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During her treatment for breast cancer 14 years ago, Roberta Powell was confronted with the difficulty of understanding health information,(health literacy). Comprehending medical terminology, understanding the nuances of her treatment plan and grasping the significance of the lab values was overwhelming. Consequently, after completing her cancer treatment at 45 years old, Roberta returned to school to become a nurse educator. Based on Roberta’s 10 years of nursing experience, she created a tool that would make healthcare less complicated and empower individuals to engage develop self-agency and advocate for themselves.

Quantitative to Qualitative Health a.k.a. Q2Q Health is a mobile app that converts health data into simple, immediate and actionable information. Roberta’s vision is to make health data accessible and understandable. Therefore, Q2Q Health mobile app supports informed health decision making.

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Qualifications - Roberta Powell

  • Bachelor Science, Economics, minor Mathematics - Northeastern University ‘85
  • Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) - Harvard University (Kennedy School) ‘99
  • Bachelor of Science - Nursing (BSN) Rhode Island College ‘09
  • PhD Student Nursing – University of Rhode Island – Anticipated ‘22
  • Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)