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The DirecTV DVR shows and recordings can be fully restored after careless deletion in two situations. First, when your DirecTV DVR runs the TiVo software because the deleted events are stored in its history; second, when the shows are preserved on the DVR hard drive since EaseUS data recovery software is able to recover hard drive videos, music and pictures without any hassle.

Recover from TiVo software
Recover from hard drive

Time Warner Cable - Legacy → TV DVR. It won't turn the TV and DVR on at the same time when you hit the system power button. (which eventually have to be deleted using the Program. Downloading shows from a DVR cable box will free up memory space on the component's internal hard drive, since old shows can be deleted to make room for new programming. A simple solution for transferring shows from the DVR involves connecting the component to a computer equipped with video recording software.

In the previous DVR data recovery post, we discussed the solutions to deleted/formatted recordings recovery. Though it belongs to a kind of DVR devices, the DirecTV works in a different way compared with the others. Martial law sammo hung fighting. It doesn't have a similar 'recycle bin' folder that gives people a chance of 48 hours to restore what they deleted earlier. It seems that the outlook of recuperating lost DirecTV events are bleak, but is that the end of the day if they lost hundreds of videos, games and photos they collected for a long time? By referring to what we've mentioned in the content table, yes, chances are they still have two ways to cut losses and get back their favorites.

Recover from TiVo Software

Does your DirecTV DVR run on TiVo software? If it does, good luck then. You can recover some shows before they disappear for good. The procedure is the same on all TiVo models.

  • Step 1: Select 'My Shows' ( for Series 3 and earlier models, select 'Now Playing List' instead) in the TiVo Central menu, then select 'Recently Deleted.'
  • Step 2: Highlight the show you want to recover, then press the 'Select' button on the remote. You can only select one recording at a time to recover, even if it was originally part of a group or a series of Season Pass recordings.
  • Step 3: Select 'Recover this show' when given the option.

Recover from the Hard Drive

For example, a Genie HD DVR you're using has an internal hard drive in it, for saving a great many of recorded shows and videos. As long as you can take out the hard drive and use it on your computer, at least the lost data on the hard drive is recoverable.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer. You can try this file recovery software free version for the first attempt to recover 2GB DirecTV DVR recordings. If it works, upgrade to its full version to recover all.

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Step 1. If your lost video recordings are saved on external hard drive or USB, connect it to your computer firstly. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and select the location where you lost videos. Click 'Scan' to scan all lost files.

Step 2. The software will start to scan all over the selected hard drive for all lost video recordings immediately. When the process finishes, you can click 'Filter', and choose 'Videos' to quickly find video files.

Step 3. Check and preview lost video recordings before recovery. Then, choose the wanted files and click 'Recover' to keep the files into another safe location instead of the original drive/device.

Tip:For some DirecTV DVR recordings with special file formats, you may need to find a suitable file viewer to preview the recovered files. You can proceed with the rest data recovery after purchasing a license code.