Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Tool

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Windows Phone Xap File Decompiler Tool Rating: 5,7/10 8855 reviews

A .NET decompiler with support for XAP applications.Allows hackers developers to decompile assemblies and resources in a code editor, make changes and compile the code back to the assembly.

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Feb 6, 2014 - I am looking for a tool to extract from a XAP (Windows Phone app) file. Binary resources; Dialog definitions; Ideally: decompiled source code. JustDecompile is a new, free developer productivity tool designed to enable easy.NET assembly browsing and decompiling.

DOWNLOAD v 0.0.3

(old build, breaks more than usual)


  • Decompile .NET assemblies to C# and allow editing/compiling the high-level code back to CIL
  • Edit CIL instructions in method bodies
  • Modify assembly structure
  • Edit and extract assembly resources
  • Edit the contents of a XAP by adding, removing or swapping files, or using internal editors for certain resource types.
  • Integrated editors for text, hex, manifest, resource, XML and XAML.
  • XAP package manager (compatible with Windows Phone and Silverlight applications) allowing to view and extract XAP contents.
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Sorry, what?

I have plans to add a few more features and make a complete update for Windows (Phone) 10.

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Since this software is not yet stable I'd like to mention Reflector as an alternative, but I think it's way too overpriced and I don't find it especially user-friendly as well.

.NET Rain is donateware. Its development pretty much depends on your feedback and support.

DLL Deep Throat

The program tries to locate referenced assemblies but so far it does a very poor job and in many cases you'll have to manually point them. Sorry, it's open source :)

Usually you are shown the 'open file' dialog after opening a DLL. In the filter box you can see a file name (SomeAssembly.dll).This is an assembly that has been referenced in the DLL you are trying to decompile but cannot be found in the same folder as the DLL, in the XAP package or in the GAC. You have to show the program where the file is located, so it can be loaded and decompiled as well.

For Windows Phone 7.5 the path for most assemblies looks like C:Program Files[ (x86)]Reference AssembliesMicrosoftFrameworkSilverlightv4.0ProfileWindowsPhone71.

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Obviously, the project is open-source. Once the world is mine I shall build monuments for those who decide to take a part in building the project. Contact me for anything you can help with.

Some of your skills that could be useful may be:

  • Blogging: You can write down the results of your testing, your ideas and stuff about the project the way you see it.
  • UI/UX design: You don't have to bother with WPF implementation. Photoshop designs are good enough.
  • C#/WPF programming: You can contribute to the code quality and all user-related features of the application.
  • C# Reflection mastery: The 'core' is in a very alpha state and is full of bugs. The are many planned new features, too.
  • Donations: They will be wisely spent.
  • Crowd-funding experience: You can help with raising money to pay for community-hired professionals to write code that will later remain open-source.
  • Virgin goat blood: For recreational uses.


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