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//This is the magic number for the plugin. Each plugin has it's own unique 8 digit hexadecimal magic number. Each pair of hex digits are the ASCII value of a character so you end up with a four character ID. You can use this Hex to ASCII converter to see what the magic number really is. Set delimit to nothing.
46 = f, 43 = c, 45 = e, 55=u (46434555 = fceu

Fresh installation of wiiflow mastermod, unable to download box covers. Internet connection working, successfully downloaded GC + Wii game covers. All of my attempts to download box art for snes/gb/gbc/gba/n64 titles have failed with '0/1 files downloaded'. I'm guessing its something to do with the API that was used was changed (or is down).

arguments={device}:/{path} {name} {loader} //This is the arguments sent to the plugin app itself. For more than one argument a ' ' is used to separate them and when words are in between { and } wiiflow knows to get that info and put it in place of that word. So {device} would be SD or USB for example.
//This is the cover spine color in hexadecimal of the games that use this plugin. So you can tell the difference between SNES games and SEGA games for example. There are only six choices - ff0000 red, 000000 black, ffffff white, fcff00 yellow, 01a300 green, and 00E360 green 2.

coverFolder=fceugx//This is the folder where your covers will be kept. This folder should be in root:/wiiflow/boxcovers/ or root:/wiiflow/covers/. So in this example your NES full covers will go in root:/wiiflow/boxcovers/fceugx/ and flat covers in root:/wiiflow/covers/fceugx/. Boxcovers is for your full covers (back,spine,front) and covers is for 2d flat covers (just the front no spine). If you edit your wiiflow.ini file and change dir_box_covers and/or dir_flat_covers be sure to use those paths instead.

fileTypes=.nes .fds .nsf .unf .nez .unif .zip .7z//This is a list of file extensions associated with this plugin dol. You can add or delete extensions if you want. Seperate multiple extensions with a .
romDir=fceugx/roms //This is the folder where your roms or movies will be kept. In this example NES roms should be in root:/fceugx/roms/. If you have it in a different partition or device (SD, USB) than WiiFlow you will have to go to emu mode>config and change the partition. Note - this will affect all plugins.
dolFile=fceugx-mod9.dol //This is the name of the dol app associated with this plugin.
bannerSound=nes.ogg//This is the sound played whenever you select a game associated with this plugin.
displayname=FCEUltraGX//This is name that WiiFlow will display on screen when using the plugin select menu.
consoleCoverID=nintendo //That's for cover downloading, currently it is not used, it was meant to be used for gametdb, but for some reason this never got implemented. Wiiflow Wont Download Covers


Welcome to the WiiFlow Wiki! A site full of useful information about WiiFlow and WiiFlow Lite. From this point on 'WiiFlow' will pertain to both WiiFlow and WiiFlow Lite unless specifically noted.
Note: the wiiflowiki 4 is currently being modified slowly. lots of work needs to be done. lots of pages need updating for wiiflow lite.

What Is WiiFlow?

WiiFlow is a homebrew USB loader for the Nintendo Wii video game console and the Wii-U video game console in Wii Menu mode. It displays your games and apps in full 3D box coverflow display and is capable of launching Wii and WiiWare/VC games, homebrew titles, and GameCube games through the use of Nintedont or Devolution. Plus with WiiFlows intuitive plugin system you can launch and play several classic retro games via their respective homebrew emulator. Watching videos and listening to music is even possible via this plugin system. WiiFlow also supports using Emu NANDs for your WiiWare/VC titles and is capable of launching them via Neek2o if needed.


  • A full 3d box, front to back coverflow interface
  • Can Run via IOS58 with AHBProt disabled via the forwarder channel or HBC 1.08+ but cIOS is still needed to launch Wii and NAND games
  • Compatible with hermes, waninkoko, and d2x cios, but d2x is highly recommended
  • Launch Wii games from SD or USB HDD formatted to FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, and WBFS. FAT32 is recommended. Don't use WBFS.
  • Launch GameCube games on SD or USB HDD via Nintendont or Devolution. Nintendont recommended.
  • Launch Wii and Gamecube games via retail disc
  • Launch Channels from real NAND or emu NAND
  • Launch Homebrew titles
  • Launch classic emu games and movie files via WiiFlow's plugin system
  • Option to use Neek2o v90+ to launch emu NAND channels
  • Extract Real NAND to emu NAND
  • Wii savegame emulation via emu NAND
  • Copy savegames from real NAND to emu NAND
  • Flash savegames back to real NAND

  • Plays included banner animations for Wii, Gamecube, and NAND titles
  • Can play custom made banners for GameCube and Plugin titles
  • Banner animations can be full screen or mini banner preview
  • Download covers via GameTDB
  • Options to select cover types and countries for downloading
  • Background music with sub folder support
  • Optional THP game trailer's video player on selected game menu
  • Custom titles and cover spine color support
  • Theme support
  • Multiple languages
  • Help Guide built in
  • Sort and Categorize games
  • Mark games as Favorites even for plugins
  • Parental lock to block config menu access and access to games set as blocked
  • Download and use Cheat Codes for Wii, GameCube, and NAND titles
  • Wiinner Tag and DU Tag support
  • Optional Source Menu for choosing which covers to view


  • WiiFlow Lite - Currently the newest and best version of WiiFlow - download wiiflow lite or for those of you that want to keep it as wiiflow download wfl_as_wiiflow. download links can be found here
  • Old Stable Versions - Old stable versions can be found here. The last stable version was WiiFlow 4.2.1. These are very out dated and don't support nintendont very well. not recommended
  • Masterpiece Pack - only download this for the useful other files included with it. But for wiiflow stick with wifflow lite. Abdallahterro (Abz) has put together a All-In-One pack which includes wiiflow, source menu packs, plugins pack, his carbonic abz theme, default theme coverflow, custom missing covers pack, neek2o v96 beta and extras, frames for mini banner display, BostonBC's 20 categories based on genres and ratings, Maxternal's custom titles file, channels needed for launching wiiflow and neek2o, and much more. You can find it here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/3mxh2azkbza43db/WiiFlow_v4.2.3_Nintendont_MasterMod_Pack_Full_2016.7z
All other downloads can be found to the left under 'Downloads'


The name WiiFlow is derived from a combination of Wii and Coverflow. Wii because it was originally made to play Wii games on the Wii and Coverflow because it displays the game covers in a Coverflow style like that found on Apple Inc. products such as the iPhone, iPod, and iTunes.
WiiFlow is based on WiiFlow 1.1 by Hibernatus. After Hibernatus completed WiiFlow 1.1, he left the project and released it as open source in 2009. Lustar (Zorglub07) started and became owner of the WiiFlow google source code pages and the first developers were Narolez, thedarkness1981 (nIxx), and later r-win who quickly released 2.0 in 2010. Then Miigotu joined r-win and they released 2.1 and shortly after that 2.2 and eventually 3.0 in 2011. Fix94, OverjoY, and team took over and released 3.1 and after lots of modifying and adding new features released the much improved WiiFlow 4 in 2012. Through the next year 4.1 and 4.2 were released in 2013. Beta's were committed in 2014 but never became a official release. The last commit was WiiFlow beta 4.2.2 r1076. Currently official WiiFlow production has come to a stand still as well as almost all other homebrew apps for the wii and no one knows when or if Fix94 will work on it again. Abdallahterro took r1076 and r1054 and made his own mods called WiiFlow MasterPiece Mod. He's also made it into a pack for SD card with all the necessary files and folders you need for emu nands, plugins, neek2o, d2x cios, carbonik Abz theme, source menu stuff, etc.. Fledge68 has taken r1076 and masterpiece mod and made his own mod of WiiFlow and calls it WiiFlow Lite. WiiFlow Lite is a continuation of WiiFlow with theme changes, updates for nintendont compatibility, and some features removed, such as fanart, ftp server and dios mios (lite) support. WiiFlow Lite is the most up to date and can also be used as a replacement for WiiFlow.