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de coeur
Didn't see the murderous thief stealing a heart.
Il a été volé par ce petit voleur de coeur juste là.
It was stolen by that little heart thief right there.

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I am the thief of hearts.
That Maria of yours is a heart stealer.
Mais après tu as fait ton chemin jusqu'à mon coeur, petite voleuse de coeur.
But then you just wormed your way into my heart, you little heartworm.
Sois prudente Pooja, Rohan est un voleur de coeurs !
He's the thief of my heart.
Nous allons voir si notre voleur au coeur de pierre est vraiment insensible.
It's time to see how cold-hearted our thief really is.
Man, she's really selling the whole 'thief with a heart of gold' act.
'thief with a heart of gold' act.
His thief heart would now be still.
Sous cet air de justicier bat un coeur de voleur.
I knew that under that lawman exterior beats the heart of a thief.
'There's mischief in your heart'
You've got a larcenous heart, Mr. Pollack.
Une fable morale portée par des acteurs époustouflants : Taraneh Alidoosti à la beauté de madone en mère au passé trouble, et Babak Ansari, parfait en voleur au grand cœur.
A moral fable told by breathtaking actors: Taraneh Alidoosti, who portrays with Madonna-like beauty a mother with a troubled past, and Babak Ansari, perfect as a big-hearted robber.
En soi, il est honnête, Mais il a un cœur de voleur.
He's inherently honest, but he's got a streak of larceny in his heart.
Pourquoi quelqu'un embaucherait un voleur pour voler le cœur et ensuite le tuerait avant de l'avoir ?
Why would somebody hire a thief to steal the heart and then kill him before actually getting it?
Le voleur avec un cœur en or, ou un cœur qui désire l'or ?
The thief with a heart of gold, or is it the heart that desires gold?
Get out, thief!
Get out, thief!
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