The Room Puzzle Game Walkthrough

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Follow the tutorial and spin around the box, then move your camera to the top of it and double click on the envelope. Pull the letter out of the envelope by clicking on it and dragging it out. Now double click the paper, read the contents and take the key that's pasted on the wax.

The secret rooms are places in which the difficulty level of the puzzles increases drastically. You can access one of them at the beginning (before Sector A7) but getting through the closed door takes a lot of effort. Solving their puzzles rewards you with Steam achievements. This chapter contains a detailed walkthrough for each of the puzzles. This will allow you to finish the game in 100%.

Restricted Area - before sector A7

In order to open the first secret room, you have to position the energy beam in the same way as in the screenshot above. This opens the door with a secret behind it.

  • Completing this challenge gives you the following Steam achievement - This is a Lock

Restricted Area - before Sector B16

In this puzzle you must listen to a sound emitted by the guard machine located on the left side. If you move faster, the machine deactivates the bridge and you will fall down. Thus, you must move very slowly, by taking small steps, so the machine won't notice your movements. A computer can be found behind the door. It will have a very specific conversation with you.

Completing this challenge gives you the following Steam achievement - A Polite Conversation

Along the way, you will find an entrance into the second secret room. To find out how to complete it, see chapter entitled Secret rooms.

As you enter the room, you will notice four doors and an energy beam connecting all the doors. Probe the beam, which will open the first door. After you cross the door, release it back into the container, which opens the second door. Repeat this action once again, thanks to which yyou will open the passage into the next sector.

Restricted Area - before sector C26

Enter the room and notice the camera that keeps following you. Your task is to lift all of the containers below and block its view, just like in the screenshot above. Then, go through the door.

  • Completing this part of the game rewards you with the following Steam achievement - The Universe's Machine Epsilon

Restricted Area - before sector D36

NOTE! When you enter the room, you should look at the upper-right corner of the screen quickly. Someone will appear there briefly.

First, take the energy beam that you can see in front of you and pick up the container on your left. Place it by the stairs in a such way that would allow it to roll down. Then, run to the door on the right. Now, you only need to walk around the object, open the door and walk into the room.

  1. Completing this part of the game rewards you with the following Steam achievement - Algorithmic Composition

Restricted Area - before Sector E46

Enter the room and notice the panel on the left, the one with five beams - three green and two violet. Place two green beams into two empty containers near the door. This will unlock access to the next blockade. Repeat the action with one violet (which has to be in the upper container) and one green beam. Take the blue beam and return to the first room.

You should have six beams: one blue, three green and two violet beams.

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Set the beams in the weapon and containers in the same way as in the screenshot. Enter the next room in which you only have to place the blue beam in the upper container. Return for the last, green, beam. This allows you to open the door in the last room that is located on the right. You are awarded with the Achievement but there is still one more secret - the door opposite to you.

To unlock them, you must set three beams in the correct order. Place the violet one in the upper spot, the green one in the middle and the blue one should be placed on the bottom. Take the green one from the door nearby and place it in the middle. Then, take two green beams and return to the first room where you have to change the violet beams with the green ones. Place one of the violet beams below the blue one in the second room. Stand near the door and quickly take the blue beam. You now have all the necessary beams to open the next door.

  • Completing this challenge gives you the following Steam achievement - The Chinese Room

Restricted Area - before Sector F56

It's the hardest puzzle in the game. Each room has a separate screenshot showing a configuration that is necessary to unlock further access.

1. Here, you only need one beam - place it in the slot that is closest to the door.

2. Fill all the spots with beams from the previous room.

3. One beam is enough to unlock the door.

4. You have to take the beams from the previous room and set them in the same way as in the configuration above.

5. This time, you must place four beams into the containers.

6. The next configuration also includes four beams.

7. It's almost the last configuration to unlock the achievement.

8. Go upstairs and take three energy beams. Follow the lower path until you reach the last configuration.

9. Take the last, fourth, beam from below - the beam is near the slots. Release the beams. This unlocks the door near the first room where you solved the configurations.

  1. Completing this challenge gives you the following Steam achievement - Boolean Logic

Restricted Area - before sector G66

Enter the room on the left side and collect the container with the beam. Place it in such a way that it would blocks the door. Collect the beam, go towards the door and transfer it into the empty container located in the second room. This opens a new room - inside, you can find notes.

  1. Completing this part of the game rewards you with the following Steam achievement - Thinking Outside of the Box.

Your next task is to solve the puzzle in the conference room (the one with the second typewriter) (M2,5) and first, you will need to obtain two microfilms. Microfilm A isin the room at level 2F, where you have been using the crank to give Rebecca a ride to the upper level (M2,7). Just to remind you, you can get there by starting in the conference room, taking the door into the side corridor and reaching the double door, along the corridor. The location of the microfilm has been shown in the above screenshot.

Door at the ground floor opened after you have completed the clock puzzle (the previous chapter of this walkthrough)

You cannot go and search for the other microfilm earlier, because it is behind the locked door that opens after you solve the clock puzzle described in the previous chapter. Return to the main hall and remain at its upper level (2F). The door that you are looking for is in the Eastern part of the hall (to the right of the door between the hall and the narrow corridor with stairs) (M2,19).

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You can collect microfilm B after you have dealt with zombies

After you enter the room, be prepared to deal with several regular zombies - if you do not want to take the risk, remain in the starting point and wait for them to come to you. Examine the room behind the door after the fight, thanks to which you find Microfilm B above the fireplace. Apart from that, on the table, there is a file - A Verse of Poetry.

Take the door at the lower level of the main hall of the facility

Return to the main hall, climb down to the lower level and consider saving the game, because you will soon run into a strong monster. Go to the door in the South-Western corner of the hell, across which you get into the narrow corridor (M2,20). Follow the corridor. If you want to, you can sneak a peak into the room along your path - it is a bathroom (M2,21), where there are some supplies. In such a situation, you need to keep in mind that you will be attacked by a leech-zombie monster, after you leave the bathroom. You can try and dash by the monster or fight, if you decide on the latter, it is imperative that you use the grenade launcher or another powerful weapon. If you do not want to fight the zombie in the bathroom, ignore this room altogether, because there are no storyline items there.

Approach the projector and put both microfilms in it (A and B)

Along the narrow corridor, you will get into a room with projector (also this room has been unlocked after you solved the clock puzzle) (M2,22), where you need to start by clearing the area of zombies. After the fight, approach the projector and switch to the character who has microfilm A. Access the inventory, highlight the microfilm and Use it to place it in the projector. Do not start the projector just yet (Cancel), and put inside microfilm B. Only after you do that, start the projector. It is very important for the puzzle. To learn more, see the rest of the walkthrough. You can remember the characters, take them down, or you can see the screenshot in this walkthrough. Before you leave, collect the MO Disk. The image itself will be added to your inventory as a file - Microfilm Image.

You now need to return to the conference room (M2,5). If you have not run into the leech-zombie yet, you will now encounter it in the corridor, on your way back. Since the corridor is quite wide, do not risk taking damage and do not waste ammo. Instead, dash by the monster and open the door to the main hall (do not worry, the zombie leech does not follow you there). Finish your walk to the conference room. After you get there, approach the lectern in the center, access the inventory and use the MO Disk.

After you insert the disc, wait for the program to load. After a while, the device defines a random input code (in our case, the code was 2D - the above screenshot). Remember the code.

You can now walk away. The solution of the puzzle in this room is using two correct stations around. You need to single them out basing on the image from the projector. The slide has been presented in the above screenshot - note that there are digits 0-9 and letters A-F on the image.

IN our example the ones to locate are stations 2 and D. After you check out the image, it turns out that

  • station 2 is the third one from the left, in the front row (screenshot 1)
  • station D is the second from the left in the last row (screenshot 2)

Of course, it is highly probable that your code will be different, but the way to specify the stations is the same.

As a reward for solving the puzzle, the door with knight armors open.

You need to leave a character by each of the stations (do not do anything just yet), so command your partner beforehand, not to follow you. Switch to the character by the first station (in our example, this is station 2) and press the button. Quickly, switch to the other character (by station D) and press the button. If you have been right about the stations, you will see a cutscene of three doors opening (the ones with armors on their sides).