Ufc Fit Workout Program

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UFC Fit (12-Workout Program + Nutrition + Schedule) (Size: 3.3 GB)
01. UFC Fit - The Dolce Diet - Living Lean.pdf7.6 MB
02. UFC Fit - The Dolce Diet - Living Lean Cookbook.pdf1.44 MB
03. UFC Fit - The Dolce Diet - 3 Weeks to Shredded.pdf1.01 MB
04. UFC Fit - The Dolce Diet - Holiday Dishes.pdf466.36 KB
05. UFC Fit - The Dolce Diet - College Diet Guide.pdf2.73 MB
06. UFC Fit - The Dolce Diet - Valentine's Day Menu.pdf434.52 KB
UFC Fit - Workout Schedule.pdf698.49 KB
01. Power Punch.mp4336.67 MB
02. Power Pull.mp4334.75 MB
03. Plyo Shred.mp4297.47 MB
04. Fat Fighter.mp4257.24 MB
05. Striker Strength.mp4347.62 MB
06. Grapple Strength.mp4319.6 MB
07. Ultimate Fit Challenger.mp4304.66 MB
08. Ultimate Fit Champion.mp4278.69 MB
09. Cardio Cross Train.mp4315.68 MB
10. Ab Assassin.mp4176.93 MB
11. Ultimate Stretch Flex.mp4158.95 MB
12. Shark Attack.mp4235.31 MB
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UFC training with a 12 week schedule and Nutrition Program.
Coach Mike Dolce.

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UFC Fit (12-Workout Program + Nutrition + Schedule)

Horse handicapping software best sites. The UFC Fit program by Mike Dolce is broken into three-week segments or 12 DVDs leading participants through stages of new or renewed fitness. The sections burn fat, build strength, challenge the cardiovascular system, and strengthen abdominal muscles. Standing live tour 2006 isotopes.