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Jul 30, 2004  'Copacetic' was released during the height of the Sub-Pop grunge movement in the early 90's, but Velocity Girl was really an alternative pop band masquerading as a grunge band. The raw, garage-band sound that was present on their first album made it particularly charming however.

  • Simpático (Gábor Szabó album) an album by Gábor Szabó and Gary McFarland
  • Simpático (The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project album), an album by The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project
  • Simpatico (The Charlatans album), an album by The Charlatans (known in the US as The Charlatans UK)
  • Simpatico (Velocity Girl album) an album by Velocity Girl
  • Simpatico (D-A-D album), an album by D-A-D (formally known as Disneyland After Dark)
  • Simpatico (The Vandermark 5 album), a 1999 album by free jazz band The Vandermark 5
  • Simpatico (play), a 1993 play by Sam Shepard
  • Simpatico (film), a 1999 feature film adapted from the 1993 play of same name

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  • Sympatico, the former name of Bell Canada's Internet service
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