Word Could Not Re Establish A Dde Connection To Microsoft

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    I have spent half today setting up an automated label print mail merge from an excel worksheet. This all singing all dancing macro was controlled by a button on the worksheet.

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    Following exhaustive testing (including using a whole printer cartidge and 1/2 ream of paper) I called my boss over to show off the fruits of my endeavours.

    The button is pressed and.....

    I Quote 'Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Excel to complete the current task'

    After my boss had stopped laughing he asked if it was 'supposed to do that' and 'Would I like to go on an Excel for muppets course'

    Needless to say this issue is now on a global lvl of importance and must be resolved asap.

    My code reads

    1. Sub labelprint2()
    2. ' Save Excel
    3. ActiveWorkbook.Save
    4. ' Start Word
    5. Dim objWord As Object
    6. Set objWord = CreateObject('Word.application')
    7. ' Open Word Document
    8. objWord.Documents.Open Filename:='Svr1lampandgearusersAlecPipelineMerge2.doc'
    9. objWord.Visible = True
    10. ' Print Word Document
    11. objWord.Application.PrintOut
    12. ' Close and Save Word Document
    13. objWord.ActiveDocument.Close savechanges:=True
    14. Set objWord = Nothing
    15. 'Close Word
    16. objWord.Application.Quit
    17. End Sub
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    Help please...... :crying:

    By the way, I haver still not resolved my earlier issue of having to select 'read only' when Word tries to re-open the Excel sheet.

    Thanks in advance

    Red faced Alec. :poly:

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Can establish dde connection excel

Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to program name to complete the current task. You may receive the same error message when you insert a. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.