eliminate the main antagonist smithy who has stolen seven-star pieces of star road. In this star road, there is a special boon here for the entire inhabitants of the whole world and that is, their wishes become wish stars. And then, the Mario will have to return all the pieces in order to make their wishes may be granted again. Here the game features five characters which are permanent playable characters in all the Mario series. When it comes to the development of Super Mario RPG game, Square has a huge part of development in it under the direct guidance from the producer, Shigeru Miyamoto. Once the game was released, there was a huge response to it. One thing which everyone especially loved here in the game is 3D graphics and the great humor in it. Later this game was considered as one of the greatest and highly demanded video games of all time. This super Mario RPG game was further followed by two other successive Mario themed PRG series and they are:

  1. Paper Mario
  2. Mario and Luigi
Super mario rpg smc download

Not only this Super Mario RPG game, but the successive two series also became very famous as they mainly act as spiritual sequels. Not only this, but some of the contents and certain conventions are also established here as in the original series.


As said earlier this game has some similarities to the other video games which are developed by square. The similarities among the games here are- the final fantasy series, the storyline and also the gameplay. The gameplay here is mostly based on the Super Mario Bros. in this game the one important thing which is to be noted is there are two main sections to the game. They are:

  1. Adventuring
  2. Turn-based battle sequences.

These are the two main sections which are observed in this Super Mario RPG game which are most likely to be present in all the traditional RPGs too. This game is a 3D platform based and this is one of those reasons which attracts people to allot in many ways while playing as they feel more realistic. The major part of the game here in this Super Mario RPG is completely based on monster battles and also some of the plays which have 3D effects involved within it. Not only are these but the punching floating question blocks from below also prominent. These punching floating question blocks are some of those traditional elements which are followed in most of the Mario series.

In other games, it is common that, enemies keep attacking us but here it is quite different as enemies will never attack the Mario unless and until it goes in to contact them. This can assure all the players with a little secure feeling and so they like to play this game. This option of enemies attacking us only if we go in contact with them, allows us to evade some of the unnecessary battles in the game. This process is the same and followed in the whole game similarly. Only in the beginning of the game, the player will be controlling the Mario but as they keeping going up with the levels, another five parties will come along and they all play together. But among them, only three of any five characters can be used for the battle purposes. In the whole game, the Mario will be always on the side of the player. While in the battle as only three characters can be used, the other two characters can be chosen to be used and played before the battle itself. As already known all the five characters here in this game will have their own primary functions which can be used at any time like a battle, avoid enemies and many more. These set of attacking and the techniques which are pre-defined for these five characters separately can never be exchanged as they are especially given only for them.

Example of this is mentioned here:

  • Princess Toadstool has the ability to heal primarily when compared to all other characters.
  • Geno has the ability of offensive attacking which will be very much helpful in dealing damages in hefty amounts. These abilities are the same as Bowser too.

Like this, there will be different abilities which are pre-defined for each and every character in the game. Combat effect is also available here in the game and this can be used to amplify more about the moves and its effects which are applied to the characters. This is a kind of traditional turn-based battle system which will also include the addition of some action commands. These actions are the ones which will help in amplifying the move’s effects on the players. Every player here in the game will start their turn by choosing their move based on their own interest and the game move which is required. These moves can be an attack, defend, and run, to use an item and also to perform some magic for the combat menu. These are some of the moves which are used in the game in general in the whole game. The action command here consists of a timed button which presses especially during an attack alone. Not only attack but this action command will be used also in any special move, a defense and also in any of the item usage. Among all other features which are involved in this game, this particular feature is one of the reasons why this game has reached the next level when compared to all others.

Characters and settings

The game world here is one of the attractive and highly fascinating things which immediately attract people at the first look itself. It is really very peaceful and as the game keeps moving forward every player will feel excited to see the upcoming view in the game. This game has one of the best game design and plot. This world here is completely filled with geographically diverse land with full of mountains and also many bodies of water too. That is the reason why it really seems to be peaceful and calm looking. The game world is not completely similar throughout the game but instead, it keeps changing for every region and so the player will experience a new game world view forever in the whole game. And not only this, but every region has some of the distinct characteristics which will be held by its inhabitants. For example- the mushroom kingdom is especially inhabited by many toads. And the Moleville region will be inhabited especially with moles. And Monstro Town is inhabited by reformed monsters. Yo’ster Isle is place or region where Yoshi is highly inhabited and not only this but all of his eponymous species also reside here too. Nimbus land is one of the regions which are inhabited by cloud people. Bowsers castle is another prominent location where which is inhabited by the portal to the main antagonist’s homeworld.

The main protagonist here in the game is Mario as it is an already known fact and the same thing which is being followed in all the other super Mario series too along with Mario series also. And the main goal of the Mario here is to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and this is also similar in all the games. All these are similar but there is an unusual twist here in the game which is very much important too and that twist is- once Mario’s journey is started in the game, the smithy gang will keep invading the whole world. In order to stop the group, this Mario will also be joined by mallow. Mallow is a cloud boy who thinks of himself as a tadpole. Here Geno is also a doll which is possessed by a celestial spirit from the star road and the Bowser is the one whose armies will leave him out of fear of smithy gang. Here princess Toadstool is the one who lost in the turmoil which occurred when Smithy gang has arrived and here, the smithy gang will be always led by smithy. This smithy is a robotic blacksmith from an alternate dimension with aspirations of the whole world in order of domination.

Story of game

The storyline of the game is definitely fascinating and it attracts a lot of people too. There is a particular end to the game and so people will be desperate to reach that end too. Here in Super Mario RPG, the game will begin with Mario entering Bowser castle. Here they will enter the castle in order to rescue the princess toadstool. Once while a battle is going on, a living sword which is very big, fell from the sky and it will break through the star road. This star road is a pathway which helps people by granting their wishes. Once it breaks through the star road, it crashes into bowsers castle too by sending the Mario, princess toadstool and bowser out. They will be sent through flying in different directions and also the scattering seven-star fragments too.

Then Mario will be sent back to his pad and he will meet the toad. This toad is the one who tells him that he has to rescue toadstool princess. And then he will again return to bowsers castle. But in his way, Exor destroys the path on the bridge which prevents Mario from entering there. But here Mario makes his own way to the mushroom kingdom. In this kingdom, mushroom chancellor insists that Mario should recover the princess and while returning from the kingdom, Mario meets up with mallow. Mallow is a tadpole who has lost a frog coin to Croco. Here Croco is a local thief and Mario agrees to help him and they together manage to defeat Croco and get the frog coin back.

Then they together return to the kingdom to find that the kingdom is overrun by the pogo bouncing shy guys. The pogo bouncing shy guys are known as shysters. These shysters are part of smithy gang which was led by smithy. He and the mallow will enter the castle and meets a giant knife and also a spring line creature which is known as Mack and only when Mack is defeated, they will find a mysterious star piece. This star piece will be taken by Mario while surviving from shysters to run off in order to warn smithy. Then mallow will accompany Mario to travel through the kero sewers to tadpole pond. This is the place where they must defeat become who is a dog like a creature and they also meet mallows grandfather who is the one to reveal that mallow isn’t really a tadpole and also says that his biological parents are waiting for him to return to their home.

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Again here they both travel to the rose town where they will meet a star spirit who has completely taken control over a doll named Geno and after attacking the bow like creature, bowyer. Here bowyer is immobilizing residents of the rose town with his arrows. They also retrieve another star piece and Geno joins the Mario. Here he tells him the star piece is a part of the shattered star road where he resides.

A surviving Aero, who is actually one of the Bowyers minions, runs to warn smithy and in meanwhile Geno has been given a task to repair star road and also to defeat smithy. Only then the world’s wishes will be heard again and they will be granted to all the inhabitants of the world. In order to accomplish this, Mario will have to find the seven pieces which are held by members of the Smithy gang. Here, three characters will head to Mole Mountains where they fight Croco and rescue two trapped mole children. And they also retrieve the third-star piece from Punchinello before heading to the booster tower. Here they will encounter bowser and all the minions will be bailed out on him. Then they join the forces in order to fight a common enemy as per bowsers wishes. Bowser wishes to reclaim his castle. Another team head to the top of the booster tower where they evade booster. But then booster manages to escape with toadstool.

After defeating his henchmen, the knife guy and also the grate guy follow the booster to Mary more. Then they enter the church and intercept the princess before she is being forcibly getting married to Booster. But here chef torte and his apprentice also attempt to prevent their escape and while fighting them, the wedding cake suddenly comes to life which forces chef to flee. Then booster helps to defeat Bundt by swallowing it completely and they will no longer need toadstool. Then he will return to his tower hoping for a new wife in his future. After he rescues the princess he returns to the mushroom kingdom but then again joins the party as a final member. And here her grandmother will disguise herself and takes her place in the castle as Toadstool. Presently they located the fourth-star piece on star hill and also will get to know that, mallows real parents are waiting for him to return. Then these five will travel to the seaside town. This is a place where residents inform them that a star piece has been fallen in a sunken ship. This sunken ship is owned by Jonathan Jonny jones who is a shark pirate.

Once the giant blooper with name king calamari is defeated, and Jones is challenged to have a fight they will win the fifth-star piece too and then they return to the seaside town. Here they discover the townsfolk are actually Yaridovich who are in disguise. So here he threatens the real townsfolk in order to face the Mario to hand over the star piece but he tries to escape with it. Then jones prevents Yaridovich’s escape and Mario and also the friends defeat him and they collect the star piece. Once they recover all the six-star pieces, Mario’s group will learn that the final piece is in bowsers castle with the smithy, so after a battle with their enemies, they reach the smith’s factory. Here Mario and his group will see mass producers of the army which is under the control of Smith. They immediately enter the factory and defeat smithy by causing Exor to disappear. Then they collect the seventh-star piece too. And then all the star pieces are used to repair the star road. Geno will return to the star road. Bowser will again build his own castle with a new army. Mallow regains his title as Prince of nimbus land. Then finally Mario and also the princess will return to the mushroom kingdom to celebrate their victory.

Thus the game plot and the storyline of this Super Mario RPG is the best among all the series of Mario. When compared to all the other games, this is one of such an interesting and fascinating game which everyone will definitely love to play and reach the end to see the changes and the victory too. In all ways, this is that game which is very preferable and highly demanded by most of the people all over the world. In very less time this game has become one of those games with high popularity. This has a 3D platform in it and this is one of the reasons which attract people too.

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Let’S ago, okay, I am not wearing these for the whole video. That is right, everybody. It is about time. I start talking about Super Mario rom hacks. It was inevitable. It was a matter of time before I covered the face of video games himself. I got ta tell you, there’s a lot of rom hacks for better or for worse. Mario games are top notch basic platformers. Nothing too. Fancy no big surprises just really solid platforming mechanics and level design. However, that simplicity ended up working in the fans favor, because man once crack started to show in some of these early games coding hackers through anything that they could possibly think of into them. Like here excite Super Mario RPG ROm , it’s essentially just an original Super Mario Bros hacked with a bunch of other Nintendo characters thrown in basic, but pretty cool all the same and heck nowadays with Super Mario maker. Anybody out there can get their little grubby mitts on a level editor and get their creations out to the public again for better or for worse, but with the tools that hackers have in their possession. There are far more possibilities out there, so I’m just gon na be transparent with everyone. There were way too many hacks to cram into one video. That would be impossible and they would drive me up the wall. It just wasn’t gon na happen.
So for this first episode, we’re gon na be covering Super Mario Bros, one two three and Super Mario World, and that’s it Super Mario World, by the way, as the best of the bunch so stay tuned. So what say we get this started hey let’s ago, are already did that part damn starting off with SMB 1. The first game that I checked out was Super Mario evolution. True Falls and uh huh. You know being that this is the original Super Mario Bros.

I didn’t think the hackers could do all that much, but I mean we got moving backgrounds here. I cannot believe I am impressed by something so minuscule other than that. It’S a pretty basic hack, where you play as a Yoshi instead of Mario and there’s Yoshi’s Story. Music playing mmm that classic one channel NES sound, not entirely sure where the whole evolution thing comes into play, but uh I’m I’m stuck. I will so much so much for that. Now this one I’ve actually heard pretty good things about this. One is titled time and place you ah right what okay! This is honestly, pretty crazy in this hack time only moves forward when you move horizontally and it can actually lead to some pretty funny moments.
Oh man, you goombahs, you guys have no idea. What’S about to happen? Ah, okay, my bad missed. One no worries one of these tools. Surely, okay screw it? I really can’t see myself playing through the entire game like this, but man it is still pretty cool. Ah [, Music ] that beautiful jingle. We all remember. Next up here we have dear my memory and what the hell are. You apparently he’s supposed to be some random old man and what kind of crazy world did this man get himself into? The first thing I noticed besides going that’s an old man, is that you can immediately shoot fireballs, but they go behind you in an overarching motion, and that is a very weird choice. Okay, it’s only been like 10 seconds, I’m already; no, no! No! No! No! Damn!

Okay, how about this one rough, roar, light, roar, roar like tongue, okay, pipe gate got it now. This title screen looks fairly normal, but once you add in the music, I have a feeling we’re about to see something kind of crazy. And, oh, my god, I was correct. Parallax scrolling, you know sing Mario’s super simple sprite in front of all of this complexity. It just it seems wrong, but it kind of feels good. Honestly, this one seems all right. It’S a bit of a puzzle platformer which is neat, but I can’t make this jump to save my life, so I’m just gon na go ahead and passively accept my inability to do skillful, platforming and move on now here, I’m saving the best for last Super Mario.
Unlimited to be fair, though this is kind of just an example of less is more. There is really nothing that special going on for this one aside from the improved graphics and great level design, but sometimes that’s all you need at the end of all of my play, testing most of the mario 1 hacks are like this as well, but there is Something about unlimited than made it stand out from the rest, I mean it probably is just the better graphics which makes me sound, awfully superficial, but hey regardless. This one was pretty awesome and now it’s time to cover Super Mario Bros 2, and this is interesting when it came to the first Mario game.
I found dozens, if not hundreds of rom hacks to choose from when it comes to the sequel. However, there was a got my list here. I got that one carry the two

There was one that there was I found I found. I found one legend of the blob bros 2. Was there even a blob, bros 1. The story goes that, after the events of mario 2 wart continued his rampage this time on the planet, blob area and the planet can only be saved by the likes of blobby, eenie MC and a j ER and right off the bat. I can tell you not choosing this guy got some weird VeggieTales vibe coming from them, so that’s not gon na happen, Jerr. It is, and I mean graphics aside, it’s a basic level design, but considering its the only one, I could find it’s worth playing for that alone. The plot is kind of weird, too wasn’t Mario dreaming the entire events of Mario 2. So then, why is war continuing on a new planet? I need more details, but now it is time for Super Mario Brothers, but with carrots. You heard me right. Super carrots.
3. The third in the long line of the super carrot series from what I played this is a fairly standard, Mario 3 hack, where, instead of Mario, you play as a freaky half carrot. Half man abomination, the hammer bros have been replaced with the bunnies. The mushrooms have been replaced with um and the goombas with okay. I am not good at this part. I have no idea what that is. Oh man, the carrots did ya. Listen up!
Here’S the story about a little plumber that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him inside and now is that is that Barney is that is that Barney Rubble from the Flintstones showing up in this Random hack, where everything in Mario’s 3 is blue.

What what let’s give this one? A shot super wario, bros 3. I mean it’s basically just Mario 3, but instead you play as Wario and the level designs are new. That’S that’s! That’S about it! Ok! Okay! What about this one Royal Flush, Princess Side Story: this is one where you play as the princess on her own adventure, but it’s still kind of the same as Wario, but to be fair to this hacks credit, you do get these power-ups that give you new abilities, Like a higher jump, but at the end of the day this is kind of what Mario 3 hacking boils down to new sprites new level designs, the occasional new mechanic.
Then there you go okay, now don’t get mad at me. No worries these rom hacks that schon are legitimately fun and are worth checking out Royal Flush, especially that one is actually really good and realistically, I know there’s only so much you could do with the NES, but here’s the thing most of you probably know by now That when it comes to ROM hacks, I like to look for the ones that go above and beyond, and the one that immediately came to mind is Super Mario 3 mix starting off there’s already a title screen reminiscent of the New Super Mario Bros games.
And as you can gather from that, you can play as one of three characters: there’s also abilities and suits showing up from other games, three hidden star coins within each level, brand new bosses and even some different minigames, ranging from a new card game to little enemy. Gauntlets there’s a world based on Mario there’s, one based on Mario Sunshine.

There are throw backs to both Super Mario lands, the second one being Loki, one of the best Mario games ever by the way and even Yoshi managed to show up to the party. That’S awesome combining all of these new things with simple and well done level design. This is unquestionably the best Mario hack that you could find on the NES a plus last up. We have Super Mario World and homeboy now sure at this point you may be expecting these same old basic hacks like I’ve been showing you throughout the video whoa ho buddy. Let me tell you that is not gon na be the case. Those basic level design hacks do exist in spades.
Don’T get me wrong like here. Mario gives up honestly, it’s just another, pretty basic hack, but I showed this one in particular, because I love this opening cutscene. So, let’s start relatively simple here with captain toad treasure tracker man Nintendo way to blatantly steal an idea from a hacker here you play as the good old captain himself and your job is to explore the level collect every better treasure you can and make it to The star alive and just to make sure this game sticks to the deep captain toad cannon. You can’t jump either, so you got a plan.
Your moves out really well or El Capitan is el, kaput, but see. This is what I’m talking about super mario world hacks are fascinating, because hackers can make games that are barely even recognizable from the source material, but ok, let’s dial it down a bit and take a look at some more traditional platformers. Here we have Wario’s adventure at first. I was expecting a similar hack to super Wario 3. But then, ah yes, they put in the shoulder tackle.

It’S awesome. Wario can even wall jump, I mean Wario doesn’t seem like the type of guy. Who would do that? But hey, I appreciate the new move regardless yeah in a similar vein. Here we have Yoshi’s strange quest or, as the logo would put it Yoshi’ J strange quest, yo siege. Basically imagine a Super Mario World that play is like Yoshi’s Island. You can eat enemies to create eggs.
You set eggs as ammunition, there’s a flutter jump to compensate for your lack of an ability to do a precise platforming. It is great stuff, there’s a bit too much story in this one, which is a very weird thing to say about anything. Mario related, but I got ta say it is really refreshing getting to play something like this. That is both old and new. At the same time and sure these do kind of fall back on being basic level, design and graphics hacks, but having in addition to that, a character that plays differently changes, things completely, and I say for the better now.
This is one that really stuck out to me: 100 rooms of enemies, if you’ve played say the thousand-year door. This will seem familiar to you. What we have here is room after room filled with enemies and only one life to your name. How far can you go 33 that that’s the correct answer, or similarly SuperMario logic? First off this title screen? Oh my goodness, you take that similar idea of room after room challenges, but instead you make it a puzzle game.

The concept is simple: get the amount of coins needed to pass through the numbered block and that’s it, but there’s something really addicting about these rapid-fire challenges that actually makes this. My favorite super mario world hack, thus far, and I can pinpoint the exact moment I came to that realization. After struggling in this room for roughly 15 minutes and finally realizing, I had to jump off the Yoshi and grab the key mid jump. Let me tell you that was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done all year, and this was merely scratching the surface. I know people are expecting the more wacky and weird rom hacks as well, but really now, when it came to this video, I kind of just wanted to talk about how awesome Super Mario RPG Rom hacking can be, but as much as I would love to end things Right now, there’s one rom hack that I’m sure a lot of people are expecting needed me to talk about.
I’M not I’m not looking forward to it, but I guess I may as well kaizo, of course, like i could possibly leave out the infamous kaizo mario world. I almost feel like this is the hack that made mario world hacking relatively popular in the first place and that’s cool, but it kind of happened for all the wrong reasons. The term kaizo has taken on a new meaning over the last few years, now being defined as a rom hack. That is so stupid, difficult that, if you don’t play this with savestates, you may be clinically insane.

If you are fortunate enough to not know what kaizo is, it is essentially a plethora of levels with one super dumb, difficult challenge after another which to the creator’s credit, is fair enough in concept because hell, that’s all Super Meat Boy is and that game is fantastic, But this is just aa ton of hook mmm, oh my goodness. Finally, I completed the switch palace at least now. All I have to do is hit the switch son of update thanks for watching everybody. Like I said earlier, I know there are a ton of hacks that I missed out this time around if there are any Mario hacks in particular that you would like to see next, let me know in the comments I’ll be sure to have plenty to talk about, Including other games like Mario 64 in the next one, if you want to see more rom hacking adventures, you can check that out here or, if you’re a fan of kirby Hey. So am i check those out too haha shameless self-promotion?