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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or My little pony: Friendship is Magic. It belongs to both of its respective owners. Thank-you;)



A simple text game based on MLPFIM about you being brought into Ponyville after escaping harsh conditions. 9/1/16 Update: I'm really working. The introductory act to the visual novel game, Welcome to Ponyville! Head to our website for all the download spots: http://www.fillygamez.com/.

On a day like any other in Ponyville, it was nice and sunny. Thanks to the Pegasus of course, there was not a cloud in the sky. Twilight Sparkle, being the book nerd she was, was catching up on some history. Of course, in an alternate universe..much crazier things were happening..

Naruto Uzumaki never felt the same pain as Sasuke, Naruto never completely understood him like he thought he did. Sasuke was right way back in the Valley of End but now he knew how Sasuke felt to lose a loved one. He lost his master Jiraiya-sensei (or pervy sage as Naruto would call him) due to Nagato. This was it now, after countless attempts to bring back Sasuke, after countless attempts to fulfill his promise this was it.

The rocks crushed under Naruto's feet as he finally made it up to head of Hashirama Senju's statue while Sasuke Uchiha was on the head of Madara Uchiha. It's been four years since Naruto last saw this nostalgic scene, would promises have to be broken? Would he have to break away from his ninja way? Though one thing was for certain, the brothers feud would end here and now.

Naruto's heart raced faster as his familiar wind release: Rasenshuriken came into hand along with enhancement of Kurama with all the power of the tailed beast. Sasuke on the other hand had the rinnegan eye with the enhancement of the sharigan, in his hand held the chidori flaming with amerteratsu. (it makes no sense but still cool)

Sasuke ran at top speed towards Naruto, while Naruto did the same, no flashbacks, no talking, just action. Naruto looked down for just a second and saw Sasuke's forehead protector still floating in the water, tears poured out of his eyes as the rasengan and chidori finally clashed.

'I guess we're even now, huh?' Naruto asked, both Sasuke and Naruto were back in that familiar dream world like place.

'It took you long enough.' Sasuke replied.

'..Sasuke..why are you still doing this..? Don't you remember..those days we had?'

'I remember them damn well. So don't try to talk me out of this Naruto, my mind is made up.'

'I know.'

Naruto got into tailed beast mode, summoning up Kurama while Sasuke with the perfect Susanoo. The two clashed again for the last time. Naruto and Sasuke got thrown back and fell on the statues hard. They both got back up, the same last move used at the Valley of End so many years ago and the same move to start their fight; fuuton rasenganshuriken and chidori.



After the impact Naruto staggered to the raven headed Uchiha to say his last words to him, because Naruto knew it was over for the both of them. 'Sasuke, you're still..you're still my best friend.' Naruto managed to say despite being in throbbing pain.

Sasuke got out his katana while staggering towards Naruto in a last attempt to kill this Uzumaki, even if they were gonna die, at least Naruto would be the first. 'We were never just friends Naruto.' Sasuke stated.

'You're right Sasuke, we're..brothers.' Naruto said.

'..Why Naruto? Why am I so important to you?' Sasuke asked as he came closer to Naruto he dropped his katana, on purpose.


Suddenly Naruto fell down along with Sasuke, it was over. Naruto looked at Sasuke for the last time, at least for all what Sasuke has done it would be the last..Naruto closed his eyes with a smile on his face. This was the end of the story, with a great beginning, an okay middle, and the best ending ever, this was the end of the brothers feud and Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto's lasting words floated in his mind. (..you are my friend.)

Well my friends our story ends here, nice right? Well then let's roll the credits! Created by: Masashi Kishimoto and..oh wait I'm sorry. It sadly does not end here just yet..

Somehow, someway fate gave them just one more chance to make things right. The sage of six paths finally caught up to them and tried to summon back to this world but something else happened, something different, something new, something great.

As Twilight was flipping to the last page of her book, she suddenly felt a strange feeling in her horn, like something was..calling her. '..this is pretty..strange.' Twilight stood up, she tiptoed past the still-sleeping Spike and got some more books out.

Just nearby in the forest, Naruto and Sasuke were laying, face flat on the ground. Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see a pony, somethered on his face. 'AHHHH! Get off of me!'

The pony looked at Naruto as if he were a ghost. 'N-Naruto?' The pony muttered.

Naruto jumped back. 'Y-you just talked! Ugh..I must be going crazy..is it really you Sasuke? Wait no!' Naruto talked at the pale blue pony's head, Naruto pried open his mouth. 'Sasuke! A horse ATE you!'

Naruto's eyes wandered down, his hands were replaced with..bright orange horse hooves. 'So that means..DID I GET EATEN?!'

'No idiot.' Sasuke scoffed. 'We're horses.'

Naruto's face dropped. 'What?! We gotta get back to everyone back at the village..Sai still owes me that money and I have to-'

'Calm down, idiot. For now, we'll stay here and ask around. We'll even stick together like you want so much. Just don't act like an idiot all the time.'

'Urghhh! Then you stop acting like a stuck-up bastard!'


(The only plus is that my friend is finally back..Sakura..Kakashi..everyone just hold on.) Naruto looked around until his eyes caught sight of a nearby town. 'Sasuke, come on. We can ask around.'

The two colts bolted from the forest and ran up to the town. 'Sasuke, you go left. I'll go right!' Naruto yelled.

They stopped running once they entered the town, Sasuke casually took left while Naruto casually took right. Sasuke looked around and loudly groaned. (..we have to finish what we started Naruto, as soon as we leave this place.)

Rarity was walking out of the shop with a basket full of new clothing items when she caught sight of a hunky, pale blue, duck-style black hair, colt just walking about. 'He is so..gorgeous..'

Completely catching her out of suprise, a crowd of girls surrounded the hunky colt. Rarity signed. 'Of course, just another snobby-attention-grabber-blueblood, total hottie..just my luck.'

Pushing the crowd of girls away, Sasuke trotted towards Rarity in hopes for asking a sane pony for some logic. 'Hey, you.' Sasuke called out, to Rarity.

Rarity's jaw dropped. This pony..was different. (he..talked to ME?!)

Sasuke finally trotted up to her. 'Do you know what this place is called..I'm..not from here.'

Rarity's face flushed bright red as she stammered to find words. '..well..um..y-you see..we're..'

'..' (Sakura characteristics I see..) Sasuke turned around and started to walk off while Rarity continued to stammer.

Rarity hovered one of the feathered hats she had in her basket and pulled it over her face, feeling the shame of embarrassment. 'That was the worst moment in my life..'

Just above Ponyville, Rainbow dash was enjoying a nice soak in the sun, her eye casually wandered down to the earth where a noticeable orange pony with a blonde, spiky mane was talking to a group of ponies.

(Oh..new pony in town.) Rainbow dash thought to herself, she slowly stood up and was immediately intrigued by him. There was something special about him. 'I'll just check this guy out for a few seconds. See how cool he is. Wouldn't hurt.' Rainbow dash extended her wings and soared above the clouds then took a deep nose dive to Ponyville.

'So..this place is called Ponyville, right?' Naruto asked.

The bright pink pony, nodded her head up and down like she was in a sugar rush. 'Yep! Yep! Yep! Wait a second!' The pink pony randomly left before Naruto could ask another question.

(I think I'll scout the area..) Naruto's eyes wandered down to his hooves. *sweat drops* 'Oh right, I have these damn hooves now.' Naruto sat down.

'Wait..I could do that. Yeah, I still have chakra in my body after all.' Naruto smacked his hooves together. 'Shadow-clone technique!'

Rainbow dash stopped dead in her tracks when she saw two other copies of him appear. (This pony has more to him than I thought..) She sped up as the orange ponies started to run around Ponyville.

Just as the original Naruto was running, Rainbow dash crashed into him making them both tumble down the hill. 'What the- what're you think you're doing?!' Naruto yelled.

'AHHHHHHH! LOOOK OUT!' They both yelled.

The two crashed into none other than Sasuke, breaking their fall. Sasuke pulled them both of his back and glared at Naruto coldy.

Naruto grinned sheepishly then got himself up, he turned around and glared at the rainbow pony. 'Who think you are?!'

The rainbow pony puffed out her chest and spread out her wings so everyone could see how cool they were. 'Name's Rainbow dash, your's?'

'Naruto Uzumaki!' Naruto proudly exclaimed. 'Now..why did you run into me like that?'

'Because! I saw you do this super awesome thing with your clones and I was thinking to myself, how did he do that? So I wanted to ask you but..things got a little complicated.'

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. 'Let's talk about this somewhere else. Rainbow dash, is it? Do you know somewhere secret?'

'Hm..the closest place I would think would be Twilight's.'

Rainbow dash flexed out get wings, and folded them back, she playfully smirked. 'Why don't we race there?'

Naruto happily grinned. 'Hey..you can use your wings. I mean, you'll need them if you want to beat me.'

'Ok.' Rainbow dash flexed out her wings. 'If you say. The library is just straight ahead. It'll be fun.'


Rainbow dash and Naruto took off while Sasuke just galloped behind them. Rainbow dash looked down, he was..gone. 'Ha-ha! I guess he just lagged behind!'

Just ahead of her, Naruto was jumping on the roofs, he looked back and smirked in triumph. 'You're racing a ninja ya' know!'

'No way!' Rainbow dash picked up her pace and flew past Naruto.

'Shadow-clone technique!'

Several shadow clones stood behind Naruto, they all pushed Naruto as hard as they could, sending Naruto flying through the air.

Rainbow dash looked around. 'Where..is he?'

Suddenly, Naruto flew over Rainbow dash, making her gasp. 'Are you..flying?!'

'No. I'm falling..in style!'

'What?! Falling in-' Rainbow dash paused in mid-sentence, just ahead of them, she saw Sasuke standing by the library as if he was waiting for them. 'How did he..'

'Sasuke is pretty fast.' Naruto admitted. 'BUT I'M FASTER!' Naruto yelled.

'No one's faster than Rainbow dash!'

'We'll see!'

Twilight's Library..

Twilight was in the middle of comforting Rarity. She hovered some tissue paper over to them and let Rarity blow her drippy nose.

'And..and..' Rarity sobbed some more. '..he just left! I was so humiliated!'

'I'm sorry Rarity. Maybe we could find him and..start over.' Twilight suggested.

'He was unlike any other unicorn I've ever seen. So gorgeous, so strong, so angst..I want to see him just one more time..'

Right as she said that, the door swung open Sasuke, Naruto, along with Rainbow dash galloped in. Twilight stood up and walked over to Naruto, he was unlike any pony she's ever seen. She looked over to the other one, different too and both of them were unicorns. It was clear they weren't even from Equestria.

'Who are you..?' Twilight slowly asked, still trying to sink this in.

'My name is Naruto!' The bright orange pony answered. 'My friend here is Sasuke.'

'..Naruto? What kind of name is that?' Twilight asked, she walked over to her vast library and looked in the 'N' section. 'Aha! Naruto!' Twilight hovered the Naruto book in front of her and opened it up.

'..oooh. That explains your cutie mark. Basing from your name..do you guys come from Dosanko city?'

Naruto shook his head. 'No. Konohagakure.' He answered. 'Ok, let me begin from the start. So we come from this other place, where our world is built upon ninjas. We work in teams of four and complete missions together. Our team was known as team 7..later we got new members but Sasuke was apart of that team. My friend here, Sasuke went crazy and decided to leave our village and pursue other interest. Skip forward a couple of events, we fought each other because Sasuke decided to do something crazy. Then we both died, and we ended up here.'

Naruto started to sink on the ground. 'I miss everyone back at home..and you miss Sakura, right Sasuke?' Naruto asked with a sly smirk.

'Shut-up, Naruto.' Sasuke retorted.

'Do you think..we could stay here?' Naruto asked.

Twilight's eyes brightened, something about them reminded her about someone. '..you can stay here for as long as you like until you get situated. In fact I'll teach you both how to utilize your horns.'

Naruto bowed his head. 'Arigato, Twilight.'

Sasuke sighed. 'And sumimasen for all the trouble Naruto caused.'

'Don't worry about it.'

'In fact I'll teach you the basics of unicorn magic! Right now!' Twilight left then came back with a large chalkboard, filled with scribblings of random unicorn things. 'Ok, lesson one of unicorn training: Magic force. Concentrate all the magic into your horn.'

'Magic? What is this? Fairy tail?' Sasuke asked.

'Just without the blue cat.'

Naruto started to working on the magic, he was sure it would come easy to him. (Wait maybe I could do that! Yes!) 'Rasengan!' Naruto yelled and sure enough, a blue ball of swirling chakra, circled around his horn.

Twilight smiled, proud he learned it already. She hovered a tower of crates right beside the chalkboard. 'Now break the crates.'

Naruto lowered his head and rammed his rasengan into the crates, destroying all of them and sending debris everywhere. Naruto sat down and looked at Sasuke. 'Your turn, teme.'

'Chidori!' Sasuke yelled. Rainbow dash and Twilight looked at Sasuke in confusion while Naruto started to laugh.

'..' Sasuke gritted his teeth. (there's no way..)

Twilight wrote something up on the board. 'Try imaging you have the chidori swirling around your horn. It's fine if you don't get it immediately, it took me awhile as well.'

Using Twilight's advice, a chidori sure enough swirled around his horn. '..'

Naruto perked up his ear. 'And what do we say Sasuke?'

'..shut-up Naruto..'

Rainbow dash's mouth was hung wide open. 'Oh. My. Gosh. You guys are so awesome! Where'd did you learn to do that?!'

'Our masters taught us.' Naruto answered.

'Speaking of. You might not want to yell your attack for everyone to hear.' Twilight added. 'Is that the..norm in Konohagakure?'

Spintires download full game free. Naruto and Sasuke nodded.

Twilight put a confused look on. 'But if you yell your attack, someone will learn from it and counterattack. Either that or the enemy will learn all the moves in your arsenal unless you can think of a new move every time.'

'I'm sure that will never, ever happen.' Naruto reassured.

Sasuke sighed again. (Is that why I lost to that thick brows guy..?) 'Anyways..I was wondering if you knew who this white horse is. She has purple hair.'

Naruto turned to Sasuke. 'What, did she try to attack you?'

'No..She just reminds me of..Sakura.'

Twilight looked around. 'Where is Rarity by the way..she was just here five minutes ago..' Twilight looked at Sasuke a little more closely. 'Ohh.I understand.'


Two guards firmly stood at the jail cell, just beyond them, a pony, wrapped up in chains and locks felt a surge of energy. (Could it be? Someone from that world? Heh..damn you sage of six paths for sending me here but I'll get my revenge soon enough..but if both the Jinchuriki and the Uchiha are here..I'll have to pull his weight somehow..)


Rainbow dash took a look out of the window, she then bolted out of the door. Sasuke decided to look out of the window as well, it was raining, but the rain was brown. 'The fu..why is the rain brown?' Sasuke asked.

Naruto ran to the window and bumped Sasuke out of the way. 'This place is weirder than I thought. Even the clouds are pink..'.

Twilight looked out of the window. 'Actually..That's not normal.' Twilight turned to run out of the door.

Just as Twilight was running, Naruto followed her as well, even though it wasn't his problem but the surprising thing was..Sasuke followed them. As soon as they left, Spike woke up and ran down the stairs, no was there.

Spike looked around, just a few broken crates and a chalkboard. 'Hello? Twilight?'

'SPIKE!' Rarity ran over to Spike and jumped on him. 'Do you know where Sasuke went?!'

'Sauce pan?'

'No, no. Sasuke.'

'..um no..'

Rarity, picked up an umbrella then ran out of the door. Spike got himself up and brushed some dust off his stomach. 'Sasuke? Sasuke. Sasuke..wait! He's trying to take Rarity away from me! I see!' Spike swung open the door and stomped out. 'SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEE!'

A/N: So if you didn't know, the story begins during Discord's awakening then starts off from there. There is very little slice of life type drama so I might add a few story elements and other characters from Naruto will come as well. Just as a heads up:)

Also, since mlp has a shit ton of references, I've decided to do that as well. So..um..yeah.

A/N: This a collaboration between me and Flair the demon dragon king. So go easy as he hasn't been on his profile for a long time. The reason is because of the upload not allowing him to place a document on the site. So he asked me to handle the upload while we do the story together.

Disclaimer: We don't own anything we don't own.



The conductor pony comes up to Lightning Bolt and says, 'Ticket please.' The black pegasus gives him his ticket to Ponyville. After the conductor left Lightning Bolt keeps looking out the window watching the scenery roll by. 'How did I get roped into this again?' The black pegasus asks himself as he continues staring out the window until the train stops at the train station.

After disembarking onto the train station he hears someone yells, 'Apples, get your fresh apples.' The black pegasus faces where that came from and sees an earth pony with a light brilliant gamboge coat, pale light grayish olive mane and tail, and moderate sap green eyes wearing a light brown Stetson hat selling apples. The pegasus's stomach then rumbles and he glares at it before walking over to the earth pony.

Lana del rey summertime sadness mp3 download skull. 'Howdy stranger. Want to buy some apples?' The mare asks.

'Yes, how much?' The pegasus asks.

'Two bits each.' The mare replies.

'I'll take a dozen then.' The black pegasus says taking out 24 bits to pay the mare.

'Thank ya kindly, mister. I'm Applejack.' She said holding out a hoof.

'My name is Lightning Bolt, Miss. Applejack.' The black pegasus says. Applejack catches the foreign accent in his voice.

'Ya don't sound like you're from here. Where ya from?' Applejack asks.

'Well I came from Stalliongrad, but I used to live in Equestria.' Lightning Bolt clarifies.

'Why did ya do that?' Applejack asks, her curiosity peaked.

'Well a few things happened and it wasn't by choice.' Lightning Bolt says. 'Well I got to get moving tovarich. Need to buy a new home.' Lightning Bolt says taking notice of the time.

'Hope ya have a great time, bye.' Applejack said as she waves as she puts the apples in his saddlebag.

Lightning Bolt waves back and walk off. After passing a few house he realized he didn't know where town hall was. Lightning Bolt aimlessly walks getting increasingly frustrated until he hears a whistling sound. He looks back and forth until he is hit by something sending him into the ground. 'Ow.' He says as he hears a female voice chuckles nervously.

'Sorry about that. I was trying out for a new trick for the Wonderbolts.' A mare voice said nervously from his back.

Lightning Bolt looks up to see a pegasus with a light cerulean coat with a rainbow colored mane and tail and moderate cerise eyes, on his back.

'Let me help you.' Rainbow said getting off of him and lending a hoof. Lightning Bolt takes it being held up by the mare then stretching his wings to make sure they weren't hurt by that crash.

'I'm Rainbow Dash, fastest flyer in Equestria.' Rainbow said while striking a pose in midair.

'Fastest flyer huh? Surprised I'm mostly uninjured from that crash.' Lightning Bolt says.

'Are you questioning my speed? Cause I can fly circles around you!' Rainbow yelled as she got in his face.

'No, I'm just stating a fact.' Lightning Bolt says sarcastically

Rainbow stares down at his dark red eyes. She then smirks. 'I like ya.' She then flaps her wings a bit and pulls back a little. 'Want to fly with me? You seem fast and I need a fast flyer.' Rainbow Dash says with enthusiasm.

'I would, but I'm kinda lost and need to get to town hall to buy a house before nightfall.' Lightning Bolt says.

Rainbow's smirk falls into a frown when she heard that. 'Oh..I'll show you. Just follow me.' She told him as she starts to fly off to town hall.

Lightning Bolt shrugs before spreading his wings and takes off, keeping up with Rainbow Dash's speed to her surprise. Both land beside the town hall. Lightning Bolt looks up to it and saw it was a fairly modest building.

'Well here you are, town hall. I got to get going, still practicing for the Wonderbolts.' Rainbow said as she flew off.

'Interesting mare there.' Lightning Bolt says to himself before walking in to the town hall. After about an hour of paperwork and payment he walks out with the deed to his new house. Lightning Bolt walks down the street reading the Deed and insurance papers. Apparently his house was next to a river that if any damages are caused by the river is on his head. He then bumps into someone else then hears a gasp and looks up and sees a earth pony with pale light grayish raspberry coat, a brilliant raspberry mane and tail, and light cerulean eyes.

'Hi there!' The pony yells.

'Ah, greetings tovarich.' Lightning Bolt greets.

The pony looks at him questionably. 'That's a funny word. Tovar-itch? Oh well, I'm Pinkie Pie. Party planner extraordinaire and I'm here to welcome you to Ponyville. So welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to Ponyville. Welcome, welcome, welcome, nice for you to be here. Welcome, welcome, welcome, enjoy your time here. Cupcake?' Pinkie said at a thousand miles per hour, holding out a cupcake on her hoof.

'This is one strange pony.' Lightning Bolt thinks and cautiously reaches for the cupcake. Lightning Bolt grabs it and looks away from the mare for a second and finds her gone. 'Huh?'

'Welcome to Ponyville!' Pinkie yells again from behind him causing him to jump into the air and hang from a low cloud.

A light gray mare looks down to the stallion hanging from her cloud with crossed eyes. 'Hi there, mister.' She said weirdly..to him of course.

'These different accents are kind of hard to understand.' Lightning bolt thinks. 'Hi tovarich.'

The mare looks at him questionably. 'What was that? Any case, my name's Ditzy Doo, but everypony calls me Derpy.' She then looks to where he's hanging from. 'Aren't you going to let go?' She asks while pointing to his hooves.

'Tovarich is another way to say friend or comrade and I guess I should.' Lightning Bolt says flapping his wings and getting onto the cloud. Lightning Bolt sees her eyeing his cupcake. 'Would you like it?' Derpy's eyes went wide and she grabs the cupcake without another word. Biting into the cupcake with her eyes close, she tasted the mini-cake. Her eyes opens up again as she starts to chew slowly to find out what she's eating. She then spits it out, covering the cloud in breadcrumbs. 'This isn't a muffin.' She said while pointing to the vile offender. 'It's a cupcake. Didn't you notice?' Lightning Bolt asks. Derpy shakes her head and throws the cupcake behind her. 'Nope.'

A gasp is heard as they both look down and see Pinkie clutching the cupcake as if it is a real pony. 'NOOOOOOOOOOO! Who would throw away such a masterpiece?!' Pinkie then looks up to the cloud and sees Derpy and Lighting. 'Oh, that explains it.' Pinkie then drops the half eaten cupcake in a nearby trashcan and hops away.

'That was weird.' Lightning Bolt thinks. 'So, I'm Lightning Bolt Miss. Derpy.'

Derpy holds out a hoof. 'Nice to meet you.' She said as one of her eyes looks upward. Lightning Bolt shakes her hoof with his.

'Maybe I'll see you around Derpy.' Lightning Bolt says taking off and flying away.

Lightning Bolt flies off, occasionally looking at the map he got from the Town hall and eventually found his new house, a two story building built next to a river. 'Well, home sweet home I guess.' Lightning Bolt says before entering the house.

Well that's the first chapter. The real action or maybe the beginning of it all begins in the next one. So sit back, read, and enjoy.

Now we're off to make more, bye.

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