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Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99 Windows 7 Download Rating: 7,0/10 6216 reviews
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Powerful enough to stay in the tops

Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 is a sports game for all the football enthusiasts. They will be able to manage their own team in order to lead the players to supreme victory, winning the Championship. The producers proved their devotion for the style that characterises the USM series. A modification is represented by the 6 leagues included - England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France. Another significant change is the design where you can watch in a better quality all the football matches. This fact improves the realism of the game and efforts you will spend. Keep in mind that you aren't allowed to change the initially adopted tactics during the match, so, wait until the game is finished. The end of the game will show the rank of your players performance. There are plenty of options available that will offer you the possibility to do almost everything you want to. Among these possibilities there are included: the adjust of game speed, adding new hot-dogs stands, searching for new players, customizing various aspects related to the players and teams, and many more. Before starting a new game you can choose the difficulty level, and playing between coaching mode and manager mode. Basically, you will control everything that is related to finances. You can receive loans and sign various contracts with the sponsors. The training of your team is designed in a complex way, and you are allowed to hire specialised people to look after your team's development. Your efforts will create even celebrities! Presenting all these exciting features, I can tell that this game is powerful enough to be in the tops!

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Introduction and gameplay for Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99, PC game produced by Sierra On-Line in 1999. One of the most underrated.