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The Maze Of The Kings Pc Doctor Rating: 8,2/10 8680 reviews
The King's Doctor
Also known as
  • Horse Doctor
  • The Horse Healer
Written byKim Yi-young
Directed by
  • Choi Jung-gyu
  • Kim Jun-seok
  • Jung Se-rin
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes50
Running time70 minutes
Original networkMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original releaseOctober 1, 2012 –
March 25, 2013
Preceded byGolden Time
Followed byGu Family Book
External links
Korean name
Revised RomanizationMa-ui

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The King's Doctor (Korean: 마의; Hanja: 馬醫; RR: Ma-uiAsbabun nuzul 30 juz pdf english. ; lit. Horse Doctor) is a 2012 South Korean television series depicting Baek Gwang-hyeon (1625–1697), Joseon Dynasty veterinarian, starring Cho Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won. It aired on MBC from October 1, 2012 to March 25, 2013 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 50 episodes. The historical/period epic drama commemorated MBC's 51st anniversary.[1]

Filmed at MBC Dramia in Gyeonggi Province,[2]The King's Doctor was directed by Lee Byung-hoon, known for his previous works Hur Jun, Jewel in the Palace, Yi San and Dong Yi.[3] This marked the first television drama for actor Cho Seung-woo in his 13-year film and stage career.[4]

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The life of a Joseon-era low-class veterinarian specializing in the treatment of horses, who rises to become the royal physician in charge of the King's health.[5]


Main characters[edit]

  • Cho Seung-woo as Baek Kwang-hyun[6]
    • Ahn Do-gyu as young Kwang-hyun
  • Lee Yo-won as Kang Ji-nyeong[7]
    • Roh Jeong-eui as young Ji-nyeong/Young-dal
  • Son Chang-min as Lee Myung-hwan
  • Yoo Sun as Jang In-joo
  • Lee Sang-woo as Lee Sung-ha
    • Nam Da-reum as young Lee Sung-ha
  • Lee Soon-jae as Ko Joo-man
  • Han Sang-jin as King Hyeonjong
  • Kim So-eun as Princess Sukhwi
  • Jo Bo-ah as Seo Eun-seo

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Kim Chang-wan as Jung Sung-jo
  • Jeon No-min as Kang Do-joon, Kwang-hyun's father
  • Choi Soo-rin as Joo In-ok
  • Kim Hye-sun as Queen Inseon
  • Lee Hee-do as Choo Ki-bae
  • Maeng Sang-hoon as Oh Jang-bak
  • Ahn Sang-tae as Ja-bong
  • In Gyo-jin as Kwon Suk-chul
  • Jang Hee-woong [ko] as Yoon Tae-joo
  • Yoon Bong-gil 윤봉길 as Park Dae-mang
  • Choi Beom-ho [ko] as Jo Jung-chul
  • Shin Gook as Shin Byung-ha
  • Ahn Yeo-jin [ko] as Court Lady Kwak
  • Lee Kwan-hoon [ko] as Ma Do-heum
  • Lee Ga-hyun as Queen Myeongseong
  • Joo Jin-mo as Sa-am
  • Uhm Hyun-kyung as So Ka-young
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as Baek Seok-gu
  • Hwang Young-hee [ko] as Baek Seok-gu's wife
  • Yoon Hee-seok as Seo Doo-shik
  • Kim Young-im 김영임 as Jo Bi
  • Oh Eun-ho [ko] as Hong Mi-geum
  • Oh In-hye [ko] as Jung Mal-geum
  • Seo Beom-shik as Kang Jung-doo
  • Im Chae-won as Lee Myung-hwan
  • Na Sung-kyun as Park Byung-joo
  • Lee Sook 이숙 as Choi Ga-bi
  • Heo Yi-seul as Park Eun-bi
  • Yoo In-suk as farmer
  • Han Choon-il as doctor at royal horse stable
  • Jeon Heon-tae [ko] as doctor at royal horse stable
  • Kim Ho-young as Oh Kyu-tae
  • Na Jae-kyun [ko] as Do Seung-ji
  • So Hyang as Kyu-soo
  • Jung Dong-gyu as Shim Moon-kwan
  • Kim Tae-jong 김태종 as Ji-pyung
  • Lee Jong-goo as Lee Myung-hwan's stepfather
  • Yang Han-yeol [ko] as young Ji-nyeong's friend
  • Oh Jung-tae [ko] as Doo-mok
  • Kang Shin-jo [ko] as Guru Uigeumbu
  • Shin Joon-young as Byun
  • Kim Ik-tae [ko] as Joseon's officer
  • Choi Eun-seok as Joseon's officer
  • Ki Yeon-ho [ko] as Joseon's officer
  • Park Gi-san as Joseon's officer
  • Song Yong-tae [ko] as Joseon's officer

Guest appearances[edit]

  • Jung Gyu-woon as Crown Prince Sohyeon
  • Kyung Soo-jin as Crown Princess Minhoe of the Kang clan
  • Sunwoo Jae-duk as King Injo
  • Choi Deok-moon as King Hyojong
  • Kwon Tae-won [ko] as Kim Ja-jeom
  • Jang Young-nam as Do-joon's wife and Kwang-hyun's mother
  • Seo Hyun-jin as Jo So-yeong, later Jo Gwi-in
  • Jo Deok-hyun [ko] as Lee Hyung-ik
  • Song Min-hyung [ko] as Boo Tae-soo
  • Lee Hee-jin as Woo-hee
  • Im Byung-ki [ko] as Soo-bo, Woo-hee's older brother
  • Yoon Jin-ho 윤진호 as Choi Hyun-wook
  • Park Young-ji [ko] as Hong Yoon-shik
  • Kang Han-byeol as little crown prince, later King Sukjong

Episode ratings[edit]

  • In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date.
Original broadcast dateEpisodeAverage audience share
TNmS Ratings[8]AGB Nielsen[9]
NationwideSeoul National Capital AreaNationwideSeoul National Capital Area
2012-10-010110.0% (15th)11.7% (8th)8.7% (16th)9.1% (17th)
2012-10-020212.5% (9th)13.1% (7th)9.7% (15th)10.7% (10th)
2012-10-08035.9% (NR)6.9% (NR)6.6% (NR)7.6% (NR)
2012-10-09049.2% (17th)9.2% (19th)10.0% (12th)11.0% (11th)
2012-10-150511.7% (14th)13.4% (5th)10.4% (13th)12.1% (8th)
2012-10-160612.5% (7th)12.6% (6th)12.9% (6th)13.9% (5th)
2012-10-220715.0% (3rd)16.1% (3rd)14.3% (4th)15.6% (3rd)
2012-10-230815.3% (5th)16.9% (4th)14.3% (5th)16.9% (3rd)
2012-10-290913.1% (4th)14.8% (4th)13.4% (3rd)15.2% (3rd)
2012-10-301014.0% (9th)16.0% (5th)13.5% (7th)15.1% (5th)
2012-11-051114.5% (5th)16.0% (4th)14.7% (4th)15.9% (4th)
2012-11-061215.5% (4th)17.1% (4th)15.4% (4th)16.8% (4th)
2012-11-121313.8% (9th)14.0% (5th)14.6% (4th)16.4% (4th)
2012-11-131416.4% (4th)17.8% (3rd)16.8% (4th)18.5% (3rd)
2012-11-191515.7% (5th)17.9% (4th)17.8% (3rd)20.0% (3rd)
2012-11-201616.7% (4th)17.4% (4th)18.1% (3rd)20.3% (3rd)
2012-11-261717.0% (4th)19.1% (3rd)17.7% (3rd)19.5% (3rd)
2012-11-271817.8% (4th)19.9% (3rd)18.9% (3rd)20.6% (2nd)
2012-12-031919.1% (4th)21.4% (3rd)18.0% (3rd)19.7% (3rd)
2012-12-042018.7% (2nd)21.7% (1st)17.8% (2nd)19.1% (1st)
2012-12-102117.6% (3rd)19.7% (1st)16.0% (4th)17.5% (2nd)
2012-12-112217.4% (3rd)20.7% (3rd)17.4% (3rd)18.8% (3rd)
2012-12-172317.5% (3rd)19.0% (3rd)17.7% (3rd)19.0% (3rd)
2012-12-182418.0% (3rd)19.7% (3rd)18.9% (3rd)20.6% (2nd)
2012-12-242517.2% (3rd)19.3% (3rd)17.1% (3rd)19.1% (3rd)
2012-12-252620.2% (3rd)21.7% (3rd)19.1% (3rd)19.9% (3rd)
2013-01-012718.1% (3rd)20.0% (3rd)18.1% (3rd)19.4% (3rd)
2013-01-072818.3% (3rd)20.7% (3rd)16.6% (3rd)17.7% (3rd)
2013-01-082920.3% (3rd)22.1% (2nd)18.3% (3rd)19.7% (3rd)
2013-01-143018.9% (3rd)21.1% (3rd)18.1% (3rd)19.5% (3rd)
2013-01-153120.5% (3rd)23.0% (2nd)19.2% (3rd)20.4% (3rd)
2013-01-213219.4% (3rd)21.3% (2nd)20.1% (3rd)21.8% (3rd)
2013-01-223320.7% (3rd)22.9% (2nd)20.0% (3rd)21.4% (3rd)
2013-01-283419.4% (3rd)22.2% (2nd)18.4% (3rd)20.1% (3rd)
2013-01-293521.5% (3rd)24.4% (2nd)21.0% (3rd)21.5% (3rd)
2013-02-043622.8% (3rd)24.8% (2nd)22.4% (3rd)24.2% (2nd)
2013-02-053724.2% (2nd)26.7% (2nd)23.7% (3rd)25.8% (2nd)
2013-02-113820.8% (3rd)24.1% (2nd)19.3% (3rd)20.7% (3rd)
2013-02-123919.5% (4th)22.2% (3rd)20.3% (2nd)22.7% (2nd)
2013-02-184021.2% (3rd)24.1% (2nd)19.4% (3rd)21.4% (3rd)
2013-02-194119.7% (3rd)22.5% (2nd)18.1% (4th)19.0% (4th)
2013-02-254220.6% (3rd)23.3% (3rd)19.6% (3rd)22.0% (3rd)
2013-02-264320.0% (3rd)21.5% (3rd)19.7% (3rd)21.9% (3rd)
2013-03-044418.4% (3rd)20.6% (3rd)18.4% (3rd)20.6% (3rd)
2013-03-054518.8% (3rd)20.5% (2nd)18.5% (4th)20.4% (2nd)
2013-03-114619.6% (3rd)21.7% (3rd)18.8% (3rd)20.6% (3rd)
2013-03-124718.9% (4th)21.0% (4th)19.4% (3rd)21.4% (3rd)
2013-03-184818.0% (5th)20.5% (4th)18.8% (3rd)20.9% (3rd)
2013-03-194917.9% (5th)19.6% (5th)19.1% (4th)21.1% (3rd)
2013-03-255017.2% (4th)18.4% (5th)17.8% (4th)20.2% (3rd)

Awards and nominations[edit]

MBC Drama Awards
Grand Prize (Daesang)[10]Cho Seung-wooWon
Best DramaThe King's DoctorNominated
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project DramaCho Seung-wooWon
Son Chang-minNominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project DramaLee Yo-wonNominated
Yoo SunNominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project DramaHan Sang-jinNominated
Lee Sang-wooWon
Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project DramaKim Hye-sunNominated
Best New ActressKim So-eunWon

International broadcast[edit]

CountryChannelSeries premiereTitle
VietnamSCTV Phim tổng hợpOctober 2013Ngự y của hoàng đế
MongoliaChannel 25November 2013Морины эмч (Morinii emch)
Sri LankaRupavahiniNovember 2013ඉසිවර වෙදැදුරු (Isivara Vedaduru)
CambodiaCambodian Television NetworkDecember 2013ពេទ្យសេះម្ចាស់ស្នេហ៍ (Pet Seh Mchas Sne)
IndonesiaIndosiarNovember 2014King's Doctor
PhilippinesGMA NetworkJune 2015King's Doctor


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External links[edit]

  • Horse Doctor official MBC website(in Korean)
  • The King's Doctor at MBC Global Media
  • The Horse Healer at HanCinema
  • Horse Doctor on IMDb
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