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Featuring compelling real-life stories of young people finding their way through a variety of economic challenges, 'Your Life, Your Money' delivers basic financial advice in a simple and relatable manner. This one-hour special raises fiscal consciousness on everything from banking and credit to investments, budgeting, insurance and self employment.

Aired: 09/09/09

Rating: TV-G

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How much money is enough? Vicki Robin has made it her life's work to explore this question. Her remarkable discovery: money is energy-and conscious awareness is the key to finding its real value. How to install winword executive branch. On Your Money or Your Life Robin shares the nine-st. Download ebook pdf Your Money or Your Life - Robin Vicki, Joe Dominguez Description: More than three-quarters of a million people everywhere, from all walks of life, have found the keys to gaining control of their money-and their lives-in this comprehensive.

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Funding for YOUR LIFE, YOUR MONEY is provided by HSBC in the Community (USA) Inc. Foundation.