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Tarzan & Jane
Directed byVictor Cook
Steve Loter
Produced bySteve Loter
Screenplay by
  • Mirith J. Colao
  • John Behnke
  • Rob Humphrey
  • Jim Peterson
  • Jess Winfield
Based onTarzan of the Apes
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Legend of Tarzan
by Walt Disney Television
Music by
Edited byJohn Royer
  • Hana Animation
Distributed byWalt Disney Home Entertainment
  • July 23, 2002
70 minutes
CountryUnited States
South Korea

Tarzan & Jane is an animated comedy-adventure film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation with the original animation production by Toon City, Walt Disney Animation Australia, Wang Film Productions and Hana Animation. Released on July 23, 2002, it is a direct-to-video sequel to the Disney's 1999 animated feature Tarzan, and uses three unaired episodes of the film's corresponding television series, The Legend of Tarzan. Tarzan II: The Legend Begins, a followup to the original film, was released in 2005. The film is set one year after the events of the first film.


The film makes use of a frame tale to present three self-contained 'episodes' via flashback. Jane and Tarzan's first wedding anniversary has arrived, and Jane is trying to find a suitable present for her husband, with the help of the elephant Tantor and the gorilla Terk.

When a party is suggested, the trio remembers the disaster that occurred when three of Jane's friends arrived for a visit. Jane had organized an English-style picnic for her friends, but Tarzan had refused to join them after believing Jane was embarrassed by his savage habits. The picnic was interrupted when two panthers, Nuru and Sheeta attacked Jane and her friends, forcing them to flee into the deeper regions of the jungle. As Jane taught her friends a few survival techniques, they were once again ambushed by the panthers, only to be saved when Tarzan rushed in.

Back to the present day, Jane ponders over the idea of expensive gifts, particularly jewelry, prompting Terk to remind her of the time Tarzan tried to get her a diamond. Tarzan had led two men, Johannes Niels and Merkus to a nearby volcano containing a diamond mine and in return, they would give him one of the diamonds to give to Jane, only for them to turn on him once inside, wanting to take all the diamonds for themselves. The volcano then erupted with Tarzan, Jane, and Professor Porter trapped inside, though they managed to escape before the lava flows reached them. Tarzan then rescued Johannes and Merkus, only for them to lose their diamonds in the process. They are arrested after this and taken back to England.

Professor Porter then joins the conversation, suggesting to Jane that she and Tarzan should celebrate their anniversary with a dance. This causes Terk to bring up the time Jane's old friend Robert Canler visited. Things had gone well, despite Tarzan feeling jealous and mistrusting towards Canler (claiming that he is a bad man that reminds him of Sabor), until Canler had revealed he was working as a double agent for the Germans of the German Empire during World War I and had come for a code machine disguised as a music box he gave to Jane for safekeeping. He then kidnapped her, but was tracked down and stopped by Tarzan assisted by RAF pilot Nigel Taylor, who had been on Canler's trail. Taylor commandeers Canler's plane and takes him back to England to stand trial.

Having run out of ideas and realizing anniversaries would not fit in with Tarzan's uncivilized lifestyle, Jane returns to the treehouse in disappointment, only to cheer up after finding it decorated and everyone, including Tarzan, who is wearing his father's suit, had planned a surprise party to make her happy. Terk, Tantor, and the Professor had known about it all along and were simply distracting her while everyone else got the party set up. Tarzan gives Jane a diamond ring made from the same diamonds in the volcano. The celebrations start as everyone dances, including Tarzan and Jane, as the story concludes with the couple dancing under the moonlight with fireflies all around.


  • Michael T. Weiss as Tarzan
  • Olivia d'Abo as Jane Porter
  • April Winchell as Terk
  • Jim Cummings as Tantor and Merkus
  • John O'Hurley as Johannes Niels
  • Jeff Bennett as Prof. Archimedes Q. Porter and Robert (Bobby) Canler
  • Alexis Denisof as Nigel Taylor
  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin as Greenly
  • Nicollette Sheridan as Eleanor
  • Tara Strong as Hazel
  • René Auberjonois as Renard Dumont
  • Frank Welker as Nuru and Sheeta


The film was critically panned by critics and fans alike, many citing the animation as the main problem and, secondarily, the gentrification of Tarzan and Jane's characters.[1] The narrative was also criticized.[2]

The Legend of Tarzan[edit]

This film is largely a flashback to three episodes of the TV series The Legend of Tarzan. The episodes in question are 'Tarzan and the British Invasion', 'Tarzan and the Volcanic Diamond Mine' and 'Tarzan and the Flying Ace', the last three episodes of the show to be aired (but taking place much earlier in production order).

An adventure game on the DVD is also based on the series. It resembles a multiple choice story, featuring many different characters from the TV series.


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Jane, you've finally arrived.

George was worried for you.

I am happy to see you.

- Are you happy when you're here?

Meet other.

Isn't it Professor Hugh? - Yes.

Susan .. My coming

sister- in- law, Jane.

Jane will come later.

First we need to relax.

They have a long and difficult road.

- Yes. I'm pretty tired.

See you later.

20 years ago, Sir Arthur

Hemmings, from England,

came to seek lost city.

He was explorer amateur.

With African, amateurs weren't not forgiven.

He disappeared, along with his

beautiful wife and son John.

You can not catch

to grips with the jungle

without careful

preparation and experience.

What is this?

Man-ape, Tarzan.

No one saw none of it.

They only heard the roar.

People believe that is

the man-monkey.

Guardian of the Lost City.

Hurry up.

You take it, and you get this.

Don't let us wait long.

Sorry, Jane. You can't go with us.

You stay here.

In unexplored territory,

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It can be dangerous.

I understand.

Preperation for one who

does not know the dangers of the jungle.

I do not want too ridiculous.

But don't fear. It is only a few days.

We will come back as soon as we

discover the ruined city.

Enjoy the natural

beauty around the camp.

Diana, Take care of her

Then, Jane?

What do you thinkabout Mike?

- In what sense?

You are frivolous.

He'll be used.

Take me?

In this I am sure, believe me.

No. I'll seize him.

Mike, come on. I want to

show you something.

Oh, God! Man-ape.


I have them and you have them.

My own are bigger, because I am a woman.

This is the navel.

That we have both. Ibid.



Where is he?

She disappeared. I can not find her.

Who knowswhere she is?

Oh, no. Jane! Where are you?

I Jane. You Tarzan.

You Jane. - Yes, Jane.

You Tarzan, me Jane.

You want to make clothes for me?

Tarzan .. Jane.

Thank you. Very nice.

What do you fear? I do not want you anything.

I only want to kiss you.

George, finally!

- Diana, what is it?

Jane is gone.

We were looking for everywhere but couldn't find her.

What happened to her? She

could not disappear so!

How? - I do not know what happened.

Professor, Did you hear to Diana?

Let's look for Jane.

Maybe she went a walk.

- No, she wouldn't like.

Banana for Jane.

All this belongs to

Tarzan and monkeys.

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You eat.

Here you go. Isn't it cute?



Jane! - Jane!

Jane! Jane!


The river is there, isn't it? - Yes.

Where is the hell?

- Oh, God, Jane!


Dammit! Wherecould she be?

As if she can be turned into the air.

Where is the hell?

Certainly she was struck accident.

Let's go!

Jane! - Yes?

Do not worry. I am not

intending to leave.

Jane stays with Tarzan.


Jane stays with Tarzan.

Tired? - Oh, yes. Exhaustion.

I've never been so

tired, too happy.

And the luck I owe

exceptional man, Tarzan.

And you're in the midst of Tarzan.

Come on!

Jane. - Z State!

Tarzan, you're not native.

Where did you come?

Tarzan .. arrows.

See? For hunting.

Please, listen to me. You are

not born in the jungle, right?

No. Flew here.

Therefore Jane came here? - No.

Then why do you ask?

- Just talk ..

I'm curious!

Tarzan fell from the sky.

- Please, do not mock it.

Tarzan does not know. Knows

just do arrows.

It is not a matter. Only

important that we met.

Really? Jane is angry?

No, why do you think

I am angry, ludice?

Nice, right? Nice smell.



Come on, lenino!

Get out!

They are gonna kill us.

Sir Arthur Hemmings.

Jane! This is mine.

So, you're John.

The son of investigator

who disappeared in the jungle.