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Vlad Tepes Dracula Pc Game Rating: 5,6/10 2300 reviews

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The fourth installment of the horror movie series of point-and-click adventures, whose main antagonist is the legendary vampire king Dracula. The plot takes us back to Transylvania, where a young art conservator finds herself in search of an invaluable painting.

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publisher: Microids/Anuman Interactive

Game mode: single player

game release date:


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Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon, PC, AND and iOS, is the next installment of Microids' series of point'n'click adventure games, whose main antagonist is the most famous vampire of all time. The title was developed by previously unknown Koalabs Studio and was released on PC/Mac and popular mobile devices.

Vlad iii tepes


We play as Ellen Cross, a 28-year-old art conservator who is a pragmatic woman, characterized by exceptional ingenuity and spontaneity. In addition, since her childhood, she has been fighting against a very rare and deadly blood disease. The plot shows the events taking place a few months after the sinking of the ship transporting valuable goods for the Museum of Art. One of the missing paintings is found in Hungary. Ellen's employers send her to Budapest to confirm the authenticity of these rumors. The heroine, however, does not realize that this seemingly innocent mission will turn into a journey through southeastern Europe following the footsteps of the Prince of Darkness himself - Vlad Tepes Dracula. The main theme of the story is again the legend of the infamous Wallachian.


The game remains true to the traditions of the previous entries, and the action is presented from the first-person perspective. It's a classic point'n'click adventure in which you have to explore locations, talk to the characters, research and collect objects, and solve logical puzzles that require a lot of creativity. The main goal of the player is to discover the dark mystery connected with the title prince Dracula.

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Technical aspects

In terms of graphics, Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon looks similar to the previous installment from 2008. Graphics are prerendered, which prevents full freedom of movement but, at the same time, ensures a high level of detail even on a low-performance PC. The visuals are quite realistic, and the artists tried to capture the dark atmosphere of the visited locations. As always, the climatic soundtrack helps us to gradually build up the tension that is characteristic for the horror genre.

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age requirements: 12+