Where Is The Serial Number On Ping G15 Irons

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Verify Taylormade Serial Number. The serial numbers can be found etched into the back of the hosel on drivers, fairways, and rescue clubs. For iron sets, the serial number can be found on the 5-iron. To order by credit card, call 1-800-639-4099, or click Order to order online with check/money order or via PayPal. TITLEIST SERIAL NUMBER VERIFICATION.

How to Find the Manufacturing Dates for PING Golf Clubs. As a leading manufacturer of golf clubs. Locate the serial number on the Ping club to be verified. Jul 16, 2009 - On a side note, I emailed them–there 24/7 hotline was not working–about purchasing a set of Ping G15 irons ($319 w/graphite shafts). I wanted to know if I could possible have the serial numbers off the clubs before I purchased them. Interesting reply in the grammar aspect and the non-commital aspect.

Are Your Used or New Golf Clubs Fake? You've found the right golf club but are you sure it is not a fake? It doesn't matter if you are looking for or The counterfeit golf club industry is well-established and can trick many into believing their products are the real thing. At GlobalGolf, we go through an extensive process to find and eliminate fake clubs so our customers always get genuine products. The first thing we look for is the serial number. Callaway, one of the most counterfeited brands, started adding serial numbers to their clubs in 2002. On their woods, the numbers are printed very faintly on the back of the heel of the head.

Getting specs on Ping golf clubs with the serial number. Ping golf clubs with the serial number with. If your club does not have that serial number, it may not be genuine. The serial numbers on my old i3s were done in the same manner. Ditto my M/B wedges and my G2 irons. They appeared to have been stamped in on a set of Eye 2s that I used to own. My theory is that sometime late in the production of the Eye 2s or at the introduction of the i3s the company changed its.

On their irons, the serial numbers are placed under the grip so they are harder to check. Mizuno and many other brands have their serial numbers on the hosel (the part of the head that connects to the shaft) of each wood and iron. Next we look at the logos, lettering and coloring. Software Data Penduduk Indonesia 2016 here. Matsui Ec 1000 User Manual here. Many of the fakes use different lettering styles than the ones used on genuine clubs. The color of the club is often noticeably different as well.

If the shading is even a little bit off, we investigate further to determine its authenticity. A more obvious giveaway is a misspelled name. Instead of 'Callaway Diablo Octane', a fake club may say something like 'Callaway Diobalo Octane.'

One of the last things we look at is the shaft. Another counterfeiters' trick is adding a fake shaft to a real head. This is very difficult to find, but the best place to look is the ferrule (the piece that connects the shaft to the head). If it is not a ferrule the brand uses, that means the shaft was replaced at one point and it may be a fake. Because we handle so many clubs, we can also tell if the weight is too high or too low for a particular club. If a fake is using a different metal, shaft or head, it will most likely have a different weight. In 2014, the Golf Channel created a documentary called on the growing trend of counterfeit golf equipment.

In the video, several top club manufacturers comment on the measures they are taking to combat a thriving multimillion-dollar industry. Hopefully after viewing the video, you'll have a better understanding of how companies are trying to stop the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit products. Here is a series of images of what counterfeit golf clubs look like. Can you tell what's off about them?

You could go driver off the tee, then a choked down, 3/4 swing driver off the deck. Drivers off the deck are usually associated with full swings, which is what gives the golfer problems. A shorter, more controlled swing not so much. Or, leave out the driver, and go with a 3W off the tee, and fairway shots. In a 3 club tourney, everyone has to come with something to use to their advantage, based on their own skill level.

My personal Karsten irons. 4 & 5 hybrids, 6-9 P, U, S irons. The two hybrids have the matching Ping serial number 11C3434 and all other seven irons have the matching serial number 12C5389. My Ping G15 orange dot. Can anyone tell me if there is a site i can check the serial number on my. I understand that Ping irons need to be checked.

The golfer plays to their own strengths. They may lose something off the tee, but make up the difference with their shorter shots.

Or they gain off the tee, and lose on the shorter shots due to their 3 club selection. I played Mizuno MX-23 forged with True Temper 'R' shaft for years and loved them. Muzuno makes quality clubs, and although the forged have maybe the best 'feel' in golf, their cast clubs have a nice feel too.

I've hit many at their irons on demo days and am partial to the forged, but they don't fit everyone well. You can't go wrong with any Mizuno as long as you pick the right club head and shaft for your swing and ability. You need to stay clear of blades if you're not a low handicap. Just to throw this in, I play a Callaway Epic GBB with a Project X Hzdrds shaft, 5.5 torque (vs 'flex'). I had a Cleveland that I loved, but the Callaway Epic consistently gives me better results Plus it looks awesome! Marginal strikes lose very little and I get very good distance and dispersion. That said, the shaft on any club is critical and you need to find a shaft that fits your swing. Only way to find that is to experiment or go to a club fitter.

The Ping G15 Irons are certainly a case of evolution not revolution and Ping have not forgotten the traits that made the G10 irons so appealing to so many people. We liked the G10 irons and we were hopeful that the G15 irons would be even better. And we certainly weren’t disappointed. In our tests the G15 irons were a delight to hit.

They were very forgiving right across the face and the full cavity graphics badge did its job in enhancing the feel and sound of the club at impact. For mid to high handicappers these clubs are ideal and are available in sets from 3 iron through to sand wedge. The longer irons were actually very easy to hit well and consistently but if you’re still not convinced then slipping one or two of the excellent G15 hybrid clubs in to your bag will give the golfer seeking to improve their game a very forgiving set of clubs at their disposal. I borrowed my father's G 15 orange dot graphite soft regular shaft irons today. I've never used them before and used to play to a 10 handicap for years. Only my 3rd round of golf in two years, these irons just blew my mind! Playing in 8 degree winter weather and hard fairways with little grass, I hit the irons unbelievably high and with a draw.

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Extremely accurate and also I could work the ball to fade or draw at will. I've never drawn the ball from a long right, then draw back at the flag. I aimed towards this massive pine tree and it drew back amazing! Hitting 9 iron 130-135 meters with ease.